Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A lot of controversy circling around Wiki Leaks website for releasing information to the public, seems like there is information which insiders have, that they do not want to release to the public. I found an interesting video where Gerald Celente founder of the Trends Research Institute was interviewed by RT (Russia TV) on his views on Wiki Leaks journalism.

Stock Watchlist for Tuesday

PRMO (Prom Resources Inc) This stock has been at price range .0001-.0002 for quite some time , with gold on the rise and the dollar struggling during these economic times, this stock should see major gains from these levels, yesterday PRMO filed annual report boasting over 18 million in assets and 2.3 million in net income. With that information it is safe to say this price is highly undervalued and there is definitely lower risk and higher reward on this stock


SAEI (Supatcha Resources Inc) this stock was mentioned yesterday and posted massive gains, charts are forming a nice uptrend, there is room for more gains , this is another gold stock that is capitalizing on the weakened economy , yesterday it traded from .16 to .30 close to 100% gains

CYCA (Cytta Corp) is a stock in the medical sector, it surged yesterday to a high of the day 0026 from 0011 open and closed at 0022, this stock recently released 8k and has huge momentum going this week


 UWRL (US Wireless Online) this stock is at its bottom 0007 on bid and 0008 on ask , I think any of these prices are a great entry point, this stock is awaiting CE removal but always tends to traded in 0010-0014 range , this stock is awaiting multiple merger acquisitions, great opportunity to buy and hold for nice profits



EXBX (Exobox Technologies) This stock ran like a monster last week for over 1000% gains from 0025-.025 range, now its sitting just below a penny .0095 on my twitter called the bounce alert at 0075 look for more possible gains from these prices due to rumored news



HSCO (Hi Score Corporation)  news released of 450% earnings 3Q


Monday, November 29, 2010

Stock Watch list for Monday

With uncertainty on the dollar as of late and EU bailout news yesterday, commodity stocks such as mining stocks are on the radar today stocks that I'm watching are

MXGD- (Midex GOLD) MXGD trading at .0018 saw a high of day 022 and has had nice support at 0020 level a light trading day on Friday remained strong and traded with moderate volume, this company deals with mining of minerals and precious stones

DGRI- (Dutch Gold Resources Inc) DGRI has been trading with gaps on Friday I managed to pick some up at a cheap .011 and its been trading in 014-021 range be sure to catch the dips this stock can prove to add profits short and long term

DTSL-(Delivery Tech Solution Inc) this stock has seen serious bottom and major volume surge in last weeks, this stock traded from .0005 to 0015 2 weeks ago and is back to .0004-.0006 , these triple zero stocks are high risk high reward , with news on black Friday catering for major electronic co. This will be a stock to watch

SAEI- (Supatcha Resource Inc) another mining company with rumor Buzz of reverse merger and gold sector currently in good range price wise

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Silver $500?

I read this blog by Max Keiser in regards to Silver I think some of you would be surprise. I would like to share this info with you , Max Kieser is a coveted economist on Russia Today and has his own web show The Keiser Report. I think in my honest opinion that silver proves to be a great investment opportunity for many households as it is a great and inexpensive way to save and build on savings, Gold hit a high of $1400 an oz and is tracing back  to $1350's but silver is at about $27 dollars an oz, I bought silver when it was at $18 an oz and my family looked at me strange , now its at about $30 dollars and guys like Max Keiser and Gerald Celente are saying it might hit a high of $500

500 Dollar Silver Manisfesto

November 18th, 2010 by maxkeiser

The Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver Manifesto or: How to Get Hedge Funds To Do Your Dirty Work For You And Drive the Price of Silver to $500
1 – JP Morgan has a huge short position in Silver – estimated to be 3.3 billion ounces – tied to an enormous, extremely precarious $65 trillion derivatives position.
2 – Various exchanges around the world have been caught manipulating the price of Silver using ‘naked’ short sales i.e., counterfeiting.
3 – Of all the actively traded commodities traded around the world, Silver is one of the least plentiful and its supply is shrinking, but its industrial uses are multiplying. The ‘networked’ age of global communications is built with Silver.
4 – Hedge funds are taking physical delivery of Silver – adding substantial demand as well as exposing these exchange’s naked short positions – who are already scrambling to deliver – jacking prices up to multi-decade highs – and inspiring these predatory funds to buy more Silver.
5 – There are billions of people around the world who are aware that banks have been committing fraud and embezzlement who are upset that their politicians seem only interested in helping the banks commit more fraud – who are looking for a cheap way to non-aggressively fight back and decapitalize these banks.
6 – Many of these people have the access and wherewithal to purchase 1 ounce of Silver – thus removing hundreds of millions of ounces of Silver from the ‘paper’ market – forcing additional scrambling by dealers to fill orders by buying back short positions – inspiring the funds to buy and take physical delivery of even more Silver – creating a colossal short squeeze – in which JP Morgan stands to be the biggest loser.
7 – Buying Silver is how the world is monetizing its anger at the banks who stole their wealth.
8 – Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver


Reason for my blog

The reason behind the blog is just to informon how to conserve, generate, and save money. I think with putting out videos and also building a network we can get much needed information out. I by no means am a financial adviser so don't take all my information literally. I just try to make extra income investing and saving and diversifying. I think in this economy we have to be open financially and protect our income. I invest in different areas and have fun with it , I invest only money I can afford to lose and also save money by protecting it in sound commodities. I try to find deals on the internet and I will try to get all the information that I use to help my followers, that's if i get any ")

Today i just want everyone know a bit about the reason for my blog,  not the greatest in grammar but i will just try to get my point across. I added my Twitter account so anyone can follow me on twitter, my twitter is mainly used for my stock picks and any financial information I should come across that I think is beneficial. The stock picks are usually Micro- Cap stocks , usually known as the "penny stock" traded on the OTCB market. I believe these are "high risk and high reward" stocks , they have to be traded with discretion so always be sure to research, again I am not registered financial adviser, and am not being compensated by any company as a paid promoter.

I added some videos hopefully you guys get a chance to watch them, you get alot of information on Youtube and sometimes these videos are hard to find , I will be posting videos that I think are fun or interesting, so tune in hopefully this blog can help.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My very first blog

Tonight is my very first blog, so please if anybody decides to read or check it out be nice, dont know how long im going to continue this but hopefully it gives me a chance to add to my big list of hobbies. I noticed that its been a busy Holiday weekend and Happy Holidays to all, im sure many of you are shopping and adding to our economy, although buying with credit cards and cash that is barely in our bank accounts doesnt seem like the greatest thing to do, but hey at least the news media reports it as production. I did manage to get a gift at BEST BUY for my kids i will not spoil and say what it is but dont worry i paid cash and original price was $199.99 and managed to pay just $169.99 , it also was a limited edition came in RED and a free Mario game, im sure you figured out what it is, anyway I will just be putting out some info along with my honest opinion that I think will help anyone out. The economy is tough and I think any little bit of info helps.

 Back to the holiday shopping , holidays are tough but if your like me and are contemplating about getting a electronics theres a great website that has amazing sales , im looking at a T.V and they have incredible sales , check out the website and see for yourself


Try to get the best possible deal out there and buy quality over quantity , be sure to check out some of the videos and hope to see some critiques and info along the way, adios for now