Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday Watch List

EXMT .0011 The stock bounced at .0006 now trading higher hitting a high of .0012 , with Marijuana Trend being the hot commodity this stock could see a major breakout soon last March the stock saw a move from .0006-.0071. I ultimately think this stock is poised for profitable move.

 EVSV .0009 the stock oversold now setting a bullish box pattern setup, look to bid .0008-.001 a break above .0013 could set up a bullish next leg to .002 then .005 -.01-.0211 its 200 MA just plenty of room for this stock and the stock is holding 52 week bottom master support of .0007. Today the stock held 52 week master support and Level 2 continues to look thin any buying pressure should move this stock


SAGD .0013 The stock continues to see major breakout volume and selling has stopped considerably. The stock now showing big support at the .001-.0011 accumulation levels and with FOMC meeting the FED likley to continue the money printing , taking a look at the latest Level 2 showing potential breakout opportunity watch for the .0026 level tested soon


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Watch List for Wednesday

 EVSV .001 the stock oversold now setting a bullish box pattern setup, look to bid .0008-.001 a break above .0013 could set up a bullish next leg to .002 then .005 -.01-.0211 its 200 MA just plenty of room for this stock and the stock is holding 52 week bottom master support of .0007. Has yet to close below this level the .0007 level and is just 66% higher than its 52 week low , this is the type of stock you want to hold in portfolio for an ensuing run.


SAGD .0013 The stock saw huge breakout volume and tested the double bottom yet again, seeing a high of .0015 breaching the 50 day moving average. This is a low share structure Gold stock that has traded well over .01 in the past. A solid website and news along with a chart screaming a reversal could bode well in sympathy to Gold breaking pivotal $1300 mark. The bottom line is that the FED continues to print and Gold and Silver set to move higher, with this being the case SAGD master support should be a great opportunity for followers to accumulate and bid, this is the type of stock that can rally big with any news.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Watch List for Wednesday

NOHO .001 releases news and saw solid volume a stock that connected to marijuana sector and should see asolid reversal with pending updates 

Jul 16, 2013 (ACCESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- BOCA RATON, FL, July 16, 2013 - (eTeligis via ACCESSWIRE) - Novation Holdings (OTCQB: NOHO) today announced that it has determined that it is no longer a development stage company and that it will now file its periodic SEC reports as a regular, full reporting public company. According to Michael Gelmon, Chairman and CEO of NOHO: "As a result of our acquisitions of several operating subsidiaries at the beginning of this calendar year, and the integration of their operations, we expect to report a slight net profit for the quarter ended May 31, 2013 and hope to also reflect a net profit for the full year ending August 31, 2013. That, coupled with our more recent acquisitions of controlling interests in two other public companies, puts us on track for the next fiscal year, and a positive return for our shareholders."

HVWY .0026 this stock offered opportunity to add lows , closed at high of the day could see much higher and .01 potential chart shows big potential here  

EGOH .0005 the oil stock releases news and with a new CEO in place and also oil refinary acquisitions this stock could see another rally to .002 this is a oil stock that traded in .01 range quite some time

Ms Helwig will become the new CEO effectively immediately. Brian Wilmot states the following, ?Although we were engaged in efforts to achieve profitability for the Company, it was not going to occur soon enough to maintain viability in the market. After careful consideration and discussions, Eagle Oil Holding Company determined the best way to advance shareholder value was with a new management team that brought new possibilities. Ms. Helwig has additional plans to expand the Company into new oil fields

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Monday Watch List

IPRU .0014 the stock held .001 master support since Jun 12 and continues to trade above this level well over the 3 month average volume of 5.8 million. The 50 day moving average is now closing in at .0017 then .002. The share structure shows that this stock could really move with some buying pressure. In late March 2013 the stock traded from .0014-.01 , these stocks tend to repeat themselves. The latest Cigar and Spirits has President Vicente Fox interview and Marijuana legalization was mentioned rumors of marijuana advertising is expected any news or updates and could send the stock parabolic like other Marijuana Trend stocks. Although highly speculative these are the type of stocks you want to be in at master supports for pending rallies

IPRU has not closed below .001 

TLFX .0013 the stock slowly growing a bid and holding the .001 level since Jun 10. This is a low ss stock in a big market sector and with the accumulation continuing I firmly believe this is a stock to hold for the long term potential. This mentioned at buy zones and still holding levels with the Level 2 thin any buying pressure could send this stock much higher. As mentioned in the past with other stocks the patience holding at master supports usually pay off at some point 

TeleFix Communications to Attend 16th Annual Government Procurement Conference