Sunday, November 17, 2013

Watch List for the Week

TRON .0012 closes above key pivot resistance last time it did this ran and tested the .0024 watch for a re test and breach with huge volume this past Friday could see this soon, another low float gold stock that has done well in the past rumors of news could send this much higher 

WNTR .0032 accumulation continues off the major news released last week watch for the .0064 to be tested again, this is a low floater with a real business and with buying pressure could easily see .01

BTZO .0018 closed above the 50 day moving avg and now looks strong for .003 test watch for the continued reversal, recent updates along with increase in volume shows major potential to the upside 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Watch List for the week

TLFX .0015 The company had solid financials and also released news that Verizon had awarded and recognized the company , Investors added the stock at lows and were able to see a solid move higher now the stock basing above 200 and the 50 MA , still feel this stock will test the .0043 previous high. Watch for any updates and the stock could finally breakout to .01-.02 potential

AFLB .0011 this is a stock I still feel strong about low ss and had a rally from the .001 level to .0022 for a quick 100% move now right back at the buy zones watch for the .0009-.0011 buy zones. This level is a strong accumulation zone before the stock releases new website and acquisitions.

Key Points

- Company has filed all past due financial reports and is current in its filing status with the SEC.
- A new website will be unveiled as part of the new focus
-Management is currently reviewing acquisition candidates and is negotiating financing deals to support the growth prospects of the target companies.
-Management is committed to providing periodic updates to shareholders and will announce its achievement of the milestones of the new business plan as they happen.

VTPI .0008 this stock still at buy zone levels the stock rallied from .0006 master support hit .0012 now right back at support should see a reversal at some point , if it breaks .0012 pivot should see .007 rally at some point if time

MNVN .0005 broke support and hit a new low .0003 and then closed above this level at .0005 this could be the last drop before a bigger move now .0003/0004 master support lets see if this could be the buy set n forget play here