Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

AVEW (Actionview co.) .0006 huge news released today , announced election to board of directors with ties to Fox sports network we have noticed huge volume since last week today the stock saw breakout volume up to a high .0008 , saw a pull back from profit taking and closed the day at .0006. Last time this ran from .0004-.0009 a break of .0009 will likely send this stock trading in the teens.

ActionView International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:AVEW) today announced the election of Shaw Sullivan, founder of today's stand-alone bull riding business, to the company's Board of Directors. Shaw is most noted for creating the stand alone bull riding business, which began in 1991 based on the idea that bull riding would thrive apart from the other traditional rodeo events, and survives today as the PBR. Having spent his previous 8 years as a stockbroker, Shaw left the brokerage business with several of his peers and investors and began producing bull riding events all over the United Sates, including places like Salt Lake City where the WCFC will hold its Pierpont Street Bash event on Saturday August 20th.
Joe Wooten, Chief Executive Officer of ActionView, commented, "Shaw has the industry experience producing events for television on a turnkey basis, while developing a league of the top athletes in their sport.  His show on FOX Network prime time in 1997 still holds the record for highest rated rodeo show in TV history, with a 4.2, and even beat hockey's Stanley Cup series.  His vast knowledge and expertise in creating a globally recognized brand from concept should prove to be more than helpful in WCFC's quest to become an international MMA power house."
"There are many exciting opportunities in the growing sport of MMA. These guys are warriors like bull riders, and I'm excited to be involved with such quality people and look forward to working with Joe and the rest of the board on the beginning of a dramatic new growth phase," commented Mr. Sullivan.
Shaw is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a BA in Broadcasting.
The Pierpont Street Bash is being held in conjunction with the Inferno Cantina on Pierpont Street. Tickets will be available online at www.wcfc.com or at www.tixxfixx.com for $20. The gates will open at 1:00 with the first band taking the stage at 2:00. The fights will begin at approximately 6:00 pm local time and can be viewed live at www.wcfc.com.  Tickets for the Treasure Valley Martial Arts Expo are available online at www.wcfc.com and at the Treasure Valley Fitness Club.

BFHJ (Beneficial Holdings) .001
the stock has since been driven back with opportunity to add cheap shares im thinking .0008-.001 entry, before acquisition news is released , we have seen what BFHJ has traded in the past , this stock should test .0024 soon

PVRE .0011 the stock saw solid volume today hitting a high of .0013 the stock trades thin and it should be trading a lot higher the a/s is confirmed at just 400 million shares , this one will be big at some point, the company is in mining industry , oil, natural resources, metals, ores

GOHG  .0007 adding these will pay off soon merger and financing news pending

Monday, July 25, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

AVEW (Actionview Co.) .0006 this stock has seen large volume in the last couple of trading days. Today there was over 45 million on the bid at .0004 and the stock traded from .0004-.0006 range, there is a huge MMA event taking place in August WCFC we should see a break soon the stock traded from this range to . 0009 , if it passes .0009 resistance we could see this trading well into the teens at some point

BFHJ (Beneficial Holdings) .0013
this stock hit a high of .0014, there has been accumulation in the last couple of weeks , charts showing little resistance after .0017, last filings showed slight increase in a/s in order to complete a pending acquisition

COHO (Cooper Holdings) .006
the stock now starting it's reversal, name change then symbol change , the company has been ongoing with planned progress, CEO mentioned share buy back and the company has upcoming events in August 11 , showcasing new products in numerous expos.

PVRE .001 this petro company at 52 week bottom and recently updated share structure a/s is now just 400 million should be trading at .004-.006 at some time

IFRS .003
this stock usually trends from .003-.006 range has bounced nicely last time pps has hit this price range , watch for entry


Friday, July 22, 2011

Stocks to research this Weekend

AVEW .0006
The stock has traded 150% gains in the last 2 trading days , opportunities to load as low as .0002 for some lucky bidders and .0003 at ask , today the stock surged with huge buys at the end of trading session , huge blocks at .0004 and .0005 gone to close at high of the day , a very bullish signal. The triple zero stocks have been hot as of late HFBG went from .0001-.0008 and EMLL went from .0002-.0009 both have enormous share structures and both still going , I think with AVEW chart being oversold range we should see a nice pop RSI 63.60 uptrend and lets not forget last news on event Aug :



Todays volume 63,268,639 total of $24,953

Buzz on IHUB and TWITTER

EpicStocks: AVEW looks like next lotto runner to follow #BOS http://dld.bz/ahDDd

BFHJ .0012
This stock saw light volume on a friday and managed to close at high of day , big accumulation at .001-.0012 range with our entry at .0008, we are awaiting financials on sportsbook and also on Betcr online Casino , and more importantly its latest pending acquisition as per last filing , we see how well this trades and the liquidity



www.sportsbook.cr: Looks like both the online casino and the sportsbook websites are operational and that is a plus and a nice follow thru from the January PR. Looks like some affiliates envolved as well. On the link with the flash page towards the end of the entro you see www.sportsbook.com flash across. Thats a completely diffrent website that has been around and copyrighted from 97 to present I believe. There's probably more envolved IMO hence the UNDER CONSTRUCTION logo on parts of the homepage of the company. So like I said there is more to the pie IMO.




TLAN .0028
This stock mentioned at .0021 saw light volume and closed at high of the day , I really think anything under .003 is a gift strong support at .002 packed along with solid share structure and solid financials , I think this one hits .01 at some point , this is the type of stock I buy on dips load and dont get nervous about and here is why:

TLAN Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,279,480 a/o Jul 21, 2011
Shares Outstanding 581,581,858 a/o May 11, 2011
Float 126,099,491 a/o May 11, 2011
Authorized Shares 950,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2010
Par Value 0.001


Chart is ready


GOHG .0007 our mention of .0006 hit a high of .0011 from our alert today the stock hit .0004 x .0005 ask , giving our members a perfect opportunity to load again .0005s not long enough before .0007 was up , this stock reminds me of WTCT .0006-.007 WTCT hit .0006-.001 then retraced .0007-.007 range , I think this stock has a solid upto date share structure and pending mergers and financing 500 million dollars is the catalyst , I always say "BUY ON FEAR" also if you know the DD " BUY on the @*%$'N DIP!" Uou would be sitting on 40% right now if you bought at .0005, there news have been coming on a monthly basis Jun 14 and July 14 2011


http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=GOHG (Check out the MACD) also the Volume Bars GREEN BUYS at bottom

Annotated Weekly  Chart



Latest news : Merger pending and funding HDOGTX post July 14 2011


 Jun 14 2011 PUworld LOI merger


COHO .005
the stock is in reversal mode as promised management changed name then Cusip / Symbol the stock was trading as high as .018-.03 for quite some time and it has pending news in August EXPO the chart ready for reversal today saw nice buys at .006 range:



(COHO) Cooper Holding Corp upcoming Shows and Expos

Link to upcoming shows: http://www.cooperhunting.com/showsexpos.html

Link to online store

July 22-24
Greensboro, NC - Southern Trophy Hunters
Macon, GA - GON Expo

July 29-31
Florence, SC - Pee Dee Deer Classic

August 5-7
Jackson, MS - Mississippi Extravaganza
Atlanta, GA - Atlanta Buckarama

August 12-14
Memphis, TN - Hunting & Fishing Expo
Richmond, VA - Virginia Outdoor Show

August 19-21
Montgomery, AL ? Buck Masters
Perry GA - Perry Buckarama

August 26-28
Frankford, KY - Kentucky Hunting, Fishing & ATV Show

September 24-25
Weston, WV - National Hunting & Fishing Days

Link to Website:

Link company and public info:

Company email: ir@cooperhunting.com

                                                       REAGAN PENN Age 20
PELE .325
Huge news after hours today why our .04-.07 may hit $1 soon huge event in AUG tickets go on sale 9am tomorrow lets see how fast these sell out at the Blaisdale Arena in Oahu HI in very extravagant Waikiki , most members are up over 300% right now if this one goes $1 ?

July 22, 2011 07:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
ProElite Fight Tickets on Sale Tomorrow, July 23
August 27th MMA Event at Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Hawaii

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ProElite, Inc. (PELE.PK), today announces that tickets for the August 27th fight at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii go on sale Saturday, July 23rd at 9:00 AM HST.

Tickets can be purchased at the Blaisdell Arena box office, or online at ticketmaster.com. Reserved seats are $28, $40, $65, and $90; Cage side seats are priced at $150 and $200.

The Honolulu fight is ProElite’s first under the new ownership of Stratus Media Group Inc. (SMDI.OB). Stratus recently completed a 95% ownership stake of ProElite.

The August 27th fight marks the third time ProElite has staged an MMA event in Hawaii. Additional fighter signings and match-ups for the Blaisdell Arena card will be released soon.


Founded in 2006, ProElite has been a major global force in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), holding the record for the highest televised broadcast rating of a major network live MMA event. ProElite, based in Los Angeles, California, continues its legacy to hold key domestic and international live MMA events. The company owns U.K. based MMA brand Cage Rage and is a significant stakeholder in Spirit MC in South Korea.


Huge news most likely a sell out crowd huge fight town and fans in MMA hawaii

BJ Penn and kendal grove natives hawaii

Reagan Penn is ex UFC light heavyweight champion brother

Top prospect

Penn family huge fight team from big island Kuwaii

Revenue will definately be huge without a doubt blaisdale arena in Waikiki beautiful venue lived out there 4 years

Over 2000 seating


Reagan Penn better than B.J Penn? we will find out Pro Elite XC kicking off in Aug Blaisdale Arena Oahu Hawaii PELE .28 DTC removal! HUGE!

Also signed Kendal "Spider" Grove UFC veteran

http://www.mmafighti...arlovski-top-p/ Other signings and match announcements should start to roll in fast and furious. On Wednesday, MMA Fighting broke the news that Reagan Penn -- brother of two-time UFC champ BJ Penn -- has also signed with the promotion and is expected to debut on the upcoming show.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

PELE .32
continues to show strength , with August MMA event we may see .50-.75 the stock trades thinly and DTC should be removed soon , I think DTC has aided in rise in PPS as many cannot sell and they see how light this trades

CTCC .0078 opportunity to add as low as .005 this stock trades thin and is awaiting contracts should see .015 at some point

BFHJ .0011 still trading in .00 from our .0008 alert we should see acquisition news on this online casino stock trades well , very liquid as of late

TYTN .0023 the stock has broke through trend line and could possibly breakout soon watch for volume and it to hold .002 range we may see .004 -.006

RFMK .004 the stock is back to bounce levels usually bounces from .004 range we could see another bounce keep on watch http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=RFMK

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

THRA .0008  closed at .0008 new 52 week low .0006, huge volume and news silver mining the stock has been falling and , we have been trying to catch the knife , stock is #1 Breakout Board we should see a nice run at some point ,stock looks oversold 143 million in volume today, volume precedes price:

news released today: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=48511070


Share Structure
Market Value1 $174,275 a/o Jul 20, 2011
Shares Outstanding 217,843,636 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Float 16,870,433 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Par Value

AVEW .0004 100% today after news was announced the stock saw nice buying through out the day :


GOHG .001 our mention at .0006 now trading in .001-.0011 range 80% bit still believe this one can breakout solid news past days and holding this should be trading in teens soon, now a buy on barchart:


BFHJ .001
from our .0008 mention hit .0012 but trading in that range we see .0024-.003 potential here , acquisition pending

DTRO .0006 .0005-.0006
alert this one makes our heads scratch but nonetheless we believe the stock is undervalued and near 52 week low , this summer is creating alot of selling but in long term we see this profiting big


Monday, July 18, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday


PVRE .0012
the stock is near 52 week low .0009 and the stock is due for a bounce 400 million a/s very small ss and silver , gold mining stock , GOLD breaking new highs over $1600 oz and silver $40 oz any news will likely send this to .004 -.006 range

SRGE .001
another gold stock hitting a new 52 week low .0008 this is a stock that traded well into .01 range for quite some time could be a nice play down the road

DGIN .0014
today saw a new 52 week low of .001 this one on many investors radar looking for bottom

SHAR .0053
bounced to .0085 for quick gain , look for a loading zone this one has a nice ss that can trade over .01 with news , pending share buy back and symbol change

GLER .003
we seen this one bounce from these levels quite often just look at the chart at some point it jumps

EXCS .0011
huge whackage today leads me to believ this stock will be run soon , very light shares to .005-.006 this is an ATM type play


AVEW .0002

PWLK .0003

KRMCE .0003

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Watchlist for Monday


GRPS .0009-.0018
52 week low .0008 and we managed to get buys .0009-.001 opportunities to sell at .0014-.0018, i think buying this one at .0008-.001 nice entry at some point this one will do well for now VFIN selling shares , should run out of shares soon

TSPG .001-.0016 this one has seen new 52 week low of .001 and last friday we saw news at 3:52 pm that leads me to believe this one will be much higher CEO market wired a letter to shareholders:


along with a chart that is screaming reversal not much resistance here:


SHAR .0051-.0085 this one allowed us to add as low as .0051 range and hit .0085 on news , I still think these prices are great opportunities to add slow summer but cheap prices , expecting a symbol change and share buy back , nice share structure:
Share Structure
Market Value1 $794,783 a/o Jul 15, 2011
Shares Outstanding 115,185,913 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Float 59,139,664 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Authorized Shares 280,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Par Value 0.001



CTCC .006
this stock usually bounces from these levels to over .015 range , 52 week low is .006 coining the phrase "buy set n forget stock"



awaiting news on contract:

CHICAGO, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- City Capital Corporation (Pinksheets: CTCC) today announced that its recently formed subsidiary, ERX Energy, LLC, has been awarded an additional roofing project for the Roxbury School District. This project is for roof repair and replacement at one of the district middle school properties located in Dover, New Jersey. Specializing in commercial, industrial, and municipal solar roofing applications and integration, ERX Energy continues to service all the solar and roofing needs of the Northeast. Jeffrey Smuda, Chief Executive Officer of City Capital Corporation, stated, "ERX continues to service the traditional roofing needs of our municipal clients as we leverage those relationships into future solar business."

PVRE .0012 this stock is a mining stock , oil, rare earth metals and gold and silver mining stock near 52 week low .0009 confirmed authorized shares lowered to 400 million from 500 million very cheap here especially with inflation:

SRGE .0016 look for .0006-.0012 entry
go;d mining stock that has since been driven down with VERT selling at some point this can do a turn around

GOHG .0008 the stock is still cheap as it is awaiting merger and latest news on 500 million funding low ss and great potential here for a major run

DGIN .0016
very risky play , market maker BMAS selling and who wants to catch the falling knife , this one was .02 not so long ago , we could see this one run at some point maybe a starter here would be profitable at some point

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

PELE .28 DTC maybe lifted as soon as tomorrow will be huge $1 per share evaluation:


GOHG .0008 close could see a nice run after .001 last news confirming merger , 500 million funding and PUworld tech merger pending , buy set and forget stock

Our Mentions of some stocks have fared quite well and I believe there is more coming:

GRPS .0009-.0014 today closing at .001 this is beginning to be an ATM type play I think this will be trading alot higher , Market Maker VFIN moves this trades easily to .002 range

PVRE .001-.0016
today the stock closed at .0016 60% green from our call and today :


CHART looks good we may see .003 range soon:


Bottom Dwellers

TSPG .0013
looks like .001 may be bottom and news July 28 , I think .004 at some point:
"Michael Knuckey from TSPG's subsidary, CloudVision, is the speaker in the "Securing the Cloud" e-conference at http://t.co/1yFdTCk on 7/28/2011

I believe TSPG will put out a PR about this within the next couple days



SHAR .0067 news today went from .0051 -.007 range low float we should see .018 at some point again , patience will inevitably pay off.:


DGIN .0027
watch for entry this stock has dropped from .02 range and the ss is updated as of JULY 2011 nice float and ss :

Share Structure
Market Value1 $944,824 a/o Jul 14, 2011
Shares Outstanding 349,934,925 a/o Jul 11, 2011
Float 63,545,555 a/o Jul 11, 2011
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Jul 11, 2011
Par Value 0.001

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

POWN .299 over 100% from our mention at .13 with opportunity to add as low as .11 , this stock has been putting up great news as of late , ventures with NHL, Disney, and now Todd Mcfarlane , upcoming Sandiego Comic Con July 21 can be quite the catalyst

PELE .28
this is another buy n hold mentioned at .04-.07 range trading at .30 range awaiting DTC removal, Pro Elite XC MMA is back with there latest event in OAHU HI big fight town and added past UFC fighter and marquee names Andre Arlovski and Patrick Cote we should see this trading alot higher and competing with Zuffa UFC freanchise

AVEW .0003
some solid news on upcoming events this stock way undervalue another MMA stock that should see a nice rise in pps, these stocks take time


SAVW .0014 -.0089
huge move for this stock for us, we saw the stock bottom to as low as .001 and hit .0089 for close to 800% opportunity

ALTO .0052-.0078 released 8k today traded again .0052 -.0075 range for a quick trade seems like that has been the trend as of late

CTCC .0075 back to buy levels i think .006-.0075 nice entry at some point this always trades over .015 range

TTDZ .0046-.0064
this one trades from these levels to .008-.01 , keep on watch

TLAN .0021 at some point this will be .004-.006 always bounces from .002 level ss , and financials very solid on this one

Bottom dwellers

SHAR .0067 this one hit .0085 with news should be trading over .018 , share buy back and symbol change should be a nice catalyst

PVRE .0011 this one hit a 52 week bottom of .0009 , I think has not had its run yet this energy stock can move with volume could see a short target of .002-.003

TSPG .001 mention new 52 week low closed at .0016 , I think short term this one hits .004 range trades thin

GRPS .0009
VFIN moved to .0077 this has since bottomed at .0008 could see .002 soon i think a nice entry under .001

GOHG .0006
this one has a LOI with PUworld technologies, huge accumulation at .0006-.0007 i think we see .002-.003 short term

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watchlist for Monday

ALTO .0054 Double bottom at .0051 we may have a bullish move here , 52 week low hit twice .0051 , an entry here maybe a starter at .005 range , Gold breaking new highs and with weak dollar we could see this gold stock at .01 at some point , usually trends to .01 range:


SHAR .0067 mention gave us opportunity to add as low as .0061 , closed at .0071 i think we see .012 at some point share buy back and name change pending also bounce alert maybe grab a starter http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=shar

TREND ALERT bounces from .002 range well look at chart, closed at .0028 on friday i think this one goes .004 -.006 range here http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=tlan

TTDZ .005 great time to add this one always gets to .008-.01 at some point

TSPG .0015 52 week bottom and was down from .004 from light volume

AVEW .0004 52 week bottom in .0002 and looks like  new bottom in at .0003 a/s maxed out and last news updated with Nevada SOS and upcoming MMA events we should see this at .0009 soon and a test of .0011 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gains for http://miltonjayro.blogspot.com

SAVW .0014 -.0039 with opportunity to add as low as .001 over 200% opportunity may hit .01 range again
CNUV .0018-.0038 over 100% gains
DIII .0006-.0015 over 100%
FBCD .02 -.036 over 60%
TITL .0006 name change to ANDI .0028 over 200%
GRPS .001-.0018  80%

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

SHAR .0067 share buy back and name change pending also bounce alert maybe grab a starter http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=shar

TLAN.0021 TREND ALERT bounces from .002 range well look at chart http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=tlan

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

SHAR .0072 big dip under .01 support at .005
awaiting share buy back

FBCD .02 Merger Complete

GOHG .0007
LOI with PUworld

GRPS .001 how low will this go

PVRE .0014 at some point this will trade higher fish for bottom

BFHJ .0008 this one will be a buy set n forget stock to .0024 at some point awaiting acquisition


PELE .27  
patience has been tested with this one, but latest news on event in OAHU HI and , acquisition of STRATUS, along with signing of ANDRE ARLOVSKI has sent this .27 x .30 DTC removal likely this week and our target of $1 can be matched in time

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

CNUV (China Nuvo Solar) .003 the stock is in reversal mode held . 0018 very well and with latest 8k financial should see .006 shortly and test of old high, with slow markets investors will flock to stocks that they are familiar with,FREYA meger is an added plus

THRA (Therma Med) .0015 trading with volume looking at the chart latest news and ss looks like a perfect reversal. This looks like a highly profitable trade,latest news is on LOI silver mining :

THRA NEWS:Therma-Med, Inc. Signs LOI in Ag/Zn/Pb Mineralized Property in B.C.
TORONTO, May 18, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Therma-Med, Inc. (pinksheets:THRA) ("the Company") would like to announce it has signed an LOI to purchase Interest in Silver property in British Columbia, Canada.

The Property of interest is located within the Mining Division of Slocan, B.C., Canada. The property's geology is part of a Northwest-trending belt of sedimentary rocks called the Slocan Group. Further information regarding the LOI and the property details remain confidential and will be released immediately when the deal has been finalized.

The letter on Intent is subject to an "Exclusivity Period" until June 01, 2011, during which both parties agree to negotiate the final terms and conditions for the Definitive Agreement. The LOI will be superseded by a definite agreement and closing will be subject to several conditions including and limited to, completion of satisfactory due diligence and the receipt of required third party consents. During the Exclusivity period and until the closing date, THRA shall continue to operate its business in the ordinary course.

"I believe that this business decision can bring the company to new and higher levels much faster than if Therma remained at the stage where it was before this turnover. With the guidance and participation on this project of Zajay Trujillo, I see this as a win-win situation for all of our shareholders as this step has a strong potential to increase their value and secure significant future growth for the company," said Joshua Suarez, President of Therma-Med, Inc.

About Therma-Med, Inc.: Therma-Med, Inc. provides alternative medicinal procedures, premium nutritional supplements, medicinal products and current medical support services by making them available to patients through their clinics and online through e-commerce purchasing applications. Therma-Med, Inc., through highly specialized Thermal Imaging and breakthrough alternative procedure clinics, is poised to become a healthcare industry leading company, providing the alternative medicine approach to good health, as well as providing patients with an adjunctive diagnostic procedure that effectively pursues and exposes the benefits of early detection and prevention of various medical conditions. Therma-Med, Inc. utilizes thermal imaging systems that incorporate state-of-the-art infrared technologies and proprietary software to accurately and cost-effectively measure physiological changes in the human body, allowing patients of all walks of life access to a proactive form of maintaining good health and quality of life through early detection and prevention. 

GOHG (Global Holdings ) .0007 the stock near 52 week bottom of .0005 can be a great opportunity, this stock has rallied to .003 range this year and last update has been quite promising this is a "buy set and forget" type stock

BFHJ (Beneficial Holding Inc) .0009 The stock had a drop today in pps many impatient holders brings opportunity for new investors, .0006-.0009 great loading opportunity , recently the company addressed shareholders and explained, in raising a/s for a merger acquisition as we saw DIII with just over 2.8 billion a/s moved nicely with merger news now BFHJ has financial report out :

Beneficial Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: BFHJ) updates
shareholders that it increased the authorized number of common shares
to 1,128,850,000 in anticipation of asset and debt restructuring
including a prospective acquisition and establishment of a gaming
location within a major shopping facility in Nicaragua. The
Company's agents and affiliates are currently having the location
reviewed by the Nicaraguan National Police to determine what changes__N_ http://www.otcmarkets.com/otciq/ajax/showFinancialReportById.pdf?id=54678