Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Watch List for Feb 24,2014

CATA .0008 low ss gold stock the thinnest Gold stock in the market , this stock gets any buy pressure could see .01 has zero dilution and the ask is thin

SRGL .0009 this is a gold stock that could very well be the next GPXM trade watch for an entry Gold will be the next bullish TREND to follow Marijuana stocks , Gold will likely break 1475 this year if it does could see 1900 oz again

FRTD .0095 Just entered the Trending Medical Marijuana sector and  broke .01 briefly, this is a low ss stock that could make a even bigger move , watch the Re entry levels are .0052-.0065 range watch these levels for a 50-60% FIB retrace levels , this stock could very well see .05-.10 at some point Marijuana sector is here to stay imho

RELM .0004 over 229 million in volume and these triple zero stocks have been catching a bid , watch the Level 2 for a continuation if it breaks .0004 could see .001-.0012 level

MJWL .0003 another triple zero that recently updated its website 2014 could see a break of that .0006 previous high if it does watch for the stock to go up big

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feb 14 Weekly Watch list

MDIN .0023 the stock traded with big volume and is expecting news could this release news? These are the latest rumors going around on this stock 

Looks like the followings expected news this month not in any order 

1. O/S reduction by 350 million 
2. Product live on (Currently waiting for the approval from drugstore) 
3. 10-Q report due by Feb 15th 
4. News on products in Walgreens 
5. Company plans to enter into Medical Marijuana business (Just a rumor for now) 
6.Vermont Country Store  

 SIRG .0008 closed at high of the day as mentioned the COPPER in sympathy trade as the FCX and MCP Big boards showing that there is a major reversal in  the stocks, watch for the gap n run tomorrow this should gap up an retest that .0011 , a break above this mark should see a blue sky breakout potential traders saw the 119 million volume and no mal market makers , this is a stock that could do a move like we saw NNAN and EXMT as Metals look for a bullish move 2014

STBV .0032 this stock rumored marijuana and could bounce off moving averages watch for the potential entry at .0025 level most of these marijuana stocks have been breaking .01 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feb 4, 2014 Watch list 

QLTS .0019 a gold stock with mining news expected holding a bullish channel watch for a big break .0025 this is a .01-.02 LONG PLAY POTENTIAL

VMGI .0007 the TREND play the stock showing bottom and big potential on this chart look for a major runner here low ss and bottom play

WAFR .0016 strong chart watch for the stock to break .0025 this week a low float runner with a beautiful reversal setup on chart

GPXM .0014  closed at high of the day .0014 this gold stock has been an ATM and the stock is a low ss stock , Major volume and accumulation continues, now the stock is thinning and with a break of the 20 MA at .0012 now acts as support , those that want a nice solid gain .001-.0012 levels should re test and break that .0022 previous high when it does this stock is likely to trade from .004-.006 channel.