Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What signals are we looking at ?

The markets opened high today with Dow breaching 13050, with a high of 13055.75 we were looking for a close over to see if the markets could sustain a rally, the psychological level of 13,000 is important to keep in mind. We as traders must be cautious as the markets have been overbought but the dollar has been extremely weak causing the markets to inflate. The Dow is still trading over the 20 day moving average, but still the markets are showing signs of weakness. Lets take some things into consideration:

-Markets have been in a steady climb since DEC 19 2011
-The Dollar Index UUP has been in decline for several weeks but today caught a big bid in the positive .65 biggest in week

Please look at the Chart

-With Dollar rally we saw commodities take a huge hit GLD/SLV ETF both having huge drops today SLV was down as much as 7% and GLD was down $80 because of the huge rally in the dollar

-The $TRAN Index that shows transport has been in slow decline this Index is for big transport companies like Fed Ex , UPS and other big transportation has been slowly in steady decline usually is telling of a downward market, transport usually shows the movement of imports and exports and demand for goods, great indicator for market outlook

Please look at Chart

-The dollar UUP usually trades inverse to that of commodities and stock market yet the markets did not pull back while the Commodities saw huge drops

What we are looking at right now or for is watching the UUP (US Index Pro Shares) and what it does during the trading day, a break below 12,080 is a great time to add shorts as it will breach support and will signal a bearish sentiment. A close below 12,080 will be safest bet to try to short the market or add puts to stocks that are at highs. So far the Dow has tested and came close to break 13,050 level but on 3 occasions was not able to close above this mark.

So we are still looking at stocks like for possible short if we see these indicators go off







Our SLV put options went from .87 -2.60 and we believe SLV will go lower remember to sell for profit and hold some as we feel $32 support will be tested

CAT went from .76- 1.50 today Marc 2 Puts in the money

AMZN puts strike 175 March 17 we are holding 1.40 now at 2.60

OTC stock markets

VTPI .0009 this dormant stock today released 8k after record volume saw a high of .0018 before profit takers came in , we could see update on news as this one continues to see volume, only 296 million outstanding shares and the chart still trading over 50 day moving average , I think it could see .004 range short term

MEXP .0012
released news on acquisition , saw a high of .0018 from our mention at .0008 this stock still expected to release news on upcoming salvage contract , with Gold and Silver still strong and expected to hit all time highs this year we feel this company could benefit big

ICBT .0003 this one hit .0004 50-100% from our entry at .0002 we still feel this gold silver stock is not just a flip, this one traded at .002-.003 last year and always updates shareholders

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What we are watching for in the markets

The markets traded higher as the dollar UUP (US Dollar Index Pro Shares) was red most of the day dropping as low as 21.78 which was the close of the day. The Dollar being extremely weak caused the markets to inflate but not as much as expected which leads me to believe that as much as the institutions want the Inflated market to rally , this thing is due for a correction and soon , but with that said we are patiently awaiting for a perfect set up. Today we received the Case Schiller Index and Housing numbers lower than expected and also news on IBM releasing over 1 thousand workers. Europe still remains insolvent , but the Central Banks pumping the markets with buy programs end of day to close the Dow at 13,000 is telling. Its all a smoke and mirror act to show an improving economy in order to show strength in the U.S economy , the funny thing is Oil and Gas are trading higher and all the pundits are asking why? The bottom line is that the dollar is being pumped and pumping fake money by Central Banks world wide inflate the markets , take for instance Silver. Silver was up over 5% and hit a intra-day high of $36.17. Yet no one explains this in the mainstream media or Squawk on CNBC. The bottom line is that the dollar is being diluted and the buy programs are created to close at a fake high and bringing commodity mainly Oil and Gas to new highs. This is unsustainable and as much as you would like SPY at 150 and AAPL above 600 this is not going to happen especially if Silver is being shorted by JPM Chase and HSBC. We sent out a shorting opportunity for SLV at $36 as we believe that institutions will not allow SLV to break $36 level , looking at chart SLV from $36 to $48 not much resistance and with markets appearing to be overbought we could see a correction here. For now be patient and keep eyes on these stocks as many are all overbought.

SLV (Silver Ishares ETF) 35.84
this ETF , paper silver traded at high of 36.16 on the daily chart we saw a topping tail, with the Dollar weakening we saw the SLV rally big today %5 but with institutions like JPM and HSBC shorting silver, I dont see these guys letting SLV close above $36 , looking at the chart there is not much resistance between $36 and last years high of $48. With that said keep an eye on this one, UUP dips we could see higher, or they raise margin and sink the paper SLV and GLD nonetheless we are watching patiently

AMZN (Amazon) 184.00 this had an overall good day with the pump of the market but I think this closes below the 20 Day Moving average 183.98 or has trouble passing this mark this one can drop, we are watching this stock here for a possible move down 175 and if closes below 175 could very well see 165, watch the 183.98 level

AAPL (Apple Co) 537.33 close 2% close to $12 BUCK HIGH, this is like the teachers pet of the market, I think everyone basing what market does on AAPL since Dec 19 this one has been going with an exception of a pull back when it hit 526.26 high now it seems like it wants to keep going but when will it stop, well near here watch for any topping tail or any close below 13,000 of the Dow or slip in the market this behemoth could fall hard

OTC pinksheets

MEXP .0012 this stock making higher lows we still feel there is much room for this stock with rumors of contract with Dominican Republic , had finding of 500 million worth in gold in 2007 SPAIN , this one closes at or above .0021 with news watch out

RTGV .004 Rumors of a reverse merger , updated news by company along with a nice chart and growing volume, has .0055 to fill the gap then .008 at some point this could be trading at .01 range , very nice stock and still very cheap

ICBT .0003 We mentioned this one at .0002 ask ,Over 100 million in volume today saw .0004 up at one point , this is a stock I buy set and forget , latest news was 6 Gold Mines land acquisitions, and decent ss for a gold / silver stock we expect a weak dollar for a long time and Gold and Silver will be worth alot more , these stocks make up great portfolio especially at these prices , this traded between .002-.003 last year

SUGO .0009 we mentioned this one at .0005 and today hit .001 this is another Gold stock worth watching very cheap at triple zero and this one traded over .01 we saw what GDSM , SRGE and DKGR did this stock and ICBT could be a great stock to buy set and forget

VTPI .0012 this stock saw record volume today, the stock traded very fluidly today and held gains for no apparent reason , news could be following soon , now that its out of dreaded triple zero , could be a great time to add, the stock has potential to trade to .004-.005 , this one traded at .04 not to long ago and has just a 296 million a/s updated Dec 2011 , this one should be carefully watched could surprise many in the weeks to come

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stocks I am watching with patience

AAPL (Apple co.) 525.76 hit a high of 528.50 past it's recent 526.20 high ,could very well break higher 530 range before we can see a decent pull back rumors of IPAD 3 release but still very overbought area and with markets floating higher on low volume and a weak dollar , a bounce in dollar could very well cause selling

PCLN (Priceline) 629 after hours this monster reported earnings now it's over $600 pps with a high of 630 range could this keep going parabolic or will it eventually come back to earth , keep an eye on this could be a set up for some type of correction at some point

MA ( MasterCard) 421.40 with a high of 422.08 52 week high , it's 20 day moving average is 391.63 could 420 level be top? Well I think somewhere around here could be watch for an opportunity on this one

CAT (Caterpillar) 115.63
days high was 116.50 I have been sending this one to members for quite some time cannot close over 116.40 mark and could be ready to come back to reality here , keep eye on that 116.40 mark

OTC pink sheets

MEXP .0014 this one mentioned at .0008 range opportunity to add and accumulate at .0008-.0012 hit a high of .0018 , 50 day moving average is at .0021 passes that and we see a strong move .005 range very nice volume today

MDCE .002 today traded as high as .0032 this one looks like chart building, closed at 50 day moving average .002 any close above that little resistance to .01 range

ICBT .0003 gold silver stock continues to accumulate shares we could see this .002 at some point , dollar continues to flatten and weaken we should see these gold stock trend soon

SUGO .0005 another cheap gold stock that can get a rally soon keep on watch this one could very well go strong

RTGV .0028
the gap fill at .0055 then .008 could be filled rumors of a reverse merger , keep eye on this one we mentioned at .001 range but could go more

COIN .0013 a stock that could very well pass its .0021 50 day moving average then little resistance to .006 range , 52 week low at .0011 trade smart

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Recap and stay tuned for more setup and stocks

The markets traded as expected yesterday briefly Dow  touching 13,000 mark with Options weekly ending I did not think they would allow any dramatic moves especially with hopes of closing the markets at 13,000 the markets had a slight fall but nothing major , the big stocks like AAPL and IBM held strong therefore Nasdaq QQQ and SPY stayed green. As we expected SPY hit near its May 2011 high 137.21 high than pulled back down to 136.63 before the buy programs by institutions came in to close the markets green.

Nonetheless in Radio Silent Chat room and by members following emails we had a scalping opportunity on both CAT and SPY

CAT (Caterpillar Co) 115.91
We mentioned 116.40 was its double top , in Chat i told members to keep eye on the 117 mark as I felt with CAT passing would see a nice pull back , so at 116.78 I recommended to members to buy P 115 @ ..78 and hit a high of 1.28 a nice scalp move opportunity. I recommend you keep this 116.78 -117 level again as can serve another scalp move as I believe we could see markets drop Tues or Wednesday.

SPY (S&P 500 SPDR ETF) 136.91 We sent out an email that SPY was approaching its 137.21 high of 2011 this in our opinion is major resistance , especially with no real pull back since Dec 19 2011 we expected a great scalp opportunity , we believe that SPY will soon re test this mark again and have a good feeling markets may have a strong pull back either Tues or Wednesday

AAPL (Apple Co) 522.01  This stock is near its 52 week high 526.29 I think this stock is due for a correction, although Apple Co is one of the best or if not the best company worldwide we believe since Dec this stock has been trading parabolic notion , I think risk reward here is greater chance for profits or scalping opportunity , I think Apple may go down as low as 460 pps before making a next leg

QQQ (QQQ Pro Shares) 63.96
This ETF hit a high of 64.07 keep an eye on 64.07 52 week range , with AAPL near its 52 week high as well as  week high we expect a 3-5% correction , with any correction we could see the QQQ drop

SDS (SDS Pros Shares) 16.17
This one works inversely to the SPY with SPY looking for a correction and SDS 52 week low at 16.13 we could see a opportunity for a bounce and Option calls to 16-17 long term look for an entry in the next 3 trading days

OTC Pink sheet stocks

EVDR (Evader Grp) .0032
This stock mentioned to our group at .0004 ask hit a high of .0036 close to 600% after news of Current Tier listing, this stock taded smooth and the share structure remains in tact , with volume could see an even higher pps

CTCC (City Capital Co) .0083
this stock mentioned at .0012-.0015 hit a high of .0099 , we also tweeted .003 range for those that missed initial run , with rumors of a name change , a low share structure this could be trading .01-.03 in short term

MEDT (Mediatechnics Co) .0011 this stock mentioned at .0006 saw a high of .0026 and now quickly re traced with panic selling but nonetheless could be a bounce in this range keep eye on Level 2 and volume

ICBT (ICBS Ltd) .0002 this Gold/Silver stock cheapest commodity stock on the market , if any news we could see this rally , as a lotto I like this stock pps down at these levels, this one traded .002-.003 last year , with GDSM .0002 now .02 range and SRGE .0002 now .009 range this could be next lotto gold stock to go

MEXP (Marine Exploration) .0011 this stock still accumulating at .0009-.0012 range with news I see a breakout on Level 2 , with Gold at highs , any news could send this with
 moderate volume .004-.005 shor term

Gains for this week are in!

Gains and Profits for the week

MEDT .0006-.0026 over 300% opportunity

CTCC .0015-.0099 over 800% opportunity

EVDR .0005-.0036 over 500% opportunity

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keep an eye out and PATIENCE will PAY

The big markets have been trading with low volume , with the Dow briefly touching 13,000 couple of days ago we quickly saw some selling before the buy programs came in to hold support. We are witnessing markets rally on not only a weak U.S dollar but also buy programs by institutions to show buys in order to keep markets a float. As I write you this email the markets are up E Mini Futures up 23 pts , SPY (S&P 500 SPDR) is above 137.04 this is near May 2011 high of 127.21 remember this number as we may see this target hit before a pull back. The UUP (U S Dollar Index Pros Shares) trading lower for the last couple of weeks and today was as low as 21.90, as we said time and time again the markets work inverse to what the dollar is doing. When the UUP is down the markets inflate and the stock market goes up NASDAQ, S&P, DOW , the GLD (SPDR GOLD ETF) hitting new highs keep an eye on the 175.50 mark there is big resistance in the GLD in that range and SLV 35.50 range we will advise members when we feel a short position or Put Opportunities are best time for now be patient. The EUR/USD is now at 1.33.33 , with the dollar at lows we expect a dollar rally and a market correction as we feel that the markets are overbought and do for a sizeable correction anywhere from 3-5% EUR/USD 1.34 is resistance we are nearing this price with that said we will be alerting members on possible stocks that are best to watch for PUT Options or shorting opportunity.

Crude Oil 108.70  with the weak dollar we are seeing commodities inflate including oil and gas we will mention some ETF to keep watch for possible Put and short positions as they are overbought , we believe that rising oil prices are not good for US government so with that said we will be watching these stocks for trade set ups

UGS (United Gasoline Fund LP) 56.68 we are watching closely to see if a trade set up arises bear in mind the U S government attempts for pr emptive War with IRAN , IRAN closing straits of Hormuz but seems like it is reaching close for a pull back

USO (United States Oil Fund LP) 41.37 this oil fund approaching its 200 day moving average and has been on a surge since rising Oil and a weak dollar . could see a test of the 44.04 and then 47 range still bears watching to see for a top

Stocks we feel are opportunity

AAPL (Apple Inc) 516.76 this stock hit a 52 week high of 526,26 and then saw a quick sell off down to 486 range we believe that AAPL could see a sizeable drop as it has been trading higher and needs a correction look for it to retest that 526 and possible short and Long Put Opportunity could see a drop to 460 range for the next run up

MSFT (Microsoft Co) 31.46 this stock has hit 31.69 for a 52 week high yet hit a top at 31.50 on 3 consecutive trading days we believe MSFT needs a pull back here and could be a nice opportunity

SPY (S&P 500 SPDR ETF) 137.06 close to its 137.21 high of May 2011 we could see a pull back and correction here as well

QQQ (QQQ Pros shares) 63.94 this one will drop with any drop by IBM AAPL MSFT AMZN this is a tech stock 100 which will drop with these stocks in need of a correction as well

OTC stocks

EVDR (Evader Corp) .0007 Today the stock surged in afternoon trading from .0004-.001 with Current Tier status news, these dormant stocks pick up steam when news of current status hits. The ss is solid and today the stock traded smoothly we believe that with Current Tier Status this will report filings or news soon , As we have seen .001 stocks have been solid if this closes above 200 moving day .0012 watch out

MEXP (Marine Exploration) .0011 this one accumulating very nicely we expect slow and steady move, Jan 27 2012 CEO update and rumors of contracts in Carribean pending we could see a nice move soon

MEDT (Medtech) .0017 this stock hit a high from our .0007 mention we still think this one can trade with volume , we expect this one to consolidate and begin a uptrend 200 moving day average .0029 if this can close above it we could see a sizeable rally

Today our Scalp of

CAT 116.40 this has had trouble passing 116.40 we alerted Feb 24 strike 115 @ .26 and hit .50 close to 100% opportunity keep an eye on CAT 116.40 mark

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watchlist for Wednesday

GOHG .0005 This stock we have been mentioning since it was .0002 at ask yesterday had solid news on merger completion and estimated date, we remain confident that this stock will trade at .002 range at some point , yesterday this stock saw over 200 million in volume

GOHG Finishes Merger Negotiations

ICBT .0002 this stock is probably the cheapest Gold mining stock on the market with a small share structure along with consistent updates by the company we could see a rally at some point, this stock traded in .002-.003 range not to long ago at .0002 it is worth the risk , we have seen what Gold stocks have done in the past SRGE .0002 now trading at .006 , this is a great lotto stock to hold in a portfolio as a buy set and forget stock , yesterday had solid news

Canwealth Minerals Corporation files claims on 6 new Gold sites in the James Bay area of Northern Quebec 


RTGV .0027  We mentioned this stock at .001 range and saw solid volume and a push to .0037 since than has pulled back , nice accumulation from .0019-.0027 we expect a gap fill at .008 on chart and yesterdays news confirms that the company is active and is progressing , we expect solid gains throughout the next couple weeks


RTG Ventures Restructuring Debt With 6-Month Window 


IROG .07 This Gold stock has probably the lowest share structure in the entire market , yesterdays news very promising we expect a .50-$1 pps short term , with weak Dollar , and inflation we expect this stock to be a great addition to a portfolio as a Safe Haven type stock, yesterdays news proves to be a great progress for company


Ironwood Gold to Proceed With 18-Hole, 6000m Drill Program at Falcon Property, Carlin Trend, Nevada 


Share Structure
Market Value1 $464,998 a/o Feb 21, 2012
Shares Outstanding 6,199,977 a/o Nov 21, 2011
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares Not Available
Par Value 0.001

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here Is Why The Dow Just Passed 13,000

Wondering why the DJIA just passed 13K again? Wonder no more: as the chart below shows it is entirely due to the nearly $7 trillion pumped by global central banks into the world stock markets over the past 4 years. As Sean Corrigan from Diapason notes, the aggregate global central bank balance sheet has doubled in four years, and doubled in the 5 years before that. We would add that with the entire centrally planned ponzi scheme hell bent on preserving the illusion of nominal gains, global liquidity is now fungibly sloshing from one market to another with absolutely zero resistance whatsoever. At this rate, it should double again in 3 years, then 2, and so on. Will the Dow hit 52K in 5 years in that case? Why most certainly. Just ask any remaining citizens of the Weimar Republic. They know all too well about exponential stock market rises. They also know absolutely everything about the self-delusion that comes with chasing NOMINAL numbers. Oh, and before we forget, expressed in spot gold price, the central bank aggregate tally has moved from being the equivalent of 10 billion oz of gold, to just 8 billion. Guess what is 20% underpriced.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Latest gains from our mentions


RTGV .001-.0035 250%

EGOC .0007-.0018 over 140%

CTCC .0015 -.0076 over 500%

SNDY .0016 -.0087 over 700%

ISML .01-.07 600%

HLXH .02 -.09 400%

SHMX .0009-.0036 300%

FTCH .0009-.0016 80%

SNVP .0009-.0018 100%

COHO .0007-.0015 over 100%

AVEW .0001-.0002 100%

HBRM .0009-.0016 80%

JCDS .001-.0026 150%

BONZ .008-.015 90%

What we are looking at this week

The markets continue trending higher now with EUR/USD  higher and the dollar continuing to weaken we are seeing the markets continue to float higher on low volume. The markets overall looking to trade higher but at some point have a pull back from 3-5%. Over the weekend we are hearing of news that Greece deal is a done deal another hype of an insolvent situation. We believe that this is just a way to get investors to keep the rally going even though both Europe and the U.S have problems with sovereign debt. Nonetheless the Trend on the S&P 500 SPX still trading in an upward trend:

SPY (S&P 500 SPDR) 136.41 this continues to trade in an upward trend and has support at 136 then the 135.70 range we believe that the next real resistance is at 137.21 its high of last year and could see a slight pull back . With such light volume we could see 1,400 hit and SPY hitting 140 in the near future, but with that said look for Scalp opportunity at 137.21 resistance we should see a pull back for an intraday trade. 

DJIN (Dow Jones Industrial) 12949.87 This major index broke resistance on Friday , 13000-13,500 is in reach and these market manipulators may want to prove a point pushing stocks pass this mark, keep an eye on the UUP (US Pro shares) if the dollar drops the markets will inflate and the stock market will go up.

MSFT (Microsoft Co) 31.35 This stock is hitting major  resistance at 31.55 , last Thursday hit intraday resistance and pulled back ,keep- eye on that 31.55 level of resistance it has had a strong rally from December we could have an opportunity here on a pull back  

OTC Markets 

RTGV .003
 this stock mentioned at .001 range on the Radio Silent Skype Chat room hit a high of .0035 on Friday with a gap fill on chart .008 we could see a big rally , the stock saw strong buying and even stronger bid towards the end of the day with now other investors jumping on the bandwagon and OTC markets doing well we could see this stock trading .008-.01 soon

MEDT .0007 this stock saw a low of .0006 on Friday, but not very long quickly the bid up ticked to .0007 x .0008 we expect a rally here soon the stock has been down for quite some time but now is seeing more volume we could see .002-.003 at some point 

MEXP .001 this stock looks very interesting here , on Jan 27 2012 the CEO released a letter and updated its shareholders, in 07 this company a marine exploration co. discovered 500 million in Gold on a salvage mission , they were in a court battle with govt Spain and settled and won the case , with Gold continuing its strength with a weak dollar, and predicted to go as high as $2.5k an oz , this stock could be sitting on a great undervalued company , we have noticed the L2 and believe with strong volume this could reach .004-.005 short term and quite possibly .01 at some point in the distant future

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Possible Set Up Opportunity for this week

The markets opened strong with a overall green market. Apple Co. leading the way opening over $520 per share, SPY pre market was trading over the 135.70 resistance and it looked to inch higher at one point hitting a high of 135.86, nonetheless we still had rumored news on China agreeing to continue to buy European debt, all while Greece austerity package was being finalized. The E.U continued to be in turmoil all while Tuesday action was manipulated with the choppy down market all day then a 3:30 pm rally to close at high of the day. The UUP (US Dollar Index Pro Shares) also broke down continuing its inverse relation to the markets. We have been mentioning quite some time that the markets were over extended and that a correction was due, well AAPL (Apple Co.) trading at 52 week high started the pull back with a high of 526.29 closed below the 500 mark at $498 and after hours is down $493


AAPL (Apple Co.) On skype chat we noticed Apple at 525 range and we have been watching for a possible pull back at 11am we mentioned Feb 18 Puts at .59 range for a lotto $500 strike well some members hit the lotto as the contracts hit a high of 7.50 range and could possibly be over $10 tomorrow morning, we still believe AAPL is a great company but the chart was overextended and was expecting a correction which we nailed in the Skype Chatroom

.QQQ ( QQQ Proshares) 62.67 we mentioned to keep an eye on this ETF which is the TECH ETF with heavy hitter AAPL pulling back along with AMZN, and IBM we could see a big correction , the QQQ today closed with a engulfing topping tail issuing a bearish sentiment we expect a drop down to at least the 20 day Moving average 

SDS (SDS Ultra Short Pro Shares) 16.75 With the inverse relationship with the SPY (SPDR S&P 500) we believe that this will have a nice bounce , we expect $17-$18 in the future buying Calls here as mentioned could be very profitable as we expect SPY to test 128 retraction.

SPY (SPDR S&P 500) 134.56
We believe that 135.70 was the major resistance in SPY with AAPL rollover we could see this stock drop if it breaks support at 134.30 we could see this drop even more keep eyes on this stock we believe that we could have a correction here


We mentioned to members to buy

AFPW .0016 we mentioned to accumulate AFPW at .001 range today the stock hit a high .0018 x .0019 nice 80-90% we expect this stock to continue a nice move watch for a entry position this could rally to .003-.004 range at some point

MEDT .0008 this medical stock with a decent share structure with stocks like SNDY pushing big gains called at .0016 range hit a high of .013 range we could see MEDT reversal and follow suit

NNAN .0009
this stock had news on patent approval we expect a nice rally on this stock

Monday, February 13, 2012

Possible Set Up Opportunity for this week

HOG (Harley-Davidson Inc) 46.47 This stock has been trading near 52 week high of 47 .19 , we could see another move and possible short or PUT opportunity to the 20 or 50 day moving average

QQQ (Power Shares QQQ Trust) 63.06 this stock saw a high of 63.13 , overall ETF of tech stocks with the market expecting a pull back we could have a PUT opportunity to 20 day moving average 61, just like SPY this one looks overbought a monthly PUT option could fair well here

NKE (Nike Co) 105.22 this stock looking very strong saw a high 106.66 we could see a slight retracement here as well with the market looking for a correction this one can have a pull back

SPY (SPDR S&P 500) 125.36 resistance at 125.60 if it passes we will see a test of 127.20 2011 high but looks like in need of correction so watch for a possible pull back here

SDS (SDS Proshares Trust Ultra) 16.55 this one works inversely to the SPY , buying some calls for an expected drop in the S&P could be a great risk reward , we could see monthly call options go up in volume

OTC recap

SNDY .0016 mention hit .0087 high we expect a rally from .01-.02 this one has potential over 700% opportunity on this  one so far

COHO .0007 mention hit a high of .0015 we expect a even bigger move to .005 range

MBST .001 this stock could rally soon near lows and with recent 8k filed along with pending news could rally soon

MEDT .0009 this one looks like it wants to bounce look for entry , could be starting a reversal

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Watchlist for Wednesday

CTCC (CityCapital) .0036
this stock saw a high of .0045 today I mentioned this stock at .0012 in chatroom and then posted on Blog at .0015 over 200% opportunity and the chart looks like it could see .007 -.01 , rememeber this stock traded at .01-.03 most of last year , we could continue to see higher pps with volume

SHMX (Shameeka Gold) .0027 this stock mentioned in chatroom at .0009 , we like this stock with the Dollar down and the metals rallying we noticed SHMX holding lows of .0008 and trickling up .001 range today the stock hit .003 close 200% gains and with volume continuing in this stock we could see .006 soon.

FTCH (F3 technologies) .0012 today we saw this stock trade easy with light volume hit .0015 high before being walked down , watching L2 we saw .0055 if volume continues not many shares and with the stock reversing these can be very cheap prices , the stock reminds me of ICPA which traded at .0008 low now trading at .004 range

HBRM (Heborium Co.) .0009 this stock near lows has been trickling up with prior good numbers in earnings and assets along with low ss and these stock prices being the latest trends we could see a nice rally here

SNVP (Savoy Oil Gas) .0015 we mentioned this stock in chatroom at .0009 range today closed at high of the day with commodities doing well and a weak dollar we could see a continued rally here low ss and volume could be a very nice stock to trade in this pps range

 TSPG .0001

WTCT .0001

AVEW .0002

BFHJ .0002

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The markets remain green will the dollar bounce

SPY (S&P 500 SPDR 132.80)  This one has been having trouble breaking 133.30 range , today the stock traded flat and sideways but ultimately finished green, if this stock trades and closes over 133.30 we could see this trade 135 level but if not we could see this drop as low as 126.06 50 DMA, keep an eye on that 133 mark

GLD (SPDR Gold Shares) 171.05 this is near resistance here , with the Dollar near its 52 week lows and a bounce expected along with the GLD over extended we could see a pull back here on the GLD. Look for short position on GLD here , there is resistance here at 171 mark could be a nice opportunity with a bounce in the dollar

SLV  (Isilver Shares Trust) 33.30 the Silver Chart looks strong but with the resistance at $34 and the dollar expected to bounce at lows we could see a pull back in SLV , SLV needs to close over the $34 resistance , like GLD we expect SLV to pull back , if SLV breaks $34 and the $36 little to no resistance to $48 range we will keep eyes on what SLV is doing

GS (Goldman Sachs) 113.39 we could see this one drop , not to sure many buyers at this level look for a opportunity as the stock hit 116 and now looks like it is ready to drop any bad news out of Europe this one has room to drop

OTC markets

CTCC .0035 we mentioned this one at .0015 today hit a high of .0038 over 144% opportunity the chart shows that it has more room and break of .005 could be .007 then .01 this is a stock with a low share structure , we could see news soon, this stock traded from .01-.03 most of last year.

RTGV .0018 mentioned in our chatroom at .001 hit a low of .0009 80% this stock with a low share structure and volume could see more gains look for volume and pull back, could see .003-.004 range

EGOC .0009 we mentioned this one in our chat room at .0007 ask , had a low of .0005 today released news on Updated website and also we expect news on technology , L2 looks thin to .0026 we have traded this one before today gave opportunity for over 80% high of .0011

THQI .77 after hours .56 This one is disappointing , the stock reported earnings after hours , and was not what expected we could see a bigger drop tomorrow as panic may come nonetheless we still think the stock has potential with UFC game release Feb 14 and also others this one should recover , the market is never a gurantee

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch list for Thursday

SPY (S&P 500 SPDR) 132.47
the stock has traded well with markets and has been trading well over its 50 day moving average, it saw a high of 133.30 and retraced keep eye on the 133.30 resistance mark if it closes above this mark we could see 135 but if not we could be witnessing a short opportunity or scalp opportunity to 126 level we are patiently watching on what the UUP does and watch for any attempt to break 133.30 mark. A scalp opportunity could fair well for intraday PUTS at 133.30 range for some profit on a pull back

CAT (Caterpillar Inc) 110.52
this stock did well on earnings close to 30% gains since earnings and has some heavy resistance at 111 mark could be a nice PUT opportunity at 111 range be patient and look for an entry looks a bit over extended and could see a pull back up here

GS (Goldman Sachs) 113.45
This banking stock has been quite a tear but hit 116 mark with a big resistance and could be a nice Short position near these levels, we still believe that Europe will have issues and GS could see a pull back regardless news on earnings. Watch for this to pull back near 115-116 level and look for a PUT opportunity

BAC (Bank of America) 7.35 today the stock saw a high of 7.44 and we think 7.50 is some big resistance , with 75 trillion in derivatives and European sovereign debt we expect this to get back to reality , keep a watchful eye on this one could give a great opportunity for PUTS

OTC Markets

SNDY (Solos Endoscopy) .0024 this stock has been in quite the reversal , the stock traded in .01 range not so long ago and added volume could set up for a run , we think that buying this on a pull back could fair well , today the stock closed with big volume and at high of the day

TSPG (TGI Solar) .0002 this stock is a solar stock that was at no bid recently and today saw over 220 million volume , with Solar energy being sought after a weak dollar and raising oil prices these solar stocks may fair well  for a lotto type play keep watchful eye

CTCC (City Capital) .0015 recently off its lows this solar company has bounced and is looking to head higher this one has a low share structure and with volume could see a rally this one traded in .01-.03 range most of last year , could be a nice stock to hold for a rally