Friday, October 10, 2014

Hidden Gem play , Real revenues and last run saw .001-.009 800%

MTPR (Metapower Inc) 

Contact Info
5300 MacArthur Blvd
Suite 201
Vancouver, WA 98861

Phone: 360-450-4209

Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,968,240a/o Sep 16, 2014
Shares Outstanding 1,968,240,013 a/o Mar 31, 2014
Float 161,597,158 a/o Aug 31, 2012
Authorized Shares 2,200,000,000a/o Mar 31, 2014
Par Value0.001

Business Description:

MetaPower, Inc. is a management-consulting and technology firm dedicated to harnessing the power of Business Process, Technology, and Work Culture Reform. We are passionate about helping clients achieve maximum sustained production within the bounds of safety and environmental best-practice. Our solutions are based on the fundamental recognition that performance is a direct function of:

- Leadership
- Workforce Culture
- Process Efficiency
- Regulatory Compliance

No reverse split after 2008

Total Annual Revenue $15.8 million

Share Structure has not changed in last 4 years

Insiders holding more than 1.8 billion shares for the last 4 years. 

Total revenue: $3.3 million

Metapower Product

MetaPower currently holds four US Patents and several international patents on the technology that we call UCoDA (Universal Control-based Data Architecture). Since the release of UCoDA we have made continuous improvements to our software, providing ever-increasing productivity, flexibility, and simplicity. Now in its 5th generation, our revolutionary "Business Process Workstation" automates the development of customized business process applications for clients.

How you might use UCoDA:
Performance Management 
Common Experiences
Event Actions

Design Management 
Design Changes
Design Actions

Work Management 
Work Orders
Time Keeping
Work Actions

UCoDA currently integrates with:
Actuate* for report writing
Visual FoxPro* for report writing
A variety of PDF converters for attaching documents
Oracle* 9i+ as the relational database
Microsoft SQL Server* as the relational database
Microsoft Internet Explorer* 6.0+

MTPR Recent News:

May 5, 2014 MetaPower International, Inc. Announces Restructuring
Apr 23, 2014 MetaPower International, Inc. Announces Layoffs
Feb 18, 2014 MetaPower International, Inc. Announces New Chairman of the Board and New President and CEO

Company will be more profitable with restructuring after layoffs. New CEO also.

Must Watch Video

METAPOWER'S Path To Culture
METAPOWER'S Path To Culture

MTPR back to scene of the crime chart

Key Points 

-Low float 
-Bottom confirmation breaks scene of the crime range
-Last run saw .001-.009
-Million dollar revenues and assets 
-New website
-Thin Level 2, with a .01 potential

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Low share structure MMA stock poised for .018 return from .0013

APHD (Appiphany Tech) 

Contact Info
2368 Second Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (205) 864-5377

APHD Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $34,284 a/o Oct 06, 2014
Shares Outstanding 20,167,277 a/o Mar 21, 2014
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares 250,000,000 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Par Value

Our Business

Appiphany Technologies is a digital media corporation specializing in advanced mobile device applications. The vision of Appiphany is to be a market leader as a technology entertainment company that blends the physical and virtual worlds with each product.

SEC Filings released Sep 2014

10-Q Sept 29, 2014Jul 31, 2014 Click Here 

Video Due Diligence and Market Trend 2.0

Market Trend 2.0 MMA Market Boom APHD MMA Stock
Market Trend 2.0 MMA Market BoomAPHD MMA Stock

Wedge Pattern on Chart

Key Points 

-MMA Billion Dollar Industry
-low share structure 
-10 Q released last week company is active 
-Triangular Wedge Pattern Trade 
-Wedge pattern .008 -.018 potential