Thursday, January 26, 2012


We have been extremely quiet with updates , the markets have traded strong with earnings week , we mentioned some quick trades with QQQ and we mentioned THQI for a bounce and reversal we are still confident this stock to trade in $1 range. We have witnessed the surge in SLV and GLD and the US Dollar index drop 79 range , we tell our members to keep a watchful eye on the UUP and its inverse relationship with the stock market. The markets have been green for the last 7 days and it looks overbought and over extended we could have a pull back so look for some short opportunities on some stocks

JPM 37.49 this stock has heavy resistance at the $38 range we could see a pull back here with a down market, financials still at risk with European sovereign debt uncertainty, PUTS here could bode well

BAC 7.30 we have traded this stock at these levels with 75 trillion in derivatives and also one of the banks that owns European sovereign debt we see this stock back to $6 range with 7.50 dollar resistance we could see this drop soon

QQQ 60.22 new 52 week high for the Q.s hit a high of 60.80 and then dropped red we see a bearish signal on the close today with $59 support loss we could get a nice pull back as this one is overbought

SPY 131.88 today hit a double top 133 range we could see a pull back here before a next move up

CAT 111.31
Solid earnings but seems like it could be ready for a pull back watch for a scalp move on PUTS

SLV $32 could have a drop on resistance area at $34

GLD $167 resistance levels

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watch list for Jan 16 week

THQI .75  THQ Inc Bid .6897 Ask .6899

Contact Info

Safe Haven Stock (Long) Target 1.50-$4.00

52 week low .67

52 week high


8k filed Dec 23 2011

International Mixed Martial Arts Superstar Alistair Overeem Set to Join UFC® Undisputed® 3 Roster Dec 22 2011

THQ Updates Outlook for Fiscal 2012 Third Quarter:
THQ Inc. develops, publishes, and distributes interactive entertainment software for various game systems WII,Playstation 3 and Xbox, personal computers (PC), wireless devices, and the Internet. The company publishes titles on the wireless devices; and develops and publishes titles, and supplemental downloadable content for digital distribution, as well as offers PC titles through online download stores and services, such as Steam. Its portfolio titles comprise action, adventure, fighting, racing, role-playing, simulation, sports, and strategy. The company's principal brands include games based on its intellectual properties, such as Company of Heroes, Darksiders, Homefront, Red Faction, Saints Row, and racing games based on its MX vs. ATV brand; core games based on licensed properties comprising the Ultimate Fighting Championship , World Wrestling Entertainment, and Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe; and games based on popular casual and lifestyle brands, including Disney, Disney Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Marvel Entertainment, Mattel, NBC's The Biggest Loser, Nickelodeon, and Sony Pictures Consumer Product's JEOPARDY! and Wheel of Fortune. It markets and distributes games directly to mass merchandisers, consumer electronic stores, discount warehouses, and other national retail chain stores in the United States and Canada, as well as direct sales force, third parties, Internet, and wireless devices internationally. The company was founded in 1989 and is based in Agoura Hills, California.

There Biggest Games are with the WWE license. The holiday release of WWE 12 and there upcoming most anticipated  game UFC undisputed 2012 which should be released FEB 14 2011 , with the huge fan base of Mix Martial Arts along with past success of past releases we expect THQI .75 to be trading over $2 per share

One of the closest and most realistic Mix Martial Arts video game ever will be available Feb 14 2011

UFC Undisputed 2012:

WWE 12:

52 week low .67

52 week high

We are going long and accumulating this stock we believe that this stock is extremely undervalued and our group has great opportunity to add at these cheap levels. THQ is a leading video game producer and with the likes of Activision Modern Warfare 3 , the game sold out in less than 24 hours. ATVI now trading over $12 we should see a similar move on an undervalued stock like THQI

looking at the charts , there was a bit of a New Years sell of , we expect a bounce here.


OPTION SETUP: QQQ (Power Shares Trust) 58.94 we see resistance at 59 range we will do monthly Feb 18 2012 Puts 58 strike @ .98 be patient , So far 58.96 has been the intraday high this very could go lower , remember to add a stop loss

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We officially endorse Dr Ron Paul

The markets traded flat for the week and held gains trading sideways. The overall market volume was light and SPY (S&P SPDR) held and had trouble breaking 129.42 resistance of Oct 2011 high, it had a pre market of over 130 on Thursday before dropping later in the trading day. On Friday we had news of downgrades by S&P to 9 European nations, this ultimately caused the markets to open lower pre-market on anxiety in Europe caused by sovereign debt. This caused investors to jump into the U.S Dollar , the UUP (US Dollar Pro Shares) traded over 1.04% in the day its highest level since September 2010, the Euro hit a new 16 month low.U.S treasury bonds continued to rally, the irony of this is that the U.S government is able to borrow more for 10 years below 2% and for 30 years below 3% in that regard the United States is able to get in even bigger debt , far bigger than what the E.U is yet the investors are more worried about Europe and insist that the U.S economy is strengthening and regard US treasuries as safe haven when the U.S is not able to repay its debt. This is merely just smoke and mirror effect , three nations in the E.U have higher credit rating of AAA those are Germany, Netherlands and Finland. France and Austria had there rating cut to AA+ equal to that of the United States. There are only 2 nations that have higher rate of debt to GDP to that of the United States and that's Greece and Italy.

Fundamentally there are reasons for the U.S to be rated lower because the only US treasuries are the only debt considered when figuring out rate of debt to GDP, Fannie and Freddie Mac are not taken into consideration , which is likely to reach 6 trillion and the 1 trillion dollars of Student loan debt that is obligated and guaranteed by the U.S goverment that is off the books. There will be a lot of defaults on both housing and college loans that ultimately the tax payer will eventually be responsible to pay back. This is not considered part of our debt and guaranteed money is far worse than the debt from treasuries.

Now we move on to contingent liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare obligations which the United States is obligated to pay. The Federal government and the states also have obligated debt , therefore we have a higher credit rating than E.U yet we have more debt and obligations therefore this is virtually unsustainable yet everyone buys the dollar as a safe haven. The illusion is that our interest rates are artificially low compared to that of France which borrow 50% more than the United States, making the United States look like a stronger economy. So the U.S is spending more borrowed money. Now imagine if there was no money to borrow , or if interest rates are raised?

Now President Obama is requesting to Congress to raise debt ceiling 1.2 trillion just to get us through the end of the year. This week we had another Economic Data that came in, the Trade deficit numbers  for November jumped 10% to just under 48 billion high yet the dollar rallies , this ultimately shows the strength of the economy getting weaker. I am not saying that Europe is not that bad just that the United States is worse than what the mainstream media is reporting.

With all this said , The Federal Reserve continues to insist of growing economy all while manipulating interest rates to artificially low prices. The U.S government continues to add to a failed foreign policy continuing to add to government spending. The Fed bailouts and quantitative easing (printing dollars)  will continue devaluing the currency in order to continue to prop up markets and devalue during a currency war in order to compete with imports and exports globally.

The United States now is entering a election year with tensions in the Middle East brewing with Iran all while continued wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, drone attacks in Pakistan. Troops are being sent to all parts of the world specifically operations in Syria, Central Africa, Australia and Pacific Asia. Recent passing of bills like the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) undermine civil liberties greater than continued policies of President Bush Patriot Act. We are witnessing more laws targeted to free speech like SOPA ( Stop Online Policy Act).  The Enemy Ex-Patriation Act HR 3166 and S. 1698
is a bill being looked at in Congress all for the safety of Americans.

We are glad to endorse Dr Ron Paul for president in the 2012 election as we believe he is the only candidate that speaks strongly against a failed foreign policy, The Federal Reserve, and bills that are being secretly passed via Congress that undermine the Civil Liberties and most importantly the Constitution. The mainstream media fails to cover Dr Ron Paul and smears his credibility all while supporting the status quo and the establishment. Although some may say that Dr Ron Paul is radical, he abides and is a strong supporter of the U.S Constitution and stands by his principles never being corrupted by lobbyist and big corporations. Since the 1980 Dr Ron Paul has been speaking about dangerous Foreign Policy, Federal Reserve devaluing the currency. Congressman Paul never voted for Bills that undermine civil liberties such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA. He warned of the Housing Bubble years before the collapse and voted against the Banker Bailouts that added all the fiscal responsibility to the tax payers.. The Economy is getting worse and every citizen will be effected if the wasteful spending continues, foreign policy continues it  will bankrupt the US sooner than expected. If the Federal Reserve is not audited and continues to devalue the currency, many will work harder and there money will be worth far less. Many say that his foreign policy is dangerous, that he is an isolationist, this is far from the truth as he strongly believes that only Congress has authority to declare war. He does not believe that a president should use an executive order to go to war. I believe with his vast knowledge of Austrian Economics, Military experience in the Air Force, and knowledge of the Constitution he can lead this country out of debt and bring back prosperity with a stronger national defense.

We hope that members research Dr Ron Paul with an open mind and if they do think he is a better candidate than the rest of the establishment to spread the word and also donate few dollars

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watch list Thursday

Options Setups

BBY (Best Buy) 24.81 today hit a intraday high of 25.03 our strike price, our alert between 22 and 23 gave members opportunity to add as low as 22.58 and we mentioned calls for Jan 21 strike price 25 opportunity to add as low as .12 and today hit .52 close to 400% gains on this call we could see BBY well into $25 range , remember to sell for profit do not be greedy as Jan 21 is next week

DIS (Disney Co) 38.70  today the stock hit a low of 38.45 our strike price of $39 in the money today from our alert for put Options at 39.91 gave members opportunity to add PUTS as low as .22 strike 39 Jan 21 , today those strikes hit .74 over 300% opportunity

JPM (JP Morgan Chase) 36.66 could see a move on earnings possible 38 short term resistance earnings are expected the next few days on earning week

OTC Markets 

FXPT (Fox Petroleum) .0105 with oil predicted to go up as high as $150 a barrel we could see this stock rally, this stock tends to bounce from this level, as of late we have received news on possible sanctions with IRAN , today news on assassination on Iranian scientist in the uranium and nuclear field in Tehran. In Nigeria there are oil strikes and violence erupting which could cause Oil to continue to rise. FXPT traded as high as .05 last year we could see a similar rally to that of GRPR Grid Petroleum that went .009-.046 keep a watchful eye on this stock

SUGO (Sungro Minerals) .001 we mentioned this stock at .0006 opportunity to add as low as .0005 today hit over 116% an intraday high of .0013 keep on watch for volume

AVEW (Actionview).0002 MMA pay per view Jan 20 Last man standing we could see another rally here 

BFHJ (Beneficial Holdings) .0002 Online casino stock had news today we could see a start to a rally

Beneficial Holdings, Inc. Enters Purchase Agreement for Oceanfront Land in El Transito, Nicaragua

Watchlist for Wednesday

Options to watch

SPY ( S&P SPDR) 129.11
This is a ETF with heavy volume as of late has seen less volume in comparison to its every day trading, the stock reached its high of Oct 2011 129.42 and traded as high as 129.65 could not close over 129.42 , we could see a slight pull back looking for PUTS here could be a nice risk reward until next buy signal

BBY (Best Buy) 24.70 we mentioned this electronic retailer at 122-123 range for a reversal and yesterday the stock hit 24.96 high we could see our strike it soon on expected earnings week , opportunity to add Jan 21 strike 25 at .12 now trading over .40 we are holding

AAPL (Apple Co.) 423.24 hit a high of 427 and has since retraced having trouble breaking 426 range we could see this get back to 410 PUTS here for a scalp trade or swing trade could be a good idea

DIS (Disney) 39.63 this stock has hit 40 high and has weakened we could see a pull back here as it was downgraded yesterday

OTC stocks to watch

SUGO (Sungro Minerals) .0006 gold stock that has recently had filings could see a nice move in this range

AFPW (AlumniFi Power Group) .0012 this stock could be a nice add in .001 range could see a nice bounce on accumulation here

Saturday, January 7, 2012

 Our Option Ideas

BBY(Best Buy) 24.40 now close to our strike target we alerted this one near 22-23 bottom an opportunity to add Calls for Jan 21 as low as .12 hit as high as .44 we feel that BBY could be trading at 25 in the next week close 300% opportunity

MCD (McDonalds Co) 100.54 this one continues strength hit a new 52 week high of 101.59 we are down on PUT options we remind members to always use stops, we think that a pull back to $96 50 day moving average could be in order but with that said trade smart

Microsoft (MSFT). 28.02 is now forming a triangle that has been coiling up for almost two years.
When it breaks out, it will likely be a very powerful, directional move. Check it out below.
In the 3 year chart we can see that Microsoft is a stock that has been in this Triangle Pattern for quite some time and is in the verge of breaking above so our approach would be to buy MSFT and hold since its about to breakout if we check MSFT on this weeks trading lets see the move, it traded from $25 -$28 with a nice move

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Watchlist for Thursday

SPY (S&P SPDR)127.73 we are keeping an eye we may see 129 .40 first major resistance than 130-132  we could see call opportunity and when 130 range possible PUTS  be patient for entry

NKE (NIKE Co.) 98.35
today 98.75 new 52 week high stronger chart could see a pull back keep an eye out on this stock

XOM (Exxon Mobile) 86.00 this stock saw 86.89 and with oil over 100$ a barrel this stock is nearing resistance and 88 resistance we could see opportunity for PUTS

USO (US Oil ETF) 39.80
could see $42 with surge in oil now over 103$ high of day in crude oil keep eye on this one

Charts that could see some gains:

CSCO (CISCO Sys) 18.99 could see 20.50 range in the next few trading days stronger on news possible call

OTC Pinksheets

AVEW .0004 closes high of the day on news of MMA pay per view Jan 20 200% so far from our call, over 200 million in volume today

BFHJ .0004 with government rumored to sign bill on gaming BFHJ has seen more volume , our alert at .0003 ask now at 33% gain we could see a rally here

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Watchlist for Wednesday

XOM (Exxon Mobile) 86.00 saw a high of 86.67 we believe that XOM is reaching a strong resistance here , Put Options near 86-88 could pose a nice profit remember to add stop losses, with Oil hitting over $100 a barrel and Dollar dropping XOM has rallied but could very well hit some strong resistance.

SPY (S&P SPDR) 127.65
very liquid option here we were expecting 130-132 , I think we could keep watchful eye for 130-132 for Puts , today it hit 128.36 high and pulled back , keep an eye on this and be patient

Our Long Play:

THQI (THQ Inc) .81
today the stock managed to hit .859 close to 12% before closing at a modest 6.58% we believe that this is very undervalued and could very well begin its reversal , we sent out a full DD on why we believe THQI will be one of the leaders in video game industry, today it released news on UFC video game franchise Kinect and motion add ons

OTC Markets

SHKZ .0035
closed at a high of the day quite possibly news coming and gap in the a.m , nonetheless this stock is coming off its lows and with a small share structure along with pending news we could quite possibly see this trading .006-.01 at some point

Triple zero stocks

BFHJ .0004 alerted today at .0003 closed 33% we could see this trading .001 , this stock is a favorite stock to trade when volume comes in

AVEW .0002
we alerted this stock at .0001 today via twitter , it hit .0003 with over 436 million shares traded , the company will be launching its first Mix Martial Arts Pay Per view event this Jan 20 2011 , last time we alerted this the stock hit .0009 we could see another rally

Monday, January 2, 2012

Watchlist for Monday

We may test SPY (S&P 500 SPDR) $130-$132 , but nonetheless January will be worth watching and being careful and tentative as trading progresses. The month of January will bring uncertainty therefore we will trade with caution as we await the next trend in the market.

We will keep our eyes on both Gold and Oil, for now we may see a slight bounce on GLD ETF but in the longer term we feel that GOLD will have a considerable drop in the year. Oil may reach $100 a barrel but we think with the bad economy $100 oil is unsustainable for a global economy so when Crude hits $100 we feel that we will be able to short or place puts on Oils ETF and Co.
USO (US Oil ETF) 38.11
Exxon Mobile XOM near its highs 84.76:

A good barometer to watch when trading :

JPM (JP Morgan Chase) 33.25 watching this stock shows overall strength of the stock market , when this stock does well the market follows , keep an eye on this stock to see overall strength in the market

UUP (Power Shares US Dollar Index) 22.47 this is the US Dollar Index ETF that trades for now inversely to the market , if there is strength we usually see the market drop keep an eye on the UUP to see where the market is heading

OTC Market

SHKZ (Shaka Shoes) .0022 This stock could see a nice rally as it has seen more volume in the stock in the last few days, with a small share structure we could see .006 range at some point. Look for volume and a possible entry point

Triple zero stocks:

UCPA .0005

UNDR .0007