Sunday, November 18, 2012

Join the Best Team In Trading is a an informative website that is made to help traders trade better. The daily email updates give member informative overview on the daily markets. The market overview allows traders to understand market sentiment and Trends that can help in positioning themselves on the right side of the trade.

Trading is simple in the sense that now you can open a trading account and finance the account and begin trading by a click of a mouse. But, trading and becoming a successful trader is a whole different story.

Trading is a great way of creating supplemental income, but also if not taken seriously or not using a strategy can lead to loss of money.

What I like most of RSP trading group is that you surround yourself with traders of different levels, some traders that have had experience in trading Options, some that know how to see an undervalued penny stock. Trading as part of a team builds confidence and allows a trader to successfully enter a trade without the "Emotion"

Emotions are the biggest threat to being a successful trader and RSP strategy makes this perfectly clear with its strategy ,the strategy is precise and disciplined . This allows members to make the same trade every time they purchase a stock.

The system gives timely alerts with specific instruction on how to approach the trade , this information is made clear and traders have ability to ask questions via chat , forum and email. This system serves as a mentor and also educates in the process.

The membership offers -

-Detailed Stock and Options alerts

-Overall Market Overview/News via email

-Intra- day Stock chat

-Members Only Stock Forum and Hot Chart (Annotated) Watch list

-Training Videos and seminars

-24/7 Moderator

These are some of the alerts that have recently been sent to RSP members and how they were set up:

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I  think this is a very useful website for both novice and intermediate traders. I hope followers find this as useful information, followers that sign up on will get a discounted price

Good Luck  

Watch list For Monday

Pink sheets

ARNH .0008 The stock continues to consolidate with any updates this low ss stock and recently reinstated stock stock could see an explosive rally.

EMWW .0009 This stock is expecting news on "Challenger Acquisition" this stock could test 52 week low but the stock does appear thin and has low ss , worth watching in triple zero

UYMG .0004 this stock had some solid news into close late Friday, the stock trading near its 52 week low of .0003 and with news late Friday and low share structure could see a strong reversal.

On Track Technology Solutions Negotiates Joint Venture With CGM Energy on Two of Their Leases

EAST HANOVER, N.J.Nov. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Unity Management Group (OTC Pink: UYMG), a business resource and service company, is pleased to announce its wholly owned subsidiary, On TrackTechnology Solutions Inc. (OTT), Has negotiated the farm out of 2 continuous leases (from Integrated Oil and Gas of UYMG) with CGM Energy LLC; Greenville Texas.
"The two have combined approximate 28 wellbores on the Martin Lease (01388 Railroad CommissionNumber) and the Knott's Lease (identified by lease number 01759 Railroad Commission); UYMG and CGM Energy executed an agreement whereby CGM on an industry level will provide funds, services and management of the leases to start putting the wells into production. The first phase is to test and install production and injection systems. CGM has spent several thousand dollars over the last several days to purchase equipment and begin process of installing equipment on these systems." Said Eddie Schilb Presidentof (OTT)
"The parties have been discussing the possibility of well potentials, as well as what needs to be done to bring the wells back online. After completion of the first phase, the parties intend on entering into completion phase of the wells applicable for completion after testing of specific wellbores.  We hope to achieve 80 BOPD with a successful Nitrogen or CO2 Huff and Puff or Flood completions." He went on to say. "While the price of oil varies daily we used $86.08 per barrel (although most 5 year forecast is $101.07 Per Barrel); upon successful implementation and good results; 80 BOPD would add approximately $167,477 per month or $2,009,724annually. The lease requires the following: successful well treatment, production flow line, a separator, injection and production systems."
"Historically, EOR projects have the highest financial returns in the industry. One company reports their estimates; amazingly their economic per barrel dollar cost on these projects at current oil prices is in the range of the mid-twenties, depending on the specific field and area. Co2 and Nitrogen is becoming more popular; current success of CO2 gas floods is becoming visible (80 projects producing approximately 200,000 barrels of oil a day an average of 2,500 Barrels of oil a day per project)" Said Josh McAlpine COO of On Trac Technology Solutions Inc.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Watch list for Tuesday

Potential stock runners

ARNH .0008 The stock traded well over its  3 month average volume of 3 million shares. Todays volume was well over 11 million with a low of .0006 and a high of .0009. The stock has been recently reinstated and with the share structure updated as recently as Jun 2012, the level 2 and chart is showing a potential move past .002 and possible blue sky potential. A recent stock that was reinstated was IDGC which was as high as 440%, these are the type of stocks that can easily go 500-1000% 

SEGI .0025 The stock saw a low of .0018 and closed at high of the day. This is a stock that has been mentioned in the past and saw a major rally. This is an entertainment stock with a solid website and share structure. Level 2 and chart setting up for a rally , keep an eye on this stock 

AIDO .004 This stock saw some selling and recently was reinstated , today saw a low of .0031 but the share structure and Level 2 shows that the stock is thin and with the right volume could easily trade over .01

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Watch list for Monday

ARNH (Automotive Resource Network Holdings) .0009 

-The website has been updated and could be the major reason for the move late Friday. The website looks professional and and


Facebook :

The Automotive Resource Network | Earn $10K this week with the revolutionary Power Points System. Total protection for you and your family from Automobile to Income. A publicly traded and regulated US based company, in an untapped $300 Billion market. 

Automotive Resource Network Overview | How to Make $10K this week?
Automotive Resource Network Overview | How to Make $10K this week?
Publicly Traded Company (ARNH), changing the way America thinks, B2B and B2C model and a powerful pay plan... $10,000 power points bonuses, lifestyle bonuses, car bonuses, and long term residual income security. The ARN has you covered from Automotive to Income. 

The ARN - Automotive Resource Network
The ARN - Automotive Resource Network

The share structure is extremely  low Updated 2012 and with continued volume should see a significant rally  
ARNH Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1$157,720a/o Nov 08, 2012
Shares Outstanding394,300,015a/o Jun 30, 2012
FloatNot Available
Authorized Shares650,000,000a/o Apr 03, 2012
Par Value0.001
 The Latest news and soon to be updated 
 Key Points 
-A stock virtually unheard of near 52 week low
-Level 2 shows potential .002 move
-Low share structure a/s only 650 million April 2012 updated
-Reversal play

High risk High Reward 

Weekly Chart , closed at high of the day and looks to break .002 then blue sky, watch for entry this could very well see 300-500% huge momentum into the close late Friday 

-Little Resistance until .002 then blue sky breakout potential
-Closed Bolinger Band
       ARNH .0009 with the right momentum and volume brings interest and likely updates by company this is a stock that can rally and surprise market makers without notice

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Gains come in small packages

Pinksheets (Re cap)

GIMU .0024-.024 mentioned at .005 range with opportunity to add as low as .0024 now trading nearly 1000% , stock has a strong uptrend and showing some updates via filings 
FEGR .0005-.0012 gave opportunity over 100% thus far, a stock that has been in a selloff and with a low ss now seing a strong reversal

COBI .0007-.0012 close to 80% this was a stock at lows and now showing some life , closing near high of the day 

CMIT .0017-.0064  upto 400% thus far , a Hurricane cleanup stock could very well break .01 at some point


NVAE .0002 today was mentioned in the chatroom and the stock saw over 35 million in volume , members were given opportunity to add low of .0001, could very well be a buy set and forget stock

ATYG .0001 a stock at 52 week low ask at .0001 could this pay off at some point , 100$ will get you 1 million shares and at some point this one could very well pay off

EVPH .0005 low of .0004 this one continues to struggle but released news Letter of Intent , this could mean a merger bidding here near 52 week low could fair well at some point

GIHI .0006 This looks like decent support here a break of .0009 and the stock could find some room , today the stock released news