Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 19 Weekly Watch List

Stock to watch  

CTYX .0014  the level 2 is thin and post reverse split share structure showed potential for the higher move well the consolidation paid off at .0009-.0011 levels and the stock saw a surge to .0025 upto 150%, now the stock closed at .0014 below the 50 MA watch that re entry levels at .001-.0012 for that .0025 retest and 50% retrace support levels, could be a good buy zone here at .0009-.0012 range 

IDVC .0025 closed at high of the day on Friday  filings were released and potential merger and acquisition of Real Estate venture possible this is a stock that has rallied in the past .009 level from .001 return to the scene of the crime potential and the close at the high of the day confirms reversal here watch that .0017 support re entry

TBEV .0015-.0018 the stock closed at .0018 teted that .0015 several times , with a low 30 million float and considerable buy pressure and volume this stock could just be starting its reversal , ties to UFC promotions and commentator Mike Goldberg and also CEO ties to Busch Beers and Busch Gardens this stock could see some updates being at or near lows brings opportunity  

TNEN .0033 the stock gave a bottom entry at .0023  closing at high of the day still consolidation range with a low share structure and close at the high of the day could very well continue another stock that was given on weekly watch list that gave plenty of opportunity for entry

RGNA .001 re entry at .0009 ,this is a low stock that is becoming quite the ATM trade now at  probability range the stock trades thin and with previous run to .0025 watch for a new 52 week high this is a stock that has a product and with the 10 MA at .0009 could mean a bounce opportunity 

MYFT .0009 ,  saw a nice rally and now approaching the Golden cross on weekly chart watch for that .0006-.0008 buy zone re entry this stock trades thin and should retest that .0025 move watch for any company updates

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 2014 Watch list

SHMN (SHOM Inc) .0023
Daily Range 0.0023 - 0.0016
52wk Range 0.013 - 0.0016
Volume 1.3 million May 1,2014
Average Vol (3m) 1.354 million

Share Structure 
Shares Outstanding 496 million
Float 89 million
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000
Par Value  0.001 

Major News released 

SOHM, Inc. Receives Confirmation for Test Marketing of Its OTC Products From a Retail Chain Store

SOHM, Inc. Receives Confirmation for Test Marketing of Its OTC Products From a Retail Chain Store
BUENA PARK, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2014) - SOHM, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SHMN), a generic pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical manufacturing company, received confirmation for test marketing at retail chain stores for its SOHMED™ OTC and skin care line.
"SOHM has been approaching some of the retail chain stores to place its OTC products of SOHMED™ and skin care line of products into the US OTC Retail and marketplace. After continued efforts since February of 2014 for in-store marketing we have the breakthrough to start test marketing of these OTC and skin care products at retail chain stores in one of the North Eastern states of America." Sanjiv Bosamia, Director Business Development of SOHM India during his recent visit to US markets, further added that "SOHM is pleased by the beginning of occupying shelf space with this development as this breakthrough will open many other opportunities for SOHM and will help in boosting company's revenues and profitability in the coming times. Shelf space will build mind space where we can reinforce the SOHMED™ brand image and this is the beginning of a long term process." More expanded coverage through these distribution channels will increase availability of these high quality products and the cost effective OTC products and Cosmeceutical will reach and serve the American consumer.

BONZ .0013 saw and tested lows at .001 52 week low master support for this gold stock is .0009 could retest and break previous high .0025 , gold bounced on weak dollar could continue higher

 CCAJ .0012 closes high of the day , this is a stock that was given in April and the stock gave .0004-.0006 entry and tested that .001 level for at very least 100% then the stock dropped to .0003-.0004 buy zone levels and I continued to update the level 2 and also the chart stating that the stock was in a solid uptrend, now the stock breaches the .001 previous pivot high and closed at the high of the day .0012 , with continued buy pressure this stock could see .004-.006 level watch for that .001 level to act as new support 

Breaks Pivot .001 Uptrend channel broken upside