Saturday, May 16, 2015

MRNJ .0012 Record 1st Quarter earnings released May 15,2015


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Key developments in the quarter:
* Our high impact Dating App was submitted for review for Apple and beta testing, code updates, Apple dating app compliance efforts, and final approval, is expected in the second quarter.
* Four new Apps under our White Label Account offerings were approved by Apple and they will be released as a series of six this summer, more details to follow.
* Final development on our private chat app continued with submission for Apple review targeted for later this month.

Key signals on chart
-Bullish flag pattern long term weekly chart
-Closed at the high of the day
-High volume close for the day and week
-Watch that .0015-.0025 into next week setting up very similar chart weekly to daly chart comparison to that of the $CGRA 

Key notes
-Releases Earnings 1st quarter after hours
-Zero dilution
-Pending Apple IOS8 catalyst
-Full transparency and updates via blog by the company
-Chart Bullish Flag setup
Weekly to Daily chart comparison to the $CGRA