Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

IROG .011 as mentioned  this gold and silver stock closed with a bullish candle and today gold hitting $1700 the stock closed at .011 high of the day closing , opportunity to add as low as 52 week low .009 this stock had a modest 800k volume we believe that this stock will start its move soon, it is expecting news on Carlin Falcon Mine drill results updated in last press release

GPXM .081 this gold silver mining stock hit .089 high and opportunity to add as low as .066 we are very bullish on this stock as it has bounced quite well this gold/silver stock ties to scorpio mining and is in full production , we believe could be a USSIF and HLLXF , CZICF type of run all stocks we feel strong about

SDRC .0095 stock gave opportunity to add as low as .0085 hitting a high of .011 very low ss for a gold and silver mining stock we should see a solid run coming

AAAA .0095
a stock we still feel strong about traded at $6 a share when it was a NASDAQ stock now holding .01 quite some time

Monday, October 24, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday


A/S 250,000,000 as of February 11, 2011
O/S 105,842,980 as of June 30, 2011
15 to 1 forward stock split effective March 18, 2011

6365 Taft St. Ste 1003
Hollywood, FL 33024
Christopher Lombardi, President, CEO

Our objective in group is to buy low and selling high we have been carefully watching AAAA for a chart turn, recent news on Hurricane IRENE shows that this is still an active stock. We have learned that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is currently at deficit and we expect this company to be in bankruptcy. With this occurring we will see more competitors in private sector for insurance and disasters. We believe that with the share structure and recent filings this stock and company has plenty of upside as we notice these stocks do well during Hurricanes. With the low share structure and near 52 week low we expect a solid reversal anywhere 100-300% opportunity.

Take a look at this video, President hopeful and Texas Congressman Ron Paul explains of FEMA as wasteful spending and explains of private companies like AAA Public adjust group:


Latest News:

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Aug 31, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- With a proven track record in recovering millions of dollars in hurricane insurance settlements, AAA Public Adjusting Group (OTCQB: AAAA) (PINKSHEETS: AAAA) has worked to expand their service umbrella to work in the East Coast and Northeast areas and those areas hardest hit by Hurricane Irene. AAA's subsidiary has licensed professional insurance adjusters ready to respond to assist property owners in maximizing their insurance settlements after such storms. AAA is currently analyzing the worst hit areas for deployment of adjusters to assist property owners.

AAA Public Adjusting Group has settled claims for property owners who have survived Hurricane Katrina, Frances and Wilma and plans to be there for those experiencing Irene. AAA's subsidiary's teams have been on the front lines of nearly every type of disaster helping property owners assess damage, locate necessary records and fill out insurance claims to receive the compensation required to rebuild from their losses. AAA Public Adjusting Group serve as advocates for property owners providing the help necessary to get through the most stressful times.

"Our vast experience with hurricane-related claims can be a tremendous asset to the victims of Hurricane Irene on the East Coast. We are currently obtaining loss information to determine where our teams would be beneficially deployed," stated Christopher Lombardi, president of AAA Public Adjusting Group. "With billions of dollars of loss, there should be just the same amount of compensation rightfully paid," continued Lombardi.

AAA Public Adjusting Group is also able to re-open underpaid hurricane claims of clients, often doubling the original payment and sometimes achieving supplemental payments of up to ten times that of the original carrier's estimate. Property Owners can rest assured that AAA will get the best compensation for their claim.
This is the chart and has been on bottom scan quite some time have seen the stock go .009-.0146 easy with little volume, Trading this stock silently growing the chart we could start a nice chart uptrend:


Here are a list of recent press releases showing that the stock is currently active , not to long ago this was a NASDAQ stock trading at $6 a share


Filter Headlines

AAA PUBLIC ADJUSTING GROUP, INC. Files SEC form 10-Q/A, Quarterly Repor tEDGAR Online(Wed, Sep 14)

AAA Public Adjusting Group Prepared to Help Property Owners in the Wake of Hurricane Irene Marketwire(Wed, Aug 31)

AAA PUBLIC ADJUSTING GROUP, INC. Financials EDGAR Online Financials(Sat, Aug 20)
AAA PUBLIC ADJUSTING GROUP, INC. Files SEC form 10-Q, Quarterly Repor tEDGAR Online(Mon, Aug 15)

AAA Public Adjusting Group, Inc. Discusses Their Advantages Over the Competition in Anticipation of National Expansion Marketwire(Mon, Aug 1)

AAA Presents Plans for "Traveling Adjustors" in Anticipation for Expansion Nationwide; Currently Licensed in 6 States While Enjoying Reciprocity of Several Other States Marketwire(Wed, Jul 13)

Major Shareholders of AAA Public Adjusting Group Enter Into Market Volume Limitation Agreement Covering 14,834,970 shareholders of the 15,866,000 Unrestricted Shares Marketwire(Wed, Jul 6)

Leading Industry Research Firm, Grass Roots Research and Distribution, Inc. Releases Investors Opinion Report on AAA Public Adjusting Group, Inc.Marketwire(Tue, Jul 5)

AAA Public Adjusting Group, Inc. Releases More Testimonials From Satisfied Clients Marketwire(Tue, Jul 5)

AAA Public Adjusting Group, Inc. to Expand Operations Throughout Florida to Handle Claims Statewide; Revenues Projected to Increase by 50% or MoreMarketwire(Thu, Jun 30) 

IROG .0095  Gold/ Silver stock near 52 week lows low os 87 million and float just 73 million for this junior mining co. Expecting news as per last press release Drill Results Carlin Falcon Mine
 ICBT .0005 New released Gold/silver and mineral stock , joint venture announced today

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

We mentioned some Triple zero stocks that are normally high risk but when they move can be very rewarding, if your not receiving emails please send me a message miltonjayro@gmail.com

ENKG .0005-.0075
this one gave over 1000% opportunity and today gave another 80%

IBRC .0002-.0004
for 100%

SKTO .0002-.0004
for 100%

Also we sill remain confident on our holds

AAAA .014 today closed .014 40% traded at $6 a share previously a NASDAQ stock there is no reason we cannot see 100-300% gains at some point

Our Gold and Silver plays We are more confident than ever please watch this video released today

Eric Sprott, Financial Sense NewsHour 19 Oct 2011


IROG .0096
we are still accumulating this stock and are confident to see this trade alot higher awaiting news on Carlin Falcon Mine drill results

GPXM .08 opportunity to add as low as .066 today released news on Scorpio Mine drilling finds this could be a USSIF type move soon

silver stock in production we called this .36 range and traded as high as .86 we believe this will be trading over $1

SDRC .01
low ss gold/silver stock Lucky Ben Mines we believe this will be a stock trading alot higher

We believe that commodity still a great time to accumulate there will be bumps ahead but getting in at near bottoms along with our full due diligence, Fundamentals have not changed and with YUAN now expected to be the main purchasing power of oil we will see commodities go up

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

 Options such as Puts on certain stocks is a great way to approach this bearish market. Recently I sent an email with PUT OPTION ideas on JPM, BAC , DB , these banks are getting downgraded today UBS was downgraded to A+ , we sent members DB (Deutsche Bank ) 40.80 high Strike 35. at .40 ask per contract today hit .98 over 100% opportunity. These Banks are receiving stress test and I think PUT ideas on all these Banks will fare well down the road.There are rumors of more downgrades and we think Put options would be a great idea .We also sent SLV (Silver I share) 27 calls strike and now trading over 100% . These are ideas that will bode well down the road. SINA (Sina com) 94.70 up 20% today could be a good idea to place PUT on this Chinese stock, Options are risky but can offer a great opportunity especially during a downward market.

We also mentioned that we would much rather make mistakes in a bullish sector. We firmly believe in the motto: "TRENDS are FRIENDS until the END"
IROG .01
this Gold/Silver stock is trading back n forth but we still believe that the share structure along with website and pending news on Camdin Falcon Mine drill results will bode well, with Gold being hoarded by many countries, the risk of currency war and the stock near 52 week low we firmly believe that this stock offers great opportunity. Our group having opportunity to ad as low as .009 and the stock hitting .0135 range still offering some profits but we believe that this could very well hit .04-.06 near future.

GRPR .0169 an oil stock mentioned at .01 hit .045 and retracing as low as .01 again trading well .0169 this stock has been an ATM type play now at 69% opportunity with recent press release on oil production in October we could see another rally

Monday, October 10, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

IROG (Ironwood Gold) .012 this gold/silver stock looks like it is ready to start an uptrend, today gold trading $1680 oz looking to regain its strength with just an 87 million o/s and news on diamond drilling expected in Nov , great time to accumulate 52 week low .009

GRPR (Grid Petroleum) .018 opportunity to add as low as .0096 today hit high of .0245 we could very well get news on drilling which is expected this month as per last press release

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

SDRC .0103 this gold stock remains a stock that we like because if its small share structure, this moves quite easily with just around 40 million float we feel this can make a move from this price range 52 week low is .007
SIRG .0046 another gold stock that is awaiting funding news and near 52 week bottom we could see this make another move soon has a low share structure and can move quite easily with volume
IROG .009 Now at 52 week low we saw the stock in accumulation reaching a high from our alert of .015 this stock since has consolidated at .013 range but today tested many patience , we noticed many getting impatient and selling the stock cheap to .009 range which is the stocks 52 week low. The company has 8k filed and current since Aug 2011, and the stock has only 87 million outstanding shares with just a 72 million float , recently the company closed a deal of 1/2 million funding and has pending news of diamond drilling of Falcon Mine 2nd largest mining area in the world , we see plenty of upside to this company packed along with solid website and also solid fundamentals we firmly believ this has .04-.06 potential short to medium term.

 GOHG .003 this stock looks like it is now ready 80 million volume close to end of the day closed at high of the day , recent merger complete with World Wireless

TRTH .0075 released update low ss could be a solid trade here :

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Oct. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Trai Thien USA (OTC Markets: TRTH) today released a new corporate profile with updated background, industry trends, financial snapshot and other relevant information about the Southeast Asia-based shipping company.  The profile can be viewed online at: http://www.traithienusa.com.
Trai Thien USA is a fast-growing Vietnam-based dry bulk shipping company operating a 21,990 DWT fleet comprised of six geared bulk vessels specialized in providing ocean transportation services for raw material input items such as coal, ore, grain, lumber, cement, steel and fertilizer throughout the Southeast Asia region. In order to meet anticipated continued growth in demand from an expanding base of overseas and domestic Vietnamese customers, as well as to expand the geographic regions that it can service to include potentially more profitable routes in East and South Asia, Trai Thien has made deposits to acquire six larger 7600 DWT capacity new-buildings, which depending on the company's ability to meet additional capital resource requirements, are expected to be delivered in 2012.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

DGIN (Diversity Group International) .0015 this stock trading in triple zero solid share structure and chart trending up.


SAVW (SaveWatt USA) .0016 this stock looks like its bouncing from .0011 and the stock  usually bounces hard from here we have seen this stock trade well onto .007 range from here

Buy and Hold

GPXM (Golden Pheonix Minerals) .08 this gold/silver stock released solid news and has since retraced hit a low of .078 we should see this stock trading alot higher already Gold production passed exploration phase