Friday, March 30, 2012

Gains for this week are in!

Gains for the week

UMNG .0006-.0036 over 500% more possible .01 target

NXOI .0008-.0019 over 120% more possible target .006

FLTT .0007-.0014  100% more possible .003 target

UNVC .0002-.0004 50-100% more possible target .0012

AUCI .0021-.-0038 over 80%

ALCD .0029-.0054 close to 70%

AWYI .0009-.0016 close to 80% expect more .003-.006 Long

USNL .002-.0038 over 80% should see much higher .006 target

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Watchlist for Friday

CTCC .005 golden cross along with expected news should send this over .01 again , look to add great chart play along with a solid share structure and solid business plan Closed above 50 and 200 Moving day average very bullish sentiment

ICTY .0008
watch for bounce off 50 dma rumored merger news after hours could post gains, released news after hours 

EyeCity Announces News of Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding With Project Initiatives of Africa


Bottom Bouncers

SWRF .002 another bounce candidate should see nice bounce

USNL .0025 stock looks like wants to reverse here high of .003 low .0018 beautiful reversal tail

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watchlist for Thursday

AWYI .0012 this stock now trading well into .001 range saw a high of .0016 on news of website Re-launched along with a CEO update. With the chart showing strong accumulation and also posting higher highs and higher lows this can be a start of a multi day rally. Today alone the stock saw over 240 million in volume. Volume usually precedes price and with the 200 crossing the 50 day moving average, the stock has strong support over these averages. CEO briefly discussed some key points in the new improved chartroom which he uses to answer shareholders questions, management appears to be very transparent especially for a OTC Pinksheets stock

Ariel Way, Inc. Re-Launches Web-Site

Date : 03/28/2012 @ 8:30AM

CEO Discussion March 28 2012:

"This is the first Chat Room we will have with the new Chat Room feature on the brand new Web-site

As you know, legal always try to tell me what I can and can not say over the Chat Room, however one thing I need to do here at the first Chat is to have some fine prints: Forward-Looking Statements: Certain of the statements contained herein may be, within the meaning of the federal securities laws, "forward-looking statements," which are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. See the Company's latest Form 10-K for a discussion of such risks, uncertainties and other factors. Any forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and, as such, speak only as of the date made. These forward-looking statements are based on management's expectations as of the date hereof, and the Company does not undertake any responsibility to update any of these statements in the future.

Now having stated that, I thank you all for the positive comments on the new web-site. The web-site has been designed with the very professional "Mikael D. Web Designs" and I am grateful for their work. Mikael D. Web Designs is very cooperative and we are quite close to them. As we go, they will make constant improvements to the site, this includes becoming active within Social media etc.

I also highly urge and recommend you all to spread the news about the web-site among all you contacts. Please have as many as possible to sign-up for our news letters and PR's. We intend to make the email list for newsletter and the likes an active channel for all Shareholders and other interested. So, I you haven't signed-up yet, please do so. Thank you

Regarding PR's. We had some issues over the last few weeks where one PR was sent out, but it did not reach a good distribution. We tried a second distribution channel which still did not work so well, but finally we believe we have now worked a new agreement and the PR we sent this morning seems to have a good distribution. This means we can now finally have a good channel.

Question: "when can we expect real meaty news" As I indicated, we believe we now finally have a good distribution channel and we have a good well working Web-site, so we intend to use these tools as best as we can with coming PR's

we sent out a Letter to the Shareholders about two weeks ago. This letter lays out our plan and we are pushing as hard as we can on this plan. Should things work per the plan, the target is a solid profitable $25 million before years end. In addition, should we be able to complete certain acquisition activities, we believe we can far exceed this target. As to moving to a higher trading platform, to get to e.g. NYSE/AMEX, we need to have revenue in the range of $30 million - $40 million or so. Yes, that is what we would like to do
The web-site has been a pretty big process. We have moved it from one DNS hoster to another DNS hoster, also, the Web-site was also moved from one web-hosting firm to another firm. We also had to move email system and the email distribution etc. We first wanted to rebuild the infrastructure around the web-site and make sure that everything works well. That is now done. The next step is to gradually update the information and include a lot of information on e.g. GovBuys and G4. So it is coming next.
The Company is not yet doing any IR campaigns. However, I certainly like that there is interest in the Company.

as to Gary Block. We work very closely. Per agreements and the transaction agreements from some time back, Ariel Way can indeed consolidate the financials of GovBuys and G4

The PR news distribution we used was GlobeNewswire, which is an Nasdaq OMX subsidiary

pay-off Yorkville Advisors (f/k/a Cornell Partners), we are in discussions with them on the pay-off issue

We will be open next Wednesday again and hope that I can respond better on specific questions and not so much on the web site and the Chat Room. Please encourage others to join the email-list"

NXOI . 0008 this stock now at double bottom and could see a nice bounce here, the company released news on March 25 of upcoming deal, this could move with volume ,the stock has a low share structure and the float is especially thin.Watch for volume adding near lows can be highly profitable as major buzz now coming to the stock

UNVC .0003 over 103 million volume, low share structure triple zero that can possibly test old high of .0016 , charts showing there is a strong move coming. The Trend has been very much triple zero stocks as of late and with , stocks usually repeating there cycles we should see this near .0016 at some point

ALCD .0029 today looked like bouncing over 100% this is expected or rumored to have a Name Change soon and could very well catch a bid , look for volume and a possible dip could show some nice profits along the way

IJJP .0007 released news today watch for Level 2 this could see 50-100% if volume comes in , be patient keep an eye on Level 2

IJJ Corporation (IJJC) Announces Today the Execution of a Conditional Commitment Letter Offering to Fund Working Capital at $...

Date : 03/28/2012 @ 11:17AM

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Watchlist for Wednesday

AWYI .0009
this stock has had great volume the last couple of trading days. The technical analysis is that the Accumulation Distribution has raised considerably , from negative to positive the stock is now putting higher highs and higher lows, the stock now is trading above both 50 and 200 moving day averages , and the 2 averages are now crossing and appear to be in a uptrend , the stock first run to .0013 failed to close above that resistance and since then pulled back l but with recent volume and an apparent Golden Cross , we could see a major rally

Some key points:

The CEO is very transparent he will be holding a LIVE CEO chat on his website tomorrow at
9 a.m, not many CEO's do this and it shows the dedication that he has for his shareholders and company

The company recently as of last year had 2 acquisitions, that resulted in several government contracts. The estimated revenue is near 25 million and CEO has mentioned that filings are near complete , currently 8k and 10Q are with auditors, could be released any day

The o/s is currently maxed out , there are no more available shares and the stock trades with zero dilution

The company is in the midst of up listing , could be soon , we have seen many companies get Up-listed and have major rallies. If this company submits news and the chart plays accordingly could very well test it's 52 week high and breakout .003 range , with revenue streaming government contracts this stock can very well trade at .01 at some time

UMNG .0028 this stock continues to stair step higher , today the stock had over 40 million in volume and recently had "golden cross" saw a high of .0037 pulled back slightly and investors bought back, a speculative R/M with Fraser Gold along with a small share structure we could very well see this trading into .01-.03 range if any light is shed on updates. Gold now has caught a bid with quantitative easing mention and with a weak dollar anything is possible in this market, Remember to trade smart .0002-.0037 quite the move LOCK PROFITS

DGRI .0016 the stock bouncing off .001 saw a high of .0017 with gold rallying on speculation of QE3 this stock has caught a bid, this stock last year traded in .01-.04 channel for quite some time

AUCI .0023 this company finally got the CE removed and now is working to get more current , this stock very thin and low share structure along with filings could really start to pick up steam on any volume

DNNC .0007 this stock looks like accumulation about to start, there is a recent opening of Donnini Restaurant in Boston Massachusetts and the ss remains the same, today the stock saw increased volume traded over 100% from dormant levels,

** key note to take into perspective
3. Share Structure
Shares Outstanding 447,598,300 a/o Apr 22, 2010
Float 91,626,860 a/o Jul 12, 2010
Authorized Shares 750,000,000 a/o Feb 28, 2010
Par Value 0.001 
Go to the website and you will see that the company is active. You will notice they have 5 franchise outlets and 1 big restaurant
 Big thing is that we have noticed that they have a new franchise restaurant opened up in MA, USA. look at the address displayed on whitepages on the link
Pizza Donini Inc 525 Lowell St
Peabody, MA 01960
Neighborhood: Central Peabody
Now go to and look for the above address in USA. Zoom the map and you will see Pizza Donini displayed on the map.
 Donini, Inc. Outlines Aggressive Five Year Expansion Plan
The plan includes the development of approximately fifty (50) new food outlets in addition to the ten (10) existing outlets over a five year period.
Mr. Deros, President and CEO, emphasized that this expansion plan is realistic in large part due to the Companys restructuring of its debt and the
closing of all unprofitable units.
Company expects to open 50 food outlets by 2014. Lets say they atleast open 25 stores. I have already mentioned the Food outlet opened in USA. Its a good start.
PPS Evaluation:
Currently they have 7 outlets and let say they make $1 million revenue (thats $3000 per day) and make 20% profit on each outlet. Thats $1.4 million annual profit.
At P/E (conservative) = 10, the market cap should be $14 million. This is based only on the existing stores and we don't know much on other new stores.
At Market Cap of $14 million with 450 million O/S, the PPS should be atleast $0.03. This is very conservative.
The valuation is much higher when you consider 25-50 food outlets.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Watchlist for Monday

UMNG .0009 This Gold/Silver stock has had more than usual volume the chart showing major accumulation, and the chart shows cross of 50 and 200 MDA any volume could send this watching the Level 2 it is very thin to .008-.01 take a look at some key points:

Share structure

Shares Outstanding      749,193,794     a/o Jan 13, 2011
Float   538,974,794     a/o Jan 13, 2011
Authorized Shares       750,000,000     a/o Jan 13, 2011
Par Value        0.001

2. Last Annual report analysis

Last 10-K from Jan, 2011

Total revenue $875K, Net profit $400K

O/S 750K and maxed out

At P/E = 10, the market cap should be $4 million or PPS = $0.006. p/e
10 has 600% potential.

3. Reverse merger company

UMining Resources Announces that Fraser Gold Has Purchased UMNG
Control Block. -

UMNG has a good % of control in Fraser gold private company.

Look at fraser gold company on facebook :

Fraser gold looks like a big company. So potential for UMNG on
revenues a speculative of R/M could be  huge. Also o/s maxed out. so it has a good chance
of running.

50 and 200 MDA crossing

Gains for the week

Gains for the week

GRPS .0003-.0008 over 100% GRPS reversal could see .0016-.002

FLTT .0005-.0016 over 200% looking for .0016 break then  .0024-.003

SNDY .005-.017 over 200% expect more could see .25-$1

ATWT .0005-.0008 over 40% still more gains

UMNG .0006-.001 over 60% target .008-.01 so far

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watch list for Thursday

GRPS .0007 closes at high of day with over 77 million in volume , looks to pass triple zero soon , we could see news with a uptrend in the chart

FLTT .001 huge news on 2 million financing sent this one up 100% should see a rally here could make a move here after dormancy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Watchlist for Wednesday


NXOI .0008 this stock has been falling today had a high of .001 at some point this could have a nice rally keep an eye on this stock last news Feb 21 could see news any day

FLTT .0005 this stock 52 week low .0004 watch for a move , trading channel .0005-.-001 could break on next attempt , any news can send this dormant stock

Pink sheet stocks

FRHV .0012-.0016 today the stock saw a nice rally from bottom closing at .0014 this stock traded at .004 high from our first mention at .0016 , with solid updates upgraded website we could see this stock test .004 mark again

SWRF .0021-.0035 today the stock traded strong on volume , this hit a low of .0018 and bounced the stock could see a strong reversal after a big drop, today's action is telling that this financial stock could very well have an explosive bounce with the right buying pressure

ATWT .0005 this stock re-instated today saw nice volume end of day, stocks have had considerable rallies when re-instated. Look for volume and close eye on L2 with o/s maxed out could see 100% these levels

GRPS .0004 this triple zero stock has been seeing considerable volume last couple of days saw a high close of .0006 over its 50 day moving average. Since has retraced but has managed to hold .0003 x .0004 last year the stock dropped and could very well bounce months later with low 200 million float along with new website , this could very well be 300-1000% gainer, these stocks tend to rally at some point, could very well be GRPS time. There was a big buy at end of the day 5 million shares , Level 2 looks thin and with the right pressure could rally

With the share structure alone this is a great potential stock

Share Structure
Market Value1 $87,364 a/o Mar 20, 2012
Shares Outstanding 218,409,628 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Float 159,135,628 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Par Value 0.0025

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Markets anyone?

We will be quick today the markets opened higher on just AAPL , Apple Co today traded and hit a 52 week high of $601 , while I believe AAPL to be a great company and eventually will trade at $700-$800 this stock has simply gone parabolic from Nov/Dec and its seems like its pushing the markets alone today SPY hit a high of 140.78 and closed near its high , I maybe wrong but this market looks way overcooked and should be ready for short especially with Options Expiration tomorrow

With the QQQ and SPY now up big

Im telling members to start looking at the QID and SDS for LONG calls

Look at the VXX for Calls near 13 for a LONG  CALLS position

JPM look for PUTS near top

Tech stocks look at IBM for PUTS

and DB look for PUTS at $50 stay close maybe $47.50

Remember to use STOP LOSSES


FLTT .0008 watch for this stock to trade higher this trades thin and I believe soon will trade in teens, look for that .0017 close

ALTO .0006 continued accumulation for this Gold stock

UMNG .0006 Gold stock with 50 and 200 DMA about to cross I think this will be the next GDSM , SRGE and DKGR Gold stock .008-.01 target

ENLG .005
this stock we alerted a while back opportunity to add .0002 now .005 could very well see .01 will be a huge runner patience pays


GOHG .0002 Yesterday had huge news after hours , this could very well be a buy set and forget type stock that can payout handsomely , lets take a look at news Like ENLG was as low as .0002 and yesterday hit high and closed high of .005 , these triple zero could bring 1000-5000% gains

Rich Keys Consultants Secures an Agreement With Aerius International


 Global Holdings, Inc., (OTC: GOHG) announces a consulting agreement with Rich Keys Consultants and Aerius International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AERS).  Aerius International, Inc. is a cell phone engineering, product design, and marketing company, and the company is in the process of introducing a range of Aerius green technology mobile phones using its patented technology.
Rich Keys Consultants will be providing Aerius International with a wide range of consulting and business development services. "We are excited about securing a consulting agreement with Aerius International; they are a great company with an excellent technology under development," said Richard Davis, CEO of Rich Keys.  Mr. Davis added, "We look forward to working with this and other great companies as Rich Keys Consultants increases its notoriety in both the public and private sectors."
About Rich Keys:
Rich Keys Capital provides capital to public and private traded companies; we only invest into companies with an excellent market potential that's beneficial for growth. Rich Keys Media provides full service production and media services to the private and commercial market. Rich Keys Media will also provide various forms of entertainment to arenas across the Country. Rich Keys Enterprises: investing into restaurants, real estate, and various different sectors.  Visit for more information.
Media Services by: &

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pink sheet RUNNERS

FLTT .0007 this stock has been under accumulation for past week, the stock has had multiple opportunities and looks to break .001 soon , with zero dilution and thinly traded share structure this could very well trade .002-30 if volume continues

NXOI .0017 this stock saw a high of .002 and looks thin, if the stock breaks .0023 it's 50 DMA this could very well see .005-.01 last news was Feb 21 2012, this company puts out news periodically should see news soon

ALTO .0007 the stock today saw over 90 million in volume , could very well be expecting news or related financials, this stock has been dormant for quite some time, look for it to trade higher with volume , this traded .01 last year 

CTCC .003 this stock attempting next leg , with a low ss and also pending name change and symbol change could trade .01 at some point, last year had some great acquisition along with contracts

FRHV .0017
this stock saw a nice bounce from these levels could see another bounce here again expecting news , great website along with CEO updates great opportunity to add shares

ECDC .003 this stock attempting to bounce watch for volume could bounce here

ACYD .003 another stock looking for bounce could see a nice reversal

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watchlist for Monday


NXOI (Next1 Interactive) .0017
ON HIGH ALERT this stock last had news Feb 21 on Satellite deal and with a solid share structure and near its 52 week bottom could see a nice reversal. last week had a nice bottom tail and the next day hit a high of .0023 on moderate volume,  near its .0024 50 day moving average a break of .0024 this could very well see .005 and continued uptrend to .01
Share Structure
Market Value1 $518,442 a/o Mar 09, 2012
Shares Outstanding 304,965,619 a/o Jan 17, 2012
Float 28,058,431 a/o Jun 24, 2011
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Oct 28, 2011

52 week low .0014 Volume last couple of days

Feb 21 2012  Latest News

THQI (THQI INC) .52 This video game stock traded as high as $6 at one point and sitting near lows recently dropped on bad earnings but with ties and contracts with the UFC .WWE and Disney we could see this trade over $1 soon a gap fill to $1.40 could be filled at some point , this is a great buy and hold , will pay out handsomely at some point

POWN ( Pow Entertainment) .08 this stock has taken a hit , but that brings opportunity usually from these levels brings great opportunity to accumualte usually the stock bounces nicely look for adding near these levels could see .15-.20 with expected news on films and ties to Disney, Marvel, NHL , Japanes Manga and movie releases expected soon could be a nice double here


HRID (Hybrid Fuels Inc) .056 this stock mentioned last week at .05 closed over 50 day moving average .053 and the stock is in a nice upward trend pattern could re test .12-.14 in the coming weeks

EVPH  (Everybodys Phone Co.) .0078 trading over both the 50 and the 200 moving day average , and both 50 and 200 averages look to be crossing with volume this could very well pass .01 at some point with expected news and volume could be a great time to add shares

Will the Market continue uptrend?

The markets traded and opened higher on Friday, as we had rallies all around the market. With Greece Default expected we had news that Greek Bond Holders would see a 75% haircut , CDS (Credit Default Swaps) would be extended, but call it what you may Moody and Fitch still downgraded Greek Bond Ratings from Ca to C. The likelihood of default or not the European outlook worsens as the U.S markets struggle to keep Dow above 13,000. We are not saying a crash is coming but we believe a cycle date should be in the next few days quite possibly March 13 2012. We may see the markets take a 3-5% drop as the U.S dollar strengthens. The markets inflate on a weak dollar, since Dec 19 the U.S Dollar has been weak , therefore inflating the markets along with commodities like Gold,Silver and Oil, but since then the dollar has caught a bid yesterday seeing as high as 22.29 a dollar up from its previous close. The U.S dollar is currently trading over its 50 Day moving average and its relative strength index is looking strong for rally, even with a stronger dollar yesterday the markets still rallied somewhat because of non farm payroll exceeding expectations , yet at the end of the day markets took somewhat of a dip , showing a bearish sentiment not testing its high or closing above 1,380 in the S&P

UUP (US Dollar Pro Shares) 22.26

Recently I had a conversation with a member on whether the Speculators such as Gold and Silver Bugs are the reason for the decrease in the U.S dollar. That is totally far from the truth the dollar inflates according to the Federal Reserve and liquidity of the Dollar. The markets are pumped with liquidity in order to keep markets going it devalues its currency, therefore propping assets and financial markets to float higher. A weak dollar for investors is essential for there paper assets to inflate and go higher , bringing profits for the investors, this is a manipulation that is used to give false feeling of a growing economy. Inflation causes regular goods to go up in price, as the purchasing power of the dollar decreases this is the Keynesian thought process, for people that are not investors or are savers they are hurt the most as they pay increasing taxes and also pay "Hidden Tax" . The "Hidden Tax" is inflation. The purchasing power of your money decreases you have same pay same taxes yet you pay more for Gasoline, Gas and Oil play major role in food prices as most of the food in markets are transported. The trucks used in transportation and also the oil/energy used to make these products cost more as a weak dollar drives the price up. So the cost of things go up and your pay stays the same now some of you may invest in 401k,CD's or IRA Roth which are low risk investments , but one must understand that the Federal Reserve has Interest Rates artificially low close to .1% , so with the rate of inflation you are in a bad long term investment as when you are able to take your money from Investment without a penalty is after long period of time, that money loses value or purchasing power because of the rate of inflation.

With that said , how do you hedge yourself against inflation? Well buying real tangible assets like Gold and Silver is a great step to solidify your wealth. But for now we have told members to wait as we believe that the Commodity Charts in Gold and Silver since Dec 19 have gone up considerably in Silver alone had a 40% gain and now since retraced a bit, with re-election we could very well see an inflation rally but with expected "October Surprise" and SLV contracts being shorted at $36 range I think that we could have a buying Opportunity for metals in the latter part of the year. However If you are a long term investor and you like to accumulate or "stack" average down its entirely up-to you just don't get nervous on a pull back and get shaken out of your position as I believe this drop may be the very last drop we see in the Metals.

So how do we make money in this economy , the markets are like a roller coaster and objective is to ride the wave , if the market is bullish , you trade a stock that is bullish in that sector, or a chart that is in an uptrend you possibly add calls, for now we are seeing that the markets look over cooked, a market that is overbought we can hedge on down move:

SDS (Pro Shares Ultra Short S&P 500) 15.94 if we buy calls and average here for monthly April or  May we could stay in the money and make some profits on SPY down move , I have been telling members that adding SDS when SPY is 137.80-138.20 could be a nice strategy , because SPY has yet to close over 138.20 , I do not think SPY wil close above this next week and will be looking to add the SDS here. Adding SDS in the money 15-16 Calls for April and May could be a handsome payout if the market drops

QID (Pro Shares Ultra Short QQQ 100) 32.93 if we buy calls and average here for monthly April or May we could stay in the money and make profits on QQQ down move, the QQQ has been on huge move since Dec 19 riding the back of AAPL,IBM , MSFT , If volatility comes in the market and AAPL takes a big hit the QQQ will have a sizeable drop , keep an eye on QQQ 65.50-66 range to add the QID for MAY and APRIL maybe a strike price 34-35


BOM ( Deutsche Bank Base Metals Double) 11.50 we mentioned this one at 10.50 , with metals expected to drop this year buying shares of the BOM could easily go 30-50% by end of year look to add a position and sell for some profits , when Copper and Silver fall this goes up , when it does and Silver is cheap members can take profits and then buy Silver at lows , expected time frame September

CHART Breaking down
XOM (Exxon Mobile) 84.36 we told members to look for the close below 85.48 the stock just broke support and could possible re test that 200 day moving average $78 , chart looks very weak , with a down market this could drop fast

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gains for this week are in!

Gains for followers

SUGO .0006-.0018 200%

FRHV .0018-.004 over 100%

RSMI .0001-.0004 300%

SLV Puts 300%

MA Puts over 100%

CAT Puts over 300%

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Watchlist for Friday

The markets opened and traded higher with news on ECB extending on CDS (Credit Default Swaps) in Greece, the S&P , The Dow and NASDAQ all floated higher on light volume with the UUP (US ProShares) taking a big hit today down as much as .68. As mentioned before the dollar drops and the markets inflate , we believe that with the pull back in dollar, Farm non payroll numbers tomorrow could see the markets trade higher to regain losses going into the weekend for a pump by the mainstream media. With the dollar weakness we saw Gold , Silver catch a bid as well with stocks like AAPL , JPM, MA, PCLN. Most ETF SPY,QQQ,SLV and GLD were also stronger. With all talks on Greece and a market with low volume , I expect a pull back March 12-13 before Option expiration week. Be patient and watch for opportunity and keep eye on SPY 138.20 and 137.20 level. Also watch AAPL and JPM for overall market strength.


XOM (Exxon Mobile) 84.83 this stock is a big part of the major oil sector with the UUP getting hit hard, usually the markets inflate yet this stock still dropped below its 50 Day Moving Average 85.47 and closed 84.83 , this stock looks like it may drop and test the 200 Day Moving Average 78.96 Puts strike 82.50 or 80 for April maybe a great opportunity

SUGO .0006 Alert today hits .0018 over 200% this stock took time but paid off handsomely we expect a big run here as the chart setup is primed for a run next resistance is .0021 on chart, this stock traded .01 range last year could be getting ready to get back to .01 sooner than expected.

NXOI (Next1Interactive) .0022
this stock in a nice reversal Chart pattern, with a low share structure and close to breaching the 50 day moving average .0024 close would be extremely bullish , rumors of pending news from last news Feb 21 Satelite deal could be any day , target .005-.01 quite possible

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What we are watching for in the markets

The markets opened lower today while the UUP (US Dollar Pro Shares) traded and opened higher the UUP closed above 50 day  moving average which I expected 22.23. I kept telling members to keep an eye on the UUP and that it traded inversely to that of the markets. Our mentions of SDS last week for LONG CALLS and QID over weekend and BOM working out great so far. We knew markets were overbought and with the big move in the dollar we expected a drop , we believe that a bigger drop is coming as we see a rally in the US dollar as early as next week. I am estimating March 13 time frame , for now let's watch for any increase in markets to add possible shorts and Long Puts.

SLV (Silver Ishares) 32.01 we alerted this last week at 36$ range for short and PUTS March 17 .86 with opportunity to add as low as .72 today these contracts strike 35.50 hit $4 over 300% now  the 50 day moving average for support 31.38 may see a slight bounce if it loses support could see $29 , ultimately with a down market , stronger dollar we could see metals lower, for now I would advise members to wait to buy any Silver Bullion, until we get a buy signal,we may see SLV drop to new lows.

WMT (Walmart co) 58.97
this stock has a bearish flag forming , if the stock hits 59.70 range I like it for possible short to 57 if it clearly break below $58 I like it for a short at $57

AMZN (Amazon) 181.09
this stock looks like it wants to drop below 175 if it does close below 175 we could see this hit 167 low , keep an eye on this 182.79 resistance

SDS (Pro Shares Ultra Short S&P 500) 16.66 we mentioned this index quite few times as we were loading near lows , this trades inverse to SPY today's drop , saw SDS catch a big bid we expect this to continue higher with an expected 3-5% drop in the S&P

QID (Pro Shares Ultra Short QQQ) 34.48
this one curling now to set to make a nice reversal off our alert over the weekend, trades inverse to the QQQ

BOM (Base Metals Short) 12.09 We mentioned this chart at 10.90 we expect this to trad over 50 dma soon and expect 15-20 soon as metals and commodities are expected to take a hit soon.

OTC Pinksheets
DGRI .0015 this one hit a high of .0016 and has since traded slow and steady off its low .0011 , beautiful reverse tail and this traded .01-.04 range most of last year with volume this could likely see a break of .0025 and then .005 range

HRID .05 this chart setup looks like Bullish Consolidation we could see a very nice move here as the chart setup is prime for a run , this could be a great play for members who like more liquid stocks , we could see .12-.14 and a continued Uptrend here

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What we are watching for in the markets

The markets on Friday retraced on low volume, The UUP (U,S Dollar Pro Shares) rallied hitting a high of 22.14 opening higher and catching a big bid the RSI is now at 50 range and soon will test to close over the 50 day moving average as said before we watch what the UUP as it works inversely to that of what the markets do. On Wednesday trading Commodities to a big hit on high volume , the UUP was strong and the EUR/USD dropped, the markets took a bit of stagnant hit, although we saw Gold and Silver take a big drop , markets barely dropped which leads me to believe the 3-5% drop could come with the UUP chart looking for a reversal it could be soon

UUP (U.S Dollar Pro Shares) 22.11 approaching 50 day moving average 22.23
take a look at how the Chart looks to be strengthening the gap up is nearing to test the 50 dma

Bottom line is when the dollar strengthens the stocks deflate and drop, with most stocks at highs we could see a great opportunity here

With a possible drop in Metals we are looking at possible shorts on the GLD and SLV


SLV (Silver Ishares ETF)  33.76 with Wednesday big drop in metals on big value I think we can short this stock or place PUTS at highs watch for entry as it closed under 200 day moving average , also was up 40% since Dec 19 with stronger dollar we expect a drop in SLV

i think on any strength we can short or add puts on GLD be patient and look to add on any increase in pps the chart looks like a drop could come and with strong dollar this could pay handsomely

Hedge on drop in Metals

BOM (Power Shares DB Base metals Short) 11.06 I always am a big Gold and Silver Bullion guy but with weakness in metals and strength in dollar along with a chart that 50 and 200 about to cross I like BOM shares for a nice rally here

HEDGE on a Falling Market / Overbought market

SDS (Pros Shares Ultra Short S&P 500) 16.06 this looks good around here if SPY hits and test 130.20 this week grab some calls for April, this is a great Index to buy on SPY downturn

QID (Pro Share Ultra Short QQQ) 33.13  The QQQ have been on tear as of late if we get a 3-5% dip the QID will pay off handsomely look for QQQ to see 65 range and add some QID calls for April

OTC pinksheets stocks

FRHV (Fresh Harvest Products Inc) .0025 with news released last month , along with a solid share structure and big volume that closed the stock at .0025 over 50 DMA we could see this test 200 at .006 then .01 could be a nice mover

SUGO (Sungro Co) .0009 this gold stock traded above .01 last year big volume friday , this one wants out trip zero land\

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lottos with solid share structures take patience


ICBT .0002 x .0003 Gold/Silver stock that updates regularly this one traded at .002-.003 range last year with some patience could very well see nice gains

Share Structure
Market Value1 $238,888 a/o Mar 01, 2012
Shares Outstanding 796,292,434 a/o Dec 31, 2011
Float 769,890,901 a/o Dec 31, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,500,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2011
Par Value No Par Value

UNVC .0002x .0003 this stock saw impressive volume last 2 trading days something brewing here , the share structure is current and last year in October rallied to .0016 range could we see a similar move?

UNVC Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $131,653 a/o Mar 01, 2012
Shares Outstanding 438,841,704 a/o Dec 06, 2011
Float 221,867,522 a/o Dec 06, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Nov 06, 2011
Par Value 0.01