Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

EXRG (Ecologix Resources) .0019 The stock consolidated between .0015 -.0019 today very thin trading and market maker PERT shifted to .004 this stock has been seeing over 1 million volume consistently and has been getting notice , down to the last minute buys at .0019 , only 1 market maker at .0019 at close ,.0019 were hit and shows me that .0019 will be gone soon then a move over .0028 then our target of .006. Patience sure pays and this is a commodity stock specializing in TIMBER a great hedge over inflation. The stock is moving slow and steady above its 52 week low and financials are expected to maintain current OTCQB status, with repairing in infrastructure in ASIA markets this stock will be very profitable , they are major exporters of Timber in Asian market

SNEY (Sunergy, Inc).0114 this stock is a mining stock that i wish i would have alerted before at .005 range since has made a slight pull back and appears to be ready for next leg watch for entry and a nice leg higher

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

CAVR (Cavu Resources) .066 The stock mentioned at .03 hit a high of day .07 very strong oil stock and with tensions in the middle east we may see short term target of .10 as early as tomorrow

INVX (Innovex Inc) .0649 the stock has been trading like it wants to breakout , the volume has been growing each day , watch for volume, we can see .12 soon

EXRG (Ecologix Resource) .0017 the stock increasing volume today over 4 million shares traded, hit a high of .002 and was green up until closing , higher lows and higher highs the L2 is thin and .006 can be seen as short term gain , this is our new trading idea and believe its a great opportunity for impressive gains, 52 week lows and commodity OTCQB stock keep on watch

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

EXRG (Ecologix Res Group) .0017
the stock saw just over 4 million shares traded between .0015 -.0018 the stock is just getting recognition now, the company produces and exports timber a very profitable and abundant natural resource, with countries in need of repairing infrastructure and the stock now seeing increase volume, we see this stock trading as high as .006 -.02 in the near future. Timber is a commodity that fairs extremely well during inflation. The stock is now getting eyes and I believe the stock near its 52 week low , and an OTCQB stock in commodity sector is a great opportunity for investors.

MMTE ( Mammoth Energy Group Inc) .0038 the stock traded just over 280 million shares and hit a high of .0045 this stock appears to be posting higher highs and higher lows closed at .0038 , the company mentioned before deals with Lithium a hot commodity

CNUV(China Nuvo Solar Energy) .0041
the stock hit a high of day at .0044 managed to close at .0044 this stock is rumored to have an upcoming merger , keep on watch for volume

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Trading Idea

EXRG (Ecologix Resource Group Inc) .0018 the stock has been seeing more and more volume the last few weeks, the stock is near its 52 week bottom at .001 , watching the stock there were few shares traded between .001-.0015 , most buying has come at .0018-.002 , The Level 2 seems very thin on the ask and at some point with some added volume I could see this trade from .006-.02, This stock is a commodity stock which focuses on supplying "Timber" , Timber is a natural resource that like any commodity tends to be more valuable during economic depression and a hedge over inflation. With Global Markets being adversely affected by Tensions in the Middle East and also devastation through natural disasters in countries of major markets like Japan and recently the borderline of China and Thailand , Miyamar, EXRG may play a major role in these markets, The company has ties to the United Nations and U.N is usually involved with humanitarian relief, although very speculative , EXRG has major supply of "timber" in the very rich and abundant area of Cameroon. With more focus on commodity stocks , such as silver , and gold , timber may be one of the most overlooked natural resources. If you take a look at Timber commodity 10 year chart you can see that it is in a upward trend just like silver and gold. With Japan facing reconstruction and China being an industrialized power such as many other countries , EXRG may be very profitable in the coming years:

Company Contact
Headquarters: 9903 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 918
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Web Address: OTCQB Logo

Ecologix Resource Group. Inc., formerly Battery Control Corp. is a natural resource company focused on the harvesting, and marketing of timber while pursuing the production of alternative energy solutions. It manages a tropical hardwood forest in the Republic of Cameroon in Central Africa. The Company harvests a range of species of hardwood. Additionally, the Company plans to produce alternative energy, such as ethanol and biodiesel. As of December 31, 2009, the Company has secured the rights 50,000 hectares (124,552 acres) of rainforest in the Massaka / Desoni region.

The OTCQB is one of the top level tiers on OTC Market Exchange. Companies in this tier are SEC reporting company's and meet all the financial and disclosure requirements required by the SEC and thus making it easy for investors to identify companies that are current in their reporting obligations. 

Ecologix is currently operating within the NDeng NDeng rainforest on 3,000 hectares of land and is in the process of negotiating for a concession land in NDeng NDeng rainforest which is 400 KM Northeast of Yaoundé. The NDeng NDeng Rainforest in total is considered one of the top concessions in Cameroon in terms of both tree density and timber quality. The targeted concession is estimated to total 250,000 acres of Rainforest and contains approximately 351,225,000 total trees.
Ecologix has secured the rights to 20,000 hectares of rainforest with an estimated 48,250,000 in the Massaka / Desoni region. This area is 325 KM Southeast of Yaoundé. Massaka is a unique opportunity for ECOLOGIX. While it is a valuable concession for the harvesting of timber, the land can also be easily converted for the responsible production of ethanol and biodiesel by creating a biofuel farm. Cameroon has the third largest biomass potential in Sub Saharan Africa.
Ecologix currently operates in Cameroon an African country, which boasts that it is one of the most stable economies and business friendly histories in all of Africa. Comparatively speaking, it is deemed more safe and trouble free than China for the past 29 years.

Cameroon is known to be one of the richest countries in Africa in terms of tropical timber. The country has approximately 21,245,000 hectares of forest coverage area and includes a large amount of commercial tree species. The main commercial species are Ayous (Triplochiton scleroxylon), Sapelli (Etandrophragma cylindricum) and Azobe (Lophira alata). Together Frake (Terminalia superba) and Iroko (Milicia/Chlorophora excelsa, Milicia/Chlorophora regia) represent 75% of Cameroon’s timber production.
Cameroon has never experienced a coup d’état or any other kind of armed violence. Unlike most African leaders, Cameroon’s President, HE. Paul Biya has the rare distinction of being a civilian elected President, who has never served in the Army, nor has any ties to it. In short, Cameroon offers tremendous opportunities in a very safe and stable operating environment.
 Ecologix is currently operating upon 3,000 hectares in the NDeng NDeng rainforest, an area that is attractive due to its density and variety of tree species. The Company is also in the process of securing additional land concessions directly from local tribal counsels and through the acquisition of operating timber organizations.

Ecologix is Green
Ecologix will be taking a 360 degree approach with our Forest Management Plan by indicating alternative land uses based on physical, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the area and meet all requirements established for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. (Five year and annual operation plans for timber production forests, micro-zoning plans for village territories and a simple management plan for agro-forestry zones for use by local populations.)
When extracting 100% of the allowed timber, Ecologix exploits a small amount of rainforest – .0003%  annually and continually is planting new seedlings to replace extracted timber.

Latest News out: Ecologix Resource Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Affiliate of Cameroon-Based Timber Transportation Company Business Wire   "Press Releases - English"
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ecologix Resource Group (OTCBB:EXRG) announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with MHM Consulting LLC ., which is an affiliate of a Cameroon -based transportation company.

"Every natural resource business is dependant on reliable, cost effective transportation, says Robert Radoff , President of Ecologix Resource Group . This new partnership enables our subsidiary to focus on harvesting valuable timber resources and leave transportation logistics to our new partners expertise.

Ecologix has been pursuing an underlying strategy to fortify an international network and develop key strategic alliances with leading timber importers. The Company recently announced an agreement with a leading timber importer based in India and in Europe .

DEC 21 2010 8K released and up to date

A Timely and intelligent investment

  • Recession Proof - Managed Timbers are substantially unaffected by the Iraqi war, credit crunch or bear and bull markets. Timber prices do not correlate with stock market trends. Timber tends to do well during stock downturn periods when investors shift from riskier stocks to safer investments.
  • Exceptionally High Rate of Return - Historically managed timber returns consistently 15% v. 11% on S&P 500 from 1973 to 2004.
  • Income Plus Growth - Managed timber grows at least 3.3% over the inflation rate, adds 5% income, and it consistently returns double digits to the investors.
  • Yearly Harvests - Timber physically grows 8% per year. Therefore, the longer a tree remains untouched its value increases. In fact, the longer investors wait to cut down and sell the trees, the more valuable their investments grow. This enables many timber organizations to wait out downturns and sell their timber later when prices are more favorable. Harvesting calls for a 25 year cycle, which is a rate of less than 5% cutting per year. So even if we did not replant, forests would never be in a worse condition.
EXRG .0019 20-Month Signal History
Date          Price

05.24.10 0.0065

05.03.10 0.0119

04.20.10 0.0150

04.12.10 0.0180

02.23.10 0.0160

02.18.10 0.0160

02.11.10 0.0162

02.01.10 0.0401

01.27.10 0.0378

01.25.10 0.0420

01.05.10 0.0128

11.30.09 0.1800

11.18.09 0.1500

10.26.09 0.4500

07.29.09 0.6400

The stock has hit 52 week bottom at .001 , I noticed accumulation from .0016 to .0019 it trades extremely Thin, I have been monitoring this stock for the last few weeks and I notice buying. Its is an OTCQB so it is current on pink sheets, the ss is not fully disclose but there are 571 million outstanding shares. This stock has great potential , with inflation and Geo political happenings around the world i believe this stock can post some sizable profits please read this article:
The Ultimate Inflation Hedge - Invest in Timber and Protect Your Wealth

Ted Peroulakis
Investors Daily Edge

If you’re concerned about rising inflation then you may want to think about investing in natural resources. Timber has been an attractive investment for thousands of years and is one of the best inflation hedges available.

It’s really easy to invest in timber too. You don’t have to go out and plunk down a few million dollars to buy a tree farm. You can simply buy stock in a company in the timber business! As timber prices go up, your stock price goes up! It’s that simple.

(I cut a part out here due to the fact that it reflected on the ticker PCL and the pps moves around that timeframe which was early '09, thus, not applicable now)

The Earth currently has 6.76 billion people and the world’s population is expected to hit 9 billion by 2040. All these extra people are going to consume timber in a variety of uses from home construction to wood pulp used in paper production. Demand will greatly exceed supply, and this will drive timber prices much higher.

Timber tends to outperform inflation and the stock market over the long term. In fact, timber usually performs quite well in times of economic stress like we are experiencing these days. When we finally exit this economic crisis, you should see timber prices rocket higher due to construction demand increases and inflationary pressure.

EXRG is a OTCQB stock that deals with a growing commodity "timber" with oil prices surging expensive importation and exportation of "timber" will surely bring value to this stock, with unfortunate events in ASIA such as devastation in JAPAN and another earthquake in China and Thailand border Miyamar , EXRG will play a major role , EXRG "timber" and hectares are located in main export country of Cameroon, leading exporter of Timber, Please check Timber 10 year Chart:

TIMBER HOT COMMODITY ESPECIALLY DURING INFLATION Other Timber companies  example look at these charst:

And finally please read this article that sums it all up :

The Insidious Effects of Japan's Disaster

John Browne
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
While the world’s attention has been focused on the physical destruction wrought by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the desperate attempts to contain the fallout from the shattered Fukushima Daiichi plant, and the daunting problems that Japan faces in rebuilding its infrastructure, few have truly illustrated how long-lasting and widespread the radiation's effects may be. There has also been little mention of how large radiological events affect economies of countries outside the immediate fallout zone. In truth, the disaster could make as much of an impact on investors in New York, London, or Sao Paolo as it makes on an investor in Tokyo.
The world’s most significant nuclear accident occurred 25 years ago at Chernobyl, Ukraine. Although its effects are now well-documented, many forget how thoroughly the damage was covered up at the time. To avoid panic, the Soviet authorities grossly downplayed the risks to those living near the plant, as well as those who lived hundreds, and even thousands, of miles away. In the months that followed, high levels of radiation were detected as far away as Scotland!
While we can hope that the present-day Japanese are more prone to candor than the Cold War-era Soviets, a series of botched and contradictory communications from Tokyo Electric Power, the operator of the plant, and the Japanese government have given us reasons to worry.
As higher levels of radiation are found in Japanese fish and vegetables, there is a growing suspicion that the full effects of the radioactive release have been downplayed to the public. It is becoming increasingly impossible to keep the concern from spreading beyond the islands of Japan. Pacific fishing companies and mainland Asian agricultural concerns are under heavy scrutiny.
The accident will inevitably alter long-term energy planning around the world. The growing political traction that nuclear power has gathered over the last decade or so, as the price of fossil fuels has climbed, may be irrevocably damaged. With so-called “green” energy unable to replace the wattage that will be lost by a waning nuclear sector, look for the traditional fossil fuels to fill the breach. But the effects of Japan’s nuclear accident go beyond health and energy policy.
After the EU, US, and China, Japan has the fourth largest economy in the world. Japanese industry provides many of the high-tech systems that are essential for producing relatively low-tech products such as automobiles. Already the US computer industry is being affected by shortages of vital parts manufactured in Japan.
But the financial fallout from the crisis looms even larger than the health, energy, or industrial issues. The Japanese people are stoic, disciplined, and very hardworking. Recovery in Japan is likely to be faster than many expect. However, in order to repair the flood, quake, and nuclear damage, Japan will likely need to spend trillions of dollars (hundreds of trillions of yen). This is the crisis that may sink the developed world.
For decades, Japan has deeply indebted itself through central banking strategies pioneered by America and Europe. Faced with successively deeper recessions, it has prevented industrial restructuring by funding industrial failure. By reducing interest rates to near zero and boosting government spending, Japanese governments have progressively transferred the unserviceable debts of the country's private sector to the public ledger. The result is that Japan’s debt, currently standing above 200 percent of GDP, is heading for 300 percent by 2020, or some 20 times its tax revenues. Facing such statistics, the rating agencies have placed Japan on "credit watch." This leaves Japan with few options for raising the money to repair its industry and infrastructure.
If the Japanese start to draw on their national savings by selling part of their $882 billion of US Treasuries, they risk igniting a dollar-selling stampede and a damaging spike in US interest rates. To avoid this, it is highly likely that Japan will yield to American pressure not to sell any of its Treasury holdings. It is likely Japan has already been assured covertly, by the Fed and other G-7 central banks, of massive currency swap arrangements to come. This technique would allow for a more orderly repatriation of funds but would send many confusing signals into the financial markets – and lead inevitably to dangerous speculations.
For a world awash in debt, the Japanese destruction comes at an inopportune time. Unfortunately, authorities on both sides of the Pacific are as dishonest about these debt problems as Tokyo Electric Power has been about the severity of the crisis at Fukushima Daiichi.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

12 Warning signs of Inflation

12 Warning Signs of U.S. Hyperinflation
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at the National Inflation Association (NIA) is what warning signs will there be when hyperinflation is imminent. In our opinion, the majority of the warning signs that hyperinflation is imminent are already here today, but most Americans are failing to properly recognize them. NIA believes that there is a serious risk of hyperinflation breaking out as soon as the second half of this calendar year and that hyperinflation is almost guaranteed to occur by the end of this decade.
In our estimation, the most likely time frame for a full-fledged outbreak of hyperinflation is between the years 2013 and 2015. Americans who wait until 2013 to prepare, will most likely see the majority of their purchasing power wiped out. It is essential that all Americans begin preparing for hyperinflation immediately.
Here are NIA's top 12 warning signs that hyperinflation is about to occur:
1) The Federal Reserve is Buying 70% of U.S. Treasuries. The Federal Reserve has been buying 70% of all new U.S. treasury debt. Up until this year, the U.S. has been successful at exporting most of its inflation to the rest of the world, which is hoarding huge amounts of U.S. dollar reserves due to the U.S. dollar's status as the world's reserve currency. In recent months, foreign central bank purchases of U.S. treasuries have declined from 50% down to 30%, and Federal Reserve purchases have increased from 10% up to 70%. This means U.S. government deficit spending is now directly leading to U.S. inflation that will destroy the standard of living for all Americans.
2) The Private Sector Has Stopped Purchasing U.S. Treasuries. The U.S. private sector was previously a buyer of 30% of U.S. government bonds sold. Today, the U.S. private sector has stopped buying U.S. treasuries and is dumping government debt. The Pimco Total Return Fund was recently the single largest private sector owner of U.S. government bonds, but has just reduced its U.S. treasury holdings down to zero. Although during the financial panic of 2008, investors purchased government bonds as a safe haven, during all future panics we believe precious metals will be the new safe haven.
3) China Moving Away from U.S. Dollar as Reserve Currency. The U.S. dollar became the world's reserve currency because it was backed by gold and the U.S. had the world's largest manufacturing base. Today, the U.S. dollar is no longer backed by gold and China has the world's largest manufacturing base. There is no reason for the world to continue to transact products and commodities in U.S. dollars, when most of everything the world consumes is now produced in China. China has been taking steps to position the yuan to be the world's new reserve currency.
The People's Bank of China stated earlier this month, in a story that went largely unreported by the mainstream media, that it would respond to overseas demand for the yuan to be used as a reserve currency and allow the yuan to flow back into China more easily. China hopes to allow all exporters and importers to settle their cross border transactions in yuan by the end of 2011, as part of their plan to increase the yuan's international role. NIA believes if China really wants to become the world's next superpower and see to it that the U.S. simultaneously becomes the world's next Zimbabwe, all China needs to do is use their $1.15 trillion in U.S. dollar reserves to accumulate gold and use that gold to back the yuan.
4) Japan to Begin Dumping U.S. Treasuries. Japan is the second largest holder of U.S. treasury securities with $885.9 billion in U.S. dollar reserves. Although China has reduced their U.S. treasury holdings for three straight months, Japan has increased their U.S. treasury holdings seven months in a row. Japan is the country that has been the most consistent at buying our debt for the past year, but that is about the change. Japan is likely going to have to spend $300 billion over the next year to rebuild parts of their country that were destroyed by the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, and NIA believes their U.S. dollar reserves will be the most likely source of this funding. This will come at the worst possible time for the U.S., which needs Japan to increase their purchases of U.S. treasuries in order to fund our record budget deficits.
5) The Fed Funds Rate Remains Near Zero. The Federal Reserve has held the Fed Funds Rate at 0.00-0.25% since December 16th, 2008, a period of over 27 months. This is unprecedented and NIA believes the world is now flooded with excess liquidity of U.S. dollars.
When the nuclear reactors in Japan began overheating two weeks ago after their cooling systems failed due to a lack of electricity, TEPCO was forced to open relief valves to release radioactive steam into the air in order to avoid an explosion. The U.S. stock market is currently acting as a relief valve for all of the excess liquidity of U.S. dollars. The U.S. economy for all intents and purposes should currently be in a massive and extremely steep recession, but because of the Fed's money printing, stock prices are rising because people don't know what else to do with their dollars.
NIA believes gold, and especially silver, are much better hedges against inflation than U.S. equities, which is why for the past couple of years we have been predicting large declines in both the Dow/Gold and Gold/Silver ratios. These two ratios have been in free fall exactly like NIA projected.
The Dow/Gold ratio is the single most important chart all investors need to closely follow, but way too few actually do. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) itself is meaningless because it averages together the dollar based movements of 30 U.S. stocks. With just the DJIA, it is impossible to determine whether stocks are rising due to improving fundamentals and real growing investor demand, or if prices are rising simply because the money supply is expanding.
The Dow/Gold ratio illustrates the cyclical nature of the battle between paper assets like stocks and real hard assets like gold. The Dow/Gold ratio trends upward when an economy sees real economic growth and begins to trend downward when the growth phase ends and everybody becomes concerned about preserving wealth. With interest rates at 0%, the U.S. economy is on life support and wealth preservation is the focus of most investors. NIA believes the Dow/Gold ratio will decline to 1 before the hyperinflationary crisis is over and until the Dow/Gold ratio does decline to 1, investors should keep buying precious metals.
6) Year-Over-Year CPI Growth Has Increased 92% in Three Months. In November of 2010, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS)'s consumer price index (CPI) grew by 1.1% over November of 2009. In February of 2011, the BLS's CPI grew by 2.11% over February of 2010, above the Fed's informal inflation target of 1.5% to 2%. An increase in year-over-year CPI growth from 1.1% in November of last year to 2.11% in February of this year means that the CPI's growth rate increased by approximately 92% over a period of just three months. Imagine if the year-over-year CPI growth rate continues to increase by 92% every three months. In 9 to 12 months from now we could be looking at a price inflation rate of over 15%. Even if the BLS manages to artificially hold the CPI down around 5% or 6%, NIA believes the real rate of price inflation will still rise into the double-digits within the next year.
7) Mainstream Media Denying Fed's Target Passed. You would think that year-over-year CPI growth rising from 1.1% to 2.11% over a period of three months for an increase of 92% would generate a lot of media attention, especially considering that it has now surpassed the Fed's informal inflation target of 1.5% to 2%. Instead of acknowledging that inflation is beginning to spiral out of control and encouraging Americans to prepare for hyperinflation like NIA has been doing for years, the media decided to conveniently change the way it defines the Fed's informal target.
The media is now claiming that the Fed's informal inflation target of 1.5% to 2% is based off of year-over-year changes in the BLS's core-CPI figures. Core-CPI, as most of you already know, is a meaningless number that excludes food and energy prices. Its sole purpose is to be used to mislead the public in situations like this. We guarantee that if core-CPI had just surpassed 2% and the normal CPI was still below 2%, the media would be focusing on the normal CPI number, claiming that it remains below the Fed's target and therefore inflation is low and not a problem.
The fact of the matter is, food and energy are the two most important things Americans need to live and survive. If the BLS was going to exclude something from the CPI, you would think they would exclude goods that Americans don't consume on a daily basis. The BLS claims food and energy prices are excluded because they are most volatile. However, by excluding food and energy, core-CPI numbers are primarily driven by rents. Considering that we just came out of the largest Real Estate bubble in world history, there is a glut of homes available to rent on the market. NIA has been saying for years that being a landlord will be the worst business to be in during hyperinflation, because it will be impossible for landlords to increase rents at the same rate as overall price inflation. Food and energy prices will always increase at a much faster rate than rents.
8) Record U.S. Budget Deficit in February of $222.5 Billion. The U.S. government just reported a record budget deficit for the month of February of $222.5 billion. February's budget deficit was more than the entire fiscal year of 2007. In fact, February's deficit on an annualized basis was $2.67 trillion. NIA believes this is just a preview of future annual budget deficits, and we will see annual budget deficits surpass $2.67 trillion within the next several years.
9) High Budget Deficit as Percentage of Expenditures. The projected U.S. budget deficit for fiscal year 2011 of $1.645 trillion is 43% of total projected government expenditures in 2011 of $3.819 trillion. That is almost exactly the same level of Brazil's budget deficit as a percentage of expenditures right before they experienced hyperinflation in 1993 and it is higher than Bolivia's budget deficit as a percentage of expenditures right before they experienced hyperinflation in 1985. The only way a country can survive with such a large deficit as a percentage of expenditures and not have hyperinflation, is if foreigners are lending enough money to pay for the bulk of their deficit spending. Hyperinflation broke out in Brazil and Bolivia when foreigners stopped lending and central banks began monetizing the bulk of their deficit spending, and that is exactly what is taking place today in the U.S.
10) Obama Lies About Foreign Policy. President Obama campaigned as an anti-war President who would get our troops out of Iraq. NIA believes that many Libertarian voters actually voted for Obama in 2008 over John McCain because they felt Obama was more likely to end our wars that are adding greatly to our budget deficits and making the U.S. a lot less safe as a result. Obama may have reduced troop levels in Iraq, but he increased troops levels in Afghanistan, and is now sending troops into Libya for no reason.
The U.S. is now beginning to occupy Libya, when Libya didn't do anything to the U.S. and they are no threat to the U.S. Obama has increased our overall overseas troop levels since becoming President and the U.S. is now spending $1 trillion annually on military expenses, which includes the costs to maintain over 700 military bases in 135 countries around the world. There is no way that we can continue on with our overseas military presence without seeing hyperinflation.
11) Obama Changes Definition of Balanced Budget. In the White House's budget projections for the next 10 years, they don't project that the U.S. will ever come close to achieving a real balanced budget. In fact, after projecting declining budget deficits up until the year 2015 (NIA believes we are unlikely to see any major dip in our budget deficits due to rising interest payments on our national debt), the White House projects our budget deficits to begin increasing again up until the year 2021. Obama recently signed an executive order to create the "National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform", with a mission to "propose recommendations designed to balance the budget, excluding interest payments on the debt, by 2015". Obama is redefining a balanced budget to exclude interest payments on our national debt, because he knows interest payments are about to explode and it will be impossible to truly balance the budget.
12) U.S. Faces Largest Ever Interest Payment Increases. With U.S. inflation beginning to spiral out of control, NIA believes it is 100% guaranteed that we will soon see a large spike in long-term bond yields. Not only that, but within the next couple of years, NIA believes the Federal Reserve will be forced to raise the Fed Funds Rate in a last-ditch effort to prevent hyperinflation. When both short and long-term interest rates start to rise, so will the interest payments on our national debt. With the public portion of our national debt now exceeding $10 trillion, we could see interest payments on our debt reach $500 billion within the next year or two, and over $1 trillion somewhere around mid-decade. When interest payments reach $1 trillion, they will likely be around 30% to 40% of government tax receipts, up from interest payments being only 9% of tax receipts today. No country has ever seen interest payments on their debt reach 40% of tax receipts without hyperinflation occurring in the years to come.

Watchlist for Monday

CAVR (Cavu Resources Inc) .044 mentioned at .03 this oil stock shows how oil sector is very hot in the markets with oil hovering just above $105 a barrel , and recent updates the stock is in full upward trend

CAVU Resources, Inc. ("CAVU") (PINKSHEETS: CAVR)
today announced its subsidiary CAVU Energy Services, LLC ("CAVU") has entered into an agreement with Energy Revenue America, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, ("Energy") to rework and or drill up to 100 wells in Nowata, Oklahoma valued at approximately $5,000,000. The agreement calls for CAVU to begin reworking the wells on the Envirotek lease Energy is acquiring. With plans to begin in the next few weeks, CAVU has been moving its equipment to a staging area in Nowata, Oklahoma. Energy plans to have CAVU install new equipment, utilizing well stimulation, reentry, complete environmental audits and an action plan utilizing historical data from engineers targeting new drilling sites. The Envirotek property Energy is acquiring has 19 zones with 12 zones targeted that could potentially produce both gas and oil. The wells in the area have historically ranged from 600 to 1200 feet. These shallow wells will allow for a rapid development program. The existing transmission lines owned by Envirotek will be utilized along with planned expansion into undeveloped leases.
"This agreement utilizes idle operating assets of CAVU; this along with the sale of Envirotek should provide cash flow and profits for both 2011 and 2012," said William C. Robinson, CAVU's President.

BRZL (Brazos Int'l Exploration) .0121
The stock is still finalizing Renfro Oil co. acquisition expected March 31 , with the world markets facing pressure , this can be a great opportunity for this stock:

3/10/11 BRZL announced company has executed a Definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement to purchase Renfro Energy, LLC, a Dallas based independent oil company with significant oil and gas assets in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Closing is scheduled to occur on or before March 31, 2011, and shortly thereafter, an aggressive production enhancement and developmental drilling program will be initiated. With this acquisition, BRZL will acquire an oil producing property with potential development and exploration oil reserves exceeding one million barrels based on subsurface well control and Three Dimensional Seismic data.

1. Oil reserve exceeding 1 000 000 barrels , that mean is property valued over $100 000 000 ( over
100m USA dollar) based on today's oil price, that's huge!!!

2. This acquisition is done deal and expecting close before 3/31/2011 which mean is only few trading days left!!!

3. The total reserves on these projects comes to 1420 million barrels. These are proven reserves too.


Objectives and Mission

Brazos International Exploration, Inc. (“BR” or “Company”) is a New York based oil and gas exploitation, development, and exploration company. With its anticipated acquisition of a producing oil & gas property owned by Renfro Energy, LLC (“RE”), it will acquire astrong asset base as a foundation to build and grow.

With RE’s Louisiana asset base and capital requested through this business plan, BR expects to become an industry leader in finding and replacement cost for oil and gas reserves while providing a safe work environment, maintaining its social conscience to the community and adhering to state, federal, and international regulations.

Our financial objective is to have a market capitalization over $250 Million within 12
months and through a systematically and carefully planned growth program, reach a goal of $500 Million or more within three years. Over that period, we would like to see gross margins improving while keeping selling, general and administrative costs to a minimum and maintaining a strong balance sheet. Our initial goal of $250 Million can be accomplished by developing our existing asset base while our three year plan will require a selective acquisition program.

We have always believed that in order to succeed and provide abnormal returns to our shareholders, we must differentiate ourselves from our competition. Characteristics that distinguish us include:

a. Company resources and capital focused primarily in areas of expertise including the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.
b. A management team with superior technical abilities as well as extensive experience in energy capital markets.
c. A management team with an excellent reputation in the industry and extensive contacts with senior management of independent and major oil companies allowing an ability to secure private negotiated acquisitions.
d. Operate under a very streamlined management structure which provides the ability to make decisions very quickly to secure distressed opportunities.
e. Maintain a low overhead in order to weather the down cycles that inevitably occurs in the oil and gas industry.


FORBES: James R. Renfro


Brazos International Exploration, Inc.

Pompano Beach , FL

Sector: FINANCIAL / Diversified Investments

On August 10, 2010 Mr. James R. Renfro was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company in the capacity of Director. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MBA-Finance Specialization, Marketing Concentration. Dean's List. 3.8/4.0 GPA in Finance. Member: Finance, Investments, Oil & Energy Groups. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, Lexington, Kentucky BS-Chemical Engineering. President ? Chemical Engr. Honor Society. Dean's List. Received award as top chemical engineering student. Elected dormitory president over 400 students. Participated in intramural basketball and tennis. RENFRO ENERGY, LLC, Dallas, TX President and Founder. Holding company for oil and gas assets. All operations conducted by affiliated company, Petroleum Capital, L.C. OMNI OIL & GAS, INC., Dallas, TX Chief Executive Officer. Directed all activities of a small public oil and gas company based in Dallas with properties primarily in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. PETROLEUM CAPITAL, L.C., Dallas, TX President and Founder. Oil and gas operating company with up to 150 company owned wells located in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Company closed 12 acquisitions in last fifteen years with institutional lenders such as Associated Energy Managers, Tenneco Ventures, Chase Bank, Capwest Resources, Inc., Sterling Bank, and Sovereign Bank.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silver Shortage? has recently received several reports, published and non published reports about possible silver shortages. Is their a very limited supply of silver, yes, is there a worldwide shortage happening right now, well not exactly. Under the agreement that we wouldn't reveal their name, a major bullion dealer who we are friends with, told us that their traders are not having any issues buying physical silver, and that their warehouse had a significant amount of physical silver. Now, will there one day be a shortage of silver, in our opinion at these prices, yes, the price for silver will have to move up considerably in order to come in line with the above ground available supply and ever increasing demand. Sorry to disappoint you, we would of loved to have been told by our very reliable sources that their was a full blown silver shortage, but that is honestly not the case YET.
Silver Eagle Premiums Getting Ridiculous
  When it comes to Silver Eagles, there is a lot of price gauging on the internet, so be careful. We did a quick search on the internet and found most online dealers selling physical silver at reasonable prices, however, the online auction market like Ebay has many sellers trying to rip people off. We saw several sellers asking $50 or more for Silver American Eagles that you can buy from right now for less than $43. In order to get a reasonable price on for a Silver American Eagle, you have to buy more than $10,000, then you can purchase one for $39.39. Even though that is more than the $1.50 over spot that we were paying a few years ago, you have to remember when silver was 12 bucks, you paid $13.50 for an Eagle, that's 12.5% over spot.
As we write this, the silver spot price is around $37.50, so the $10,000 purchase price is 5% over spot and the regular rate is 14.6% over spot. Considering the market is as tight as it is, in our opinion that's not too bad of a deal. However, the people paying north of $50 plus shipping and handling are being ripped off in our opinion. As you know, we are HUGE silver bugs. In fact, we even made a video titled 'Silver Shortage, Silver Will One Day Be Worth More Than Gold,' and when we profiled silver we called it the "best investment opportunity in human history." Since we made that claim just 7 months ago, silver has risen 102%!  If you haven't been keeping an eye on the prices for the metals, gold is literally a hair away from an all time high and silver is at a 31 year high.

Trend Hunters
The Economy

Yesterday, new home sales data inspired the market to rally not because it was great, but because it was so bad that they feel QE3 is now all but guaranteed. New home sales fell almost 17% in January, putting sold homes at the lowest mark since the Commerce Department began keeping track of the data in 1963. Analyst in the main stream were expecting an increase, obviously they actually believe that inflation causes recoveries. When, in our opinion price inflation in every day non-core inflation goods makes things much worse by squeezing the wallets of Americans every time they buy food and energy. 
Speaking of energy, oil is over $106 a barrel and U.S. gasoline inventories posted the biggest seasonal decline on record yesterday. Normally we would think that a pull back would be imminent for commodities after these huge moves up, but honestly with geo-political risks, Japan, and Bernanke, we have to think that any pull back in commodities will be very short term (in our opinion). Don't forget congress still has to deal with our debt that is now reaching exponential growth. From 2000 to 2008, our debt rose by just over 4 trillion, from 2008 to today it has risen just over 4 trillion. So, we have managed to increase our debt by 4 trillion in less than half the time it took us to rack up the previous 4 trillion. We should also note that the first 4 trillion in national debt took 216 years!

We believe the markets are in for a wild ride in 2011. The real economy should have the markets priced at much lower levels, but with the FED buying up 80% of U.S. treasuries and keeping interest rates artificially low, the markets on super low volume have been able to keep the rally going. Unlike 2008, sees several major historical trends being broken. In the last year, we have witnessed gold (money) and commodities decouple from the overall market when they have mini-panics. Specifically gold during the Greek crisis and most recently the Japanese crisis. Yes, gold did go down, but it wasn't until the major meltdown had passed on the first Monday after the tsunami. We also have to remember that even in 2008 gold snapped back pretty fast. In fact, the Dow Jones basically is at a break even post Lehman Brothers and gold is up over 50% priced in dollars. With the recent rejection of austerity measures by the Portuguese Government, the sovereign debt crisis could potentially kick into high gear over the next few days. Let's not forget the states either. is working on a very important video regarding the growing economic crisis in the states as well as a fictional video that will leave everyone on the edge of their seats. Both these videos will be released shortly! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

EXTO (Exit Only Inc) .0052 The stock recently traded from triple zero to .008 and has since pulled back and appears to be starting a new leg, the company recently acquired co.and a HUGE RUMOR swirling of reduce share structure of 1.2 billion shares, this could be huge

Shats International Holdings, Inc. (“SIH”) Simultaneously with the Company’s acquisition of SIH, Diana Shats acquired a controlling interest in the company and became Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company

Also there is rumored news that share structure has been reduced by 1.2 billion shares this could be huge if true:

Shats International Holdings, Inc. (“SIH”) Simultaneously with the Company’s acquisition of SIH, Diana Shats acquired a controlling interest in the company and became Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company 

ONCO (Oncology Medical Co) .0084 the company today released financials and also the new share structure that remains unchanged , the stock traded at .01-.02 range not to long ago and today closed near its high of the day look for volume this can quite easily be a multi day runner here

BRZL (Brazos International Inc) .0153 March 31 is the finalized acquistion of oil company over 100 million barrels of oil, oil hovering over 106$ a barrel

CAVR (Cavu Resources) .042 Oil stock full uptrend target .10

DGRI (Dutch Gold Resources) .0149 mentioned at .011 this stock likely hit .03 commodity stock slow but steady climb

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

ACTT (Act Teleconferences Inc) .029 today the stock saw a surge of buying volume down to the very last minute of trading, not so long ago the stock traded from .02. -.20 range over a 1000% gains and then has dropped without any type of bounce, RUMOR and speculation of a possible merger and buy out going around, rumors can cause quite the stir on a stock which trades thin. The stock hit a high of .0339 before closing at .029 could reach .10 with volume, keep on high alert

HNSS (Healthnostics Inc) .0065 The stock has been putting out solid news , the stock announced major news and there is buying into the stock again with the share structure changing which means less available shares and the press release about getting current on pink sheets this should be over .01 soon

Healthnostics, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HNSS
) issued U.S. News Company a six month option to purchase 10 million shares of Healthnostics, Inc. common stock at $.015 per share and a one-year option to purchase an additional 10 million shares at $.03 per share. Upon purchase, these shares will be restricted for one year. Meanwhile, U.S. News is free to make open market purchases. These options were granted in conjunction with the Healthnostics-U.S. News joint venture previously announced.

EXTO (Exit Only Group) .005 the stock recently went on a surge from triple zero to reach .008 close to .01 range the stock since pulled back and appears to be making the next leg , look for a possible entry this may be a great opportunity to buy in most likely break .0080 resistance second time around


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

CMEY (Cmoney Inc Com) .015 the stock went as low as .0061 then bounced to .015 close , market maker vert was driving the price down but the stock rallied late in trading day to close at .015 the stock was .07 , this should be on watch for a bounce play

BRZL (Brazos Intl Expl Inc) .0085
the stock saw 1.26 million shares traded last news released was on acquisition of Renfro Energy LLC finalization of this acquisition is slated for March  31 2011 , this could see some volume keep on watch:

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BRAZOS INTERNATIONAL EXPLORATION, INC. (OTCBB:BRZL.ob - News), today announced the company has executed a Definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement to purchase Renfro Energy, LLC, a Dallas based independent oil company with significant oil and gas assets in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.
Closing is scheduled to occur on or before March 31, 2011, and shortly thereafter, an aggressive production enhancement and developmental drilling program will be initiated. With this acquisition, BRZL will acquire an oil producing property with potential development and exploration oil reserves exceeding one million barrels based on subsurface well control and Three Dimensional Seismic data.
Mr. James R. Renfro, currently Managing Member of Renfro Energy and slated to act as CEO of BRZL once the acquisition is complete, is enthusiastic about the company’s future. He states that if significant oil production and reserves are proven, access to the capital markets and third party financing sources will enable BRZL to create significant asset growth through exploitation, development, exploration, and acquisition.
Mr. Renfro has over 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, has owned and managed several oil and gas companies including both private and public companies. Through his MBA from The University of Chicago and Engineering degree from the University of Kentucky, Mr. Renfro has worked for companies such as Exxon Company USA, Dean Witter Morgan Stanley, Shell Oil, and EnCap Investments. His blend of Wall Street and engineering experience has prepared him well to assume leadership of BRZL.

CTCC (Capital City Co) .01 the stock was as low as .007 then quickly shot up to .011 the stock is thin and these prices are a great opportunity

SLRW (Solarbrook Water and Power) .0012
today the stock saw big buys at .0012 with just a 750 million A/S and 80 million float this stock will hit our short term target .003 , expecting financials per last PR

Monday, March 21, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

CAVR (Cavu Resources, Inc) .03
the stock is trading in a full upward trend, increasing volume , today the company released news and with geo -political happenings around the world, specifically crisis in Libya this stock should be on most investors watch list. This oil/gas stock has potential to hit .10 short term

Press Release Source: CAVU Resources Inc. On Monday March 21, 2011, 6:00 am EDT
TULSA, OK--(Marketwire - 03/21/11) - CAVU Resources, Inc. ("CAVU"), which trades as (Pinksheets:CAVR - News) today announced the company has entered into an agreement with Energy Revenue America, LLC, a Texas limited liability, ("Energy") to purchase 100% of the outstanding shares of Envirotek Fuel Systems, Inc., ("Envirotek").
CAVU will sell 539 shares of common stock of Envirotek for $ 2.1 million in cash and $400,000 of stock in Energy's newly restructured company. The sale represents one hundred percent (100%) of the authorized and outstanding common stock of the Envirotek. The sale includes the acquisition of the Envirotek's Pipeline and all related leases and assets. Energy has also agreed to enter into an agreement with CAVU's subsidiary, CAVU Energy Services, LLC to manage, rework and drill 100 wells on Envirotek's existing 3100 acres of oil and gas leases. Envirotek's existing contracts and all operating personnel will remain place and will not change as a result of the acquisition. This transaction calls for a June 1, 2011 closing.
"This sale allows CAVU to focus on new acquisitions, its existing oil and gas properties and continue to participate in the growth of Envirotek in the Future. This is the best of all scenarios. CAVU will also be able to pay down CAVU's existing debt, settle any outstanding issues and invest its own funds in targeted projects like Envirotek, which can insure our future growth," said William C. Robinson, CAVU's President.

CTCC ( CityCapital CP) .0098 the stock has been driven down on panic selling , the stock mentioned at .0136 rallied and hit .029 but quickly came back down .016 , I think this was caused by panic sellers, the float was confirmed at 38 million and before that was last known at 18 million, I do not believe this was any different from last run from .0136 -.029 , since then CTCC has announced news of 1.2 million of revenue from acquisition that went unheard. I believe CTCC will surprise many in weeks to come

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 03/16/11) - City Capital Corporation (Pinksheets:CTCC - News) today announced that its recently formed subsidiary ERX Energy, LLC, has completed revenues in excess of $1,200,000 for the month of February, primarily from Fortune 100 companies. In addition, ERX Energy has signed a new solar project. Specializing in commercial, industrial, municipal and solar roofing applications and integration, ERX Energy continues to service all the solar and roofing needs of the Northeast.
Jeffrey Smuda, Chief Executive Officer of City Capital Corporation, stated, "This first full month of revenues for our newly formed subsidiary marks a solid beginning for the new direction of City Capital Corp. Backlog is solid, and solar project bidding continues to increase as the year progresses."

UNDT (Universal Detection Technology) .0016 the stock has been seeing serious volume , with ties to radiation technology and news of co. aiding in helping Japanese  during earthquake and Nuclear power plant meltdowns this stock has been getting notice today announced deal after hours:

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - 03/21/11) - Universal Detection Technology ( (OTC.BB:UNDT - News), a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies that protect against biological, chemical, and radiological threats, announced today that it has signed an agreement for radiation detection distribution in Japan. Precision Technologies PTD, will give UNDT an on the ground marketing presence in Japan.
Concerns over food contaminated by radiation from areas surrounding the troubled nuclear plant in Fukushima spread beyond Japan's borders on Monday morning, with world health officials warning of the potential dangers posed by the tainted food.
World Health Organization officials told reporters Monday that Japan should act quickly to ban food sales from areas around the damaged nuclear plant, saying radiation in food is more dangerous than radioactive particles in the air because of accumulation in the human body.
"Walking outside for a day and eating food repeatedly are two different things. This is why they're going to have to take some decisions quickly in Japan to shut down and stop food being used completely from zones which they feel might be affected," WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said, according to the Associated Press.

PRGJ  (PRG Group).006 the stock saw surge in volume and closing at high of the day , there were chances of buying this on .004 range, the stock looks to be closing in .01 DGLP another stock had a similar type run during trading these past few trading days traded from .004 and today hit high of .012 watch PRGJ for similar type run.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Watchlist for Monday

EGOC (Energy1 Co) .0012
this stock has come back down to buying range with a small share structure , this energy stock has potential of nice gains from these levels, watch for another entry here , the company is awaiting news on 2 patents

SLRW (Solarbrook Water and Power) .0012
the stock recently hit a 52 week bottom of .0008 and recently started getting increase in volume , keep this on radar for some more gains, with tragedy in the pacific along with a higher demand in alternative energy this stock can post a nice rally the float is only 80 million shares

BGOI ( Bonanza Oil) .0018
with oil prices still increasing and recent geo political news concerning Libya this stock can post gains watch for entry