Friday, October 10, 2014

Hidden Gem play , Real revenues and last run saw .001-.009 800%

MTPR (Metapower Inc) 

Contact Info
5300 MacArthur Blvd
Suite 201
Vancouver, WA 98861

Phone: 360-450-4209

Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,968,240a/o Sep 16, 2014
Shares Outstanding 1,968,240,013 a/o Mar 31, 2014
Float 161,597,158 a/o Aug 31, 2012
Authorized Shares 2,200,000,000a/o Mar 31, 2014
Par Value0.001

Business Description:

MetaPower, Inc. is a management-consulting and technology firm dedicated to harnessing the power of Business Process, Technology, and Work Culture Reform. We are passionate about helping clients achieve maximum sustained production within the bounds of safety and environmental best-practice. Our solutions are based on the fundamental recognition that performance is a direct function of:

- Leadership
- Workforce Culture
- Process Efficiency
- Regulatory Compliance

No reverse split after 2008

Total Annual Revenue $15.8 million

Share Structure has not changed in last 4 years

Insiders holding more than 1.8 billion shares for the last 4 years. 

Total revenue: $3.3 million

Metapower Product

MetaPower currently holds four US Patents and several international patents on the technology that we call UCoDA (Universal Control-based Data Architecture). Since the release of UCoDA we have made continuous improvements to our software, providing ever-increasing productivity, flexibility, and simplicity. Now in its 5th generation, our revolutionary "Business Process Workstation" automates the development of customized business process applications for clients.

How you might use UCoDA:
Performance Management 
Common Experiences
Event Actions

Design Management 
Design Changes
Design Actions

Work Management 
Work Orders
Time Keeping
Work Actions

UCoDA currently integrates with:
Actuate* for report writing
Visual FoxPro* for report writing
A variety of PDF converters for attaching documents
Oracle* 9i+ as the relational database
Microsoft SQL Server* as the relational database
Microsoft Internet Explorer* 6.0+

MTPR Recent News:

May 5, 2014 MetaPower International, Inc. Announces Restructuring
Apr 23, 2014 MetaPower International, Inc. Announces Layoffs
Feb 18, 2014 MetaPower International, Inc. Announces New Chairman of the Board and New President and CEO

Company will be more profitable with restructuring after layoffs. New CEO also.

Must Watch Video

METAPOWER'S Path To Culture
METAPOWER'S Path To Culture

MTPR back to scene of the crime chart

Key Points 

-Low float 
-Bottom confirmation breaks scene of the crime range
-Last run saw .001-.009
-Million dollar revenues and assets 
-New website
-Thin Level 2, with a .01 potential

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Low share structure MMA stock poised for .018 return from .0013

APHD (Appiphany Tech) 

Contact Info
2368 Second Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (205) 864-5377

APHD Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $34,284 a/o Oct 06, 2014
Shares Outstanding 20,167,277 a/o Mar 21, 2014
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares 250,000,000 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Par Value

Our Business

Appiphany Technologies is a digital media corporation specializing in advanced mobile device applications. The vision of Appiphany is to be a market leader as a technology entertainment company that blends the physical and virtual worlds with each product.

SEC Filings released Sep 2014

10-Q Sept 29, 2014Jul 31, 2014 Click Here 

Video Due Diligence and Market Trend 2.0

Market Trend 2.0 MMA Market Boom APHD MMA Stock
Market Trend 2.0 MMA Market BoomAPHD MMA Stock

Wedge Pattern on Chart

Key Points 

-MMA Billion Dollar Industry
-low share structure 
-10 Q released last week company is active 
-Triangular Wedge Pattern Trade 
-Wedge pattern .008 -.018 potential

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MDIN Marijuana stocks are the Trend Before the Nov Marijuana voting takes place

MDIN (Med Gen Inc)

Marijuana Vote Coming for Legalization Nov 2014

MDIN Video Due Diligence 

Legalizing Marijuana - MDIN
Legalizing Marijuana -
Business Description

Northstar Global Business Services, Inc., owns and operates MedGen Health Products, a division set up to continue the company's original mission to manufacture, sell and license healthcare products, specifically to the market for alternative therapies (health self-care). The Company's flagship product to date has been SNORenz(R), a throat spray which reduces or eliminates the sounds ordinarily associated with snoring. SNORenz(R) is free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Share Structure
Shares Outstanding 1,497,814,753a/o Jun 30, 2014
Float 1,199,054,852a/o Mar 31, 2014
Authorized Shares 1,500,000,000a/o Jun 30, 2014

Contact Info
20 Peachtree Ct.
Suite 103G-1
Holbrook, NY 11741

Phone: 877-571-4387

News on 09/04: Northstar Announces Snorenz Medicated Launch, CyanaBar Update

Snorenz Medicated product Launch at Cannabis cup: 

CYANABAR Product Launch at cannabis cup: 

Snorenz Medicated sold through Kushcreams:

MDIN MMJ products deals with Major MMJ Player Kushcreams. Products sold in over 40 dispendaries now.

Company Letter to Shareholders on 09/15/2014:

Major Advertisement coming for Snorenz. For Cyanabar, company looking for a famous Athlete for the Advertisement.

Deals with Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Drugstore etc

Company expected revenue for the year over $600K without Target and walmart deals

MDIN FDA Approved products: 
Snorenz and other products being sold in the below major retailers online 

QCI Direct:  
Also new Product Muscle Builder being sold in all these stores. 

All their products in Look at the ratings.


 Key Points

-Over 16 million bid at .0006
-Breaks wedge pattern closed above .0007 and high of the day close bullish
-Next Test .0021 than .0043 retest
-Marijuana stock and Billion Dollar Market Boom 2014
-Bottom Master Support Weekly
-Nov 1,2014 Legalize Marijuana Vote 
-Pending news on Snorenz, Cyanabar and Kush Kreme Cannabis Cup Updates
-Sold in Amazon and Walgreens and major Drug stores
-At 52 week lows 

Pivot .0013
Potential .0043-.01
Breakout Range .0043

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Watch List now posted $AAPH Bullish Flag $BTZO .0007 Bullish reversal tail (Rounded Bottom, Cup Handle)

AAPH (American -Petro Hunter) 


Contact Info
250 N. Rock Rd.
Suite 365
Wichita, KS 67206
 Phone: (316) 201-1853

AAPH Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1$138,155a/o Sep 18, 2014
Shares Outstanding81,267,441a/o Nov 14, 2013
FloatNot Available
Authorized SharesNot Available
Par Value0.001

Overview and Catalyst

 A low share structure stock that has been under major bottom accumulation, the stock saw 2 bullish reversal days last week testing the 52 week low master support at .001 while closing high of the day at .0015, signaling a bottom. With recent Geo Political Tensions in the Middle East along with expected higher energy prices AAPH could see a sizable run, Currently trading above the 20 MA and could break .0018 50 MA following days which is also holding a bullish flag pattern 

Business Description

 AMERICAN PETRO-HUNTERis a goal-oriented exploration and production (E&P) Company aiming to become an intermediate level oil and gas producer within 12 months.

We believe that continued industry growth through the development and exploration of conventional domestic oil and gas reserves will provide the essential near-term stabilizing backbone and primary driver towards an American made economic recovery and restoration of our vital financial system to prosperity.

 With the achievable target of becoming a 1000 BOE producer as our goal, American Petro-Hunter is actively on the "hunt" for domestic petroleum through exploration and acquisition.



American Petro-Hunter Significantly Reduces Senior Secured Debt and Announces Change in Corporate Strategy
Wednesday, March 05, 2014

American Petro-Hunter Announces Drilling Permit Approved by K.C.C. for Mississippi-Osage Horizontal Oil Well in Rice County, Kansas 
Thursday, December 19, 2013

American Petro-Hunter Announces Permit Application Submission for Mississippi-Osage Horizontal Oil Well in Rice County, Kansas 
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

American Petro-Hunter Closes Agreement to Acquire 15,000 Acres in Rice and Reno Counties, Kansas and Launches Direct Investment Program
Wednesday, November 06, 2013

American Petro-Hunter Updates Progress on 15,000 Acre Mississippi Lime Land Package in Rice and Reno Counties, Kansas Acquisition 
Wednesday, October 09, 2013

 Bullish Flag pattern on chart Breakout Levels 


 Key Points

-Billion Dollar Energy Sector
-Bullish Flag Pattern setup
-low share structure
-reduced debt 
-Potential acquisitions pending key oil reserves 

Potential .0052-.007
Breakout Range .007
Hold Medium to Long term Hold

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BTZO Huge news out Going LONG from 52 week lows

BTZO (Bitzio Inc) now Democratique Brand


Contact Info
20152 S. Gilmore Street
Winnetka, CA 91306
  Phone: 213-489-1377

Share Structure
Market Value1$193,387a/o Aug 29, 2014
Shares Outstanding276,266,617a/o Apr 08, 2014
FloatNot Available
Authorized Shares2,000,000,000a/o Apr 10, 2014
Par ValueNo Par Value
Financial Reporting/Disclosure
Reporting StatusU.S. Reporting: SEC Filer
Audited FinancialsAudited
Latest ReportJun 30, 2014 10-Q
Fiscal Year End12/31
OTC MarketplaceOTC Pink Current
Overview and Catalyst

 A low share structure stock that has been under major bottom accumulation, the stock saw 2 bullish reversal days last week testing the 52 week low master support at .0005 while closing high of the day at .0007, signaling a bottom. With recent news on 2 latest acquisitions Lexi Luu and E-Motion Apparel this is now a revenue streaming company Lexi Luu revenues exceeded 600,000 annually. The company is awaiting next acquisition ZMJ Denim Plus size Trendy Fashions, which is estimated to be 7.5 billion industry and estimated forecast by 2017 is 9.7 billion industry

Business Description

Bitzio, Inc. (OTCQB: BTZO) started as a mobile app development business leveraging celebrity and athlete followings. With its learning's from the celebrity market, in mid-2013, Bitzio shifted its focus to fashion with a unique Los Angeles-based apparel incubation model under the name Democratique. Uniquely qualified to identify promising apparel brands, Democratique accelerates these emerging brands with its access to capital, extensive industry experience, centralized operations and established manufacturing and distribution channels.

Released Major News Today Sep 16,2014:



Bitzio Continues Growth and Successful Integration of Acquired Brands

Sep 16, 2014 ( via COMTEX) -- LOS ANGELES, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 09/16/2014 - - Bitzio, Inc. (OTCQB: BTZO) (OTC Pink: BTZO) (PINKSHEETS: BTZO), a fashion company operating under the name Democratique, is pleased to provide an update on its successful operational integration of their two recently acquired brands, Lexi Luu Designs, Inc. and E-Motion Apparel, Inc. Lexi Luu Designs provides children's dancewear and E-Motion Apparel is a casual and resort wear line for women.
Under the new leadership of Chief Executive Officer H. J. Blanchette, Bitzio continues the successful implementation of its business model, leveraging the strengths of its centralized organizational operations and distribution channels. Most recently, E-Motion Apparel, Inc joined Lexi Luu Designs in its partnership with, establishing a notable foundation for the brand's e-commerce presence. Additionally, to further consolidate resources, Lexi Luu Designs is transitioning operations to the Southern California area, whereby both brands will be operating in the same location, sharing all operational resources.

"Integrating the two brands has paved the way for greater efficiency and cross distribution opportunities that would otherwise consume a substantial amount of resources to develop. Operating as a joint team under the Bitzio umbrella, positions our brands for noteworthy gains in a fraction of the time," commented Hubert Blanchette, co-founder of Lexi Luu and Chief Executive Officer of Bitzio.
Furthermore, Bitzio recently secured additional financing with its existing institutional investor. This relationship, along with Bitzio's newly executed investment banking partner, Pyreness Investments, LLC, has provided Bitzio brands with the capital for continued progress. "Together with our funding partners and the merging of the brands' infrastructure and financials, it's a new playing field that dramatically changes the game for us," commented Marilu Brassington, Bitzio's CFO and co-founder of E-Motion Apparel, Inc.
Recent News

Jul 22, 2014 ( via COMTEX) -- LOS ANGELES, CA , United States, via eTeligis Inc., 07/22/2014 - - Bitzio , Inc. (OTCQB: BTZO), a fashion company operating under the name Democratique, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of 100% of Lexi Luu Designs, Inc. and E-Motion Apparel, Inc. Lexi Luu Designs provides children's dancewear under the Lexi Luu brand name, and E-Motion Apparel is a casualwear line for women. Concurrent with the transactions, Bitzio appointed Hubert Blanchette as Chief Executive Officer, replacing Gordon McDougall who resigned from both his executive and board level positions.

"With the addition of Lexi Luu and E-Motion, we now have solidified core operating assets that have a history of solid fundamental performance, providing us with a strong foundation on which to execute our business strategy," commented Hubert Blanchette, co-founder of Lexi Luu and newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Bitzio.

Mr. Blanchette is a fashion industry and executive veteran with experience in both public and private markets. In September 2010 he founded Lexi Luu, which designs, manufacturers and wholesales dance wear and active wear for girls. Its head manufacturing facility is located in Mesa, Arizona. In 2013, Hub led Lexi Luu to just shy of $600k in revenue, representing a 30% year over year increase. Sales to retailers and wholesale distributors historically represented all of Lexi Luu's sales; however, online sales to retail customers commenced in March 2011 and have increased to the point where they now represent roughly 43% of total sales. The transition was accomplished without use of advertising through 2013.



Catalyst: The company has just acquired 2 revenue producing companies ( E-Motion Apparel and Lexi Luu Designs) now looking to finalize the ZMJ Denim Deal , recently updated and launched its website with several companies in Jewelry and also in clothing industry.



Key Points

-At 52 week lows (Bullish reversal Tail)
-low share structure
-Released Updated news Sep 16, 2014 on the recent acquisitions worth over 1 million annually 
-Recent 2 acquisitions and expecting ZMJ Denim Deal catalyst
-Recent website launch 
-Fully Reporting OTCBB with recent Filings as of Aug 2014
-numerous sources of streaming revenues from multiple Clothing and Jewelry acquisitions

Pivot .0009
Potential .002-.004
Breakout Range .0018
Hold Medium to Long term Hold

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Watch List for Sep 15,2014

WLOC (Willow Creek )

Contact Info
P.O. Box 456
Pacific Palisades, CA 90277
Phone: 208-342-6000
Business Description
The company is involved in acquiring and operating mines in the U.S. It looks for opportunities to expand its offerings into other natural resource areas.

Additionally, the company seeks opportunities to leverage its operations in each area to encompass processing for others in the industry in the area who have the resources and the capability to extract resources.

The company is currently engaged in seeking additional opportunities to expand.

WLOC (Willow Creek Enterprises)  bottom accumulation continued and looks like it could break anytime soon , monitoring the Level2  the stock is thin on the ask watch for the breakout above .002 like we saw the RSII and also the VIIC trade this stock could see a significant move with any buy pressure.  Recent filings shows that the company is active and any news updates could see a major rally previous 52 week high is .0069 thats 500% potential
WLOC Security Details

Share Structure
Market Value1$386,538a/o Sep 05, 2014
Shares Outstanding297,337,040a/o Aug 12, 2014
FloatNot Available
Authorized Shares300,000,000a/o Nov 05, 2013
Par Value0.00025



WLOC (Willow Creek )  this is a low share structure stock that has been under bottom accumulation has yet to close below that master support at .001, now the stock has closed and confirmed above that 20 and 50 Day Moving avg .0014. On the chart you have a gap fill .003-.0035 range then .0069 thats about 200-400% potential



Key Points

-Closed above .0014 Previous pivot 2 consecutive times 
-Bullish weekly and daily chart close near high of the day and week
-Low ss zero dilution
-Level 2 is thin 
-Closed above that 20 MA and pivot .0014
-Gap to fill at .003-.0035
-Bottom consolidation
-Thin L2
-Potential .005-.01

Monday, September 8, 2014

TNEN (True North Energy)


Contact Info
24624 I-45 North #200
Spring, TX 77386
 Phone: 281-719-1996
Share Structure
Market Value1$377,580a/o Sep 05, 2014
Shares Outstanding235,987,798a/o Jul 31, 2014
Float41,343,559a/o Nov 11, 2013
Authorized Shares750,000,000a/o Jan 31, 2014
Par ValueNo Par Value


True North Energy Corporation, incorporated in April 2004, is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and gas properties located throughout the United States. It holds assets in Alaska and Colorado.

True North's strategy is to continue to build its operations under a two phased approach.
Phase I includes establishing an operating technical team; acquiring producing assets to activate the production side of business; and acquiring development and low risk acreage.
Phase II focuses on acquiring production and leasehold in low risk proven fields and implement workover and drilling programs including activating behind pipe, "stranded," reserves; increasing operational efficiency; and drilling infill locations on proven fields.

True North has held assets in Alaska, Texas and Colorado. The company's principal assets consisted of oil and gas leases covering approximately 35,000 acres in the Cook Inlet (25,000 acres) and Beaufort Sea (North Slope) (10,000 acres) areas of Alaska. In September 2007, the Company completed the acquisition of Prime Natural Resources Inc.'s interests in the Devon Fee Gas Unit and the O'Leary Gas Unit No. 1 in Brazoria County, Texas. In June 2007, the Company acquired certain oil and gas interests and properties in northwest Colorado in an area covering more than 17,000 acres. At the time of acquisition, these oil and gas interests had no production. True North held a 100% working interest in the leases comprising part of the acquired assets.
On 2011, the Company sold all property interests with the exception of Overriding Royalty Interest on properties in Alaska, 0.25%, and Colorado, 0.375%.
True North is actively seeking to expand its portfolio of assets.


TNEN (True North Energy )  this is a low share structure stock that has been under bottom accumulation has yet to close below that master support at .0012, now the stock has closed and confirmed above that 20 and 50 Day Moving avg .0016. With a weaker dollar and Global uncertainty it is expected to see Gas and Oil prices surge in 2014. With the U.S getting away form Middle eastern Oil , Alaska is a big producer and True North has Oil acquisitions in Alaska and Colorado. With only 40 million float any buy pressure could see a significant move higher


Latest News (Taps Into the China Market)


SPRING, Texas, June 10, 2014/PRNewswire/ -- True North Energy Corp. ("True North") (OTC Pink: TNEN)

is pleased to announce 
that it plans to segregate its existing overriding royalty interests (ORRIs) in the Cook Inlet and Beaufort Sea areas of Alaska and northwest Colorado, into a new subsidiary and plans to pursue additional acquisitions, funding permitting. In addition, the company has established a wholly-owned Hong Kong subsidiary, Marco Capital Limited. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Marco Capital Limited is planned to explore emerging market, includingChina, opportunities in various industries. CEO Gilbert Steedley states, "This investment diversification is in the best interest of the shareholders as it exposes the company to a wide range of opportunities. We feel very confident these strategic moves and continuation of our business plan, funding permitting, will allow us to increase shareholder value."


Key Points

-Recent news tapping into the Billion dollar China Market
-Closed above that 20 and 50 MA .0016
-Energy Sector Major Market Trend 2014 with Geo-Political Instability Middle east
-Bottom consolidation with Wedge pattern broken 
-Major Oil and Gas Acquisitions Alaska and Colorado
-Pivot .0024
-Potential .005-.01

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

$TXTM (Pro Text) next $VIIC (.001-.015)?

TXTM (Pro Text Mobility)


Protext Mobility is a premium mobile solutions provider and applications developer. Our mission is to provide robust and innovative solutions to the fast-growing mobile communications market for the consumer and enterprise.

Our products are designed for mobile devices, providing parents and corporations, solutions to help manage their children's / employee's mobile communications activities.

We have built a proprietary & feature rich, mobile messaging platform. The robust and flexible feature set can be customized and applied to various vertical markets. The solutions are scalable and can be tailored to meet the specific demands or needs of a large, end user base. The current solutions were developed out of the need for, and desire of, the parent and/or enterprise to gain necessary insight and visibility into their children's/employees use of today's mobile technology.

The mobile solutions we've developed on our platform for the direct to consumer market utilizes our patent pending ProtextSmartMessenger to provide parents peace of mind as it relates to the 3 most serious dangers a child may encounter as they use mobile devices...Bullying, Sexting and Distracted Driving.

We have bundled certain features and released them under SafeText and DriveAlert . The mobile solutions for the enterprise/corporate compliance are marketed under CompliantWireless, with consumer solutions marketed under FamilyMobileSafety.


TXTM (Pro Text Mobility)  this is a post reverse split stock that has been under heavy consolidation from that .0008-.001 level for quite some time now the stock closed at high of the day and approaches key pivot break with only  112 million outstanding shares as of Aug 19,2014 this stock has great potential for a much higher move. I am a firm believer of buying these stocks when they are beaten down and give key signals of a reversal and this stock is a prime example of this sentiment. Recent news shows that the company is actively pursuing contracts and just had a 40,000 in initial sales with Car dealership:


Protext Mobility Announces Distribution Agreement With Bay Ridge Honda/Volvo/Volkswagen of New York
Protext Mobility Announces Distribution Agreement With Bay Ridge Honda/Volvo/Volkswagen of New York

Protext Mobility Announces Distribution Agreement With Nissan of Queens to Sell Distracted Driving Solution

Company's Distracted Driving Product to Be Sold at Major Queens Dealership

DELRAY BEACH, FL, Jul 01, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Protext Mobility (OTC Pink: 
TXTM) (PINKSHEETS: TXTM), a developer of innovative and trusted applications for the mobile communications market, is pleased to announce that the Company has executed a distribution agreement with Nissan of Queens, a premier auto dealership selling in excess of 300 cars per month. Pursuant to the agreement Protext's distracted driving solution, DriveAlert, will be marketed and sold to customers at Nissan of Queens with prominent advertising in strategic areas throughout the facility. This is Protext's fourth distribution agreement and a total of seven auto dealership groups in the NYC Tri-State area.

"As the dangers of distracted driving increase in the national spotlight, so has the amount of interest in DriveAlert from the auto dealer industry," noted Steve Berman, CEO of Protext Mobility. "There has been a direct call to action from the American public for a way to prevent the tragedies that we hear about every day. We are very proud to be able to use our technology for important products, such as DriveAlert, and to team up with major dealerships like Nissan of Queens and be a part of the solution to a very preventable problem."
Mr. Berman continued, "The Company continues to expand its point of sale distribution through the auto-dealership market with additional contractual negotiations ongoing, around the country. Importantly, we are seeing new distribution and joint marketing opportunities develop within the auto-insurance business. This multi-billion dollar market represents a huge market for distracted driving prevention as automobile ownership and auto-insurance go hand and hand. We believe the Insurance vertical presents significant opportunities for Protext as carriers begin to roll-out new discount programs where insured motorists can qualify for safe driver discounts by installing a permanent distracted driving solution like our DriveAlert product."

Protext Mobility Auto-Dealership Distributors Announce Positive Initial Sales of Company's Distracted Driving Solution
Company's Turnkey Auto-Dealer Model Adding Value to Dealership Revenues

DELRAY BEACH, FL, Aug 04, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) - Protext Mobility (OTC Pink: TXTM) (PINKSHEETS: TXTM), a developer of innovative and trusted applications for the mobile communications market, is pleased to announce that the Company's Auto-Dealer distributors are reporting solid sell through and positive initial sales for its distracted driving solution, DriveAlert. Since commencement in the second quarter, the Company's auto-dealer distributors as a whole have reported gross sales directly from DriveAlert in excess of $40,000. Protext has created a turnkey solution for the Auto-Dealers industry, which allows distributors to start increasing dealership revenue per vehicle sold, immediately.TXTM Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1$123,275a/o Aug 29, 2014
Shares Outstanding112,068,325a/o Aug 19, 2014
Float104,354,116a/o Aug 19, 2014
Authorized SharesNot Available
Par ValueNot Available

 CEO States what TXTM does when it was trading at .08


Stopping Texting While Driving, ProText CEO Steve Berman describes his company's new technology
Stopping Texting While Driving, ProText CEO Steve Berman describes his company's new technology


Key Points

-At 52 week lows post reverse split with only 112 million o/s and 104 million float
-Recent news on contract with gross sales of over 40k
-Bottom consolidation with Wedge pattern
-New website and updated 
-Pivot .0018
-Potential .0049-.02