Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

SUGO .0074
today the stock gave opportunity to add as low as .0051 before closing at .0074 the stock looks oversold and with Gold being strong and pending a 15 million funding news we could see this trading over .01 soon

SIRG .008 opportunity to add as low as .005 and today the stock closed at .008 another Gold/Copper stock that has given opportunity for multiple gains , we expect this to trade over .01 soon low share structure and Gold continuing to rise we should see a rally and a test of .017

SPAH .0007 today this gold stock touched .0009 from .0005 entry for another .60-80% gain this low share structure and ties to gold mining stock has given multiple times for profits, recent filings and also letter of attorney in order to get current status, this Gold stock has .002 -.003 potential

LDPP .0045 today saw over 2 million shares traded the company is current and recently released 10Q financials, which went unheard, stating that assets and revenue exceed liability , this stock is valued at .02 per share according to 10Q financials today the stock traded as high as .0065 before closing at .0045 , interest is slowly coming into the stock we could see the beginning of a multiple day run :

LDPP(2011/08/31) - Todays trading
First Sale Last Sale Price Diff Total Volume Total Sales # of Sales Average PPS
10:41:12 - $0.0045 13:36:12 - $0.0054 ($81.00) 0.0009 (20.00%) 1,996,599 $11,031.97 50 $0.00553
Price Shares Total $ % of Total Vol

0.0035 23,000 $80.50 1.15%
0.004 50,000 $200.00 2.50%
0.0045 125,334 $564.00 6.28%
0.005 264,966 $1,324.83 13.27%
0.0051 5,000 $25.50 0.25%
0.0054 195,000 $1,053.00 9.77%
0.0055 595,900 $3,277.45 29.85%
0.0059 332,066 $1,959.19 16.63%
0.006 115,333 $692.00 5.78%
0.0062 65,000 $403.00 3.26%
0.0063 50,000 $315.00 2.50%
0.0065 175,000 $1,137.50 8.76%


1. O/S 90 million and Float 19 million
2. Asstes $29 million and Liabilities $1 million -
3. Annual Revenue $3 million
4. Its always Current on Pinkshees. They file the documents regularly.
5. With the S/S and PPS, this looks way undervalued.
6. As per the last PR, R/M in works with healthcare company in Brazil No dilution. Look at L2.
8. 52 week high: 5 cents.
9. It ran from 0.007 to 5 cents with 2 million volume in Nov, 2010. The S/S remaisn the same. So with some volume, this can be easy 100 to 200% gainer.

Contact Info

•2301 Rosecrans Avenue
•Suite 3180
•El Segundo, CA, 90245
•Phone: 310-531-8226

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

BFHJ .0007
huge volume today the o/s seems maxed out and with volume we could see a nice rally , the company still pending acquisition news

GOHG .0003 today was at 100% hitting .0004 with light volume , watching the LEVEL 2 the stock has thinned out quite a bit we could see a nice rally from here

SUGO .0064
this stock we have seen the potential of this Gold stock ,near lows and adding here could be quite profitable the company is still pending 15 million dollar funding news

SIRG .0064
another junior mining stock that can post gains here we are watching for a possible reversal today closed green from .0059 close of yesterday


PELE .59 coming from a much anticipated weekend major success in first Pro Elite XC event , Regan Penn wins easily to become new face of Pro Elite with a 70 second submission,we believe this is only the start and price per share will soon reflect value of this company:

this silver stock continues to show value we alerted this .40 range and now trading at .70

Monday, August 29, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

BFHJ .0006
this appears to be bottom , adding this online casino stock here could prove profitable as we await acquisition news

LDPP .0045 we still remain confident on this stock as it's thin to .02 last 10Q shows the quality of the company along with zero dilution this will surprise many

EGOC .0009 we remain confident on this stock as it hit .001 and has a solid ss and has pending news on ExausTEK patent

WSGF .0052 watch for entry this stock has a low o/s and also low float could see run .02 today had volume

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Watchlist for Monday

Triple ZERO stocks:

GOHG .0003 this stock still awaiting merger news and funding we should see this trading alot higher at some point

BFHJ .0006 this stock is an online casino stock expecting acquisition news .0006 is a great entry for a starter position

EGOC .0008
the stock reached .001 should break away from triple zero soon, as it awaits news on patents and Exaust Tek technology


LOW FLOAT stocks

LDPP .0045
closed over 80% recently filed 10Q and shows revenue and assets and little liability , share structure unchanged and float only 19 million we should see .02 at some point

EXCS .0028
closed over 133% ON LOW VOLUME LEVEL 2 is thin and could see .01 with volume


Gold stocks to watch

SIRG .0059
this stock has retraced and traded as high as .017 days ago , with inflation this mining stock should post solid gains from here

SUGO .009
look for entry this gold stock awaiting 15 million funding and has a solid share structure should see a nice rally

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

SIRG (Sierra Resource Group) this gold stock has re traced and has had time to re load with gold recently re tracing has led to mining stocks get cheaper we still believe Gold stocks will trade alot higher , low ss and COPPER mining as well with inflation this will do well

SUGO (Sungro Minerals) .012 be patient and watch for entry low ss and also 15 million funding news pending this can be a great time to accumulate

"It was fun while it lasted, but it looks as though the gold trade is finally unwinding. The precious metal booked a record high close just two days ago, settling at $1,891.90 an ounce on Monday. Today it took a fast and furious 5.6% dive to close at $1,757.30/oz; its biggest single-day drop since March 2008. What's been curious about the recent rush to gold is that gold mining stocks weren't taken along for the ride higher. "There's long been a knock on the miners," says Ryan Detrick of Schaeffer's Investment Research. "Gold is making multi-year highs but the miners aren't."
A simple comparison chart shows spot Gold leading the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) by about 30% on a year-to-date and 1-year basis. But as relative strength in miners improves and the world's favorite safe haven plunges, Detrick says it might be time for "a catch-up buy."
There are many theories as to why the miners have lagged at a time when Gold and gold-linked funds like the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) have soared. "We're seeing that negative sentiment on gold miners in the options market. Analysts are wishy no means are analysts extremely bullish on miners. So there's contrarian thinking there," says Detrick. He points to Royal Gold (RGLD) as a favorite.
Even if gold continues to fall, the extracti0n cost for miners to get it out of the ground is well below what most pundits see as a possible downside target or support for gold, perhaps as low as a few hundred dollars an ounce. What that means is that profits and margins for the miners might take a hit, but they are still very secure.
"One thing we like on the GDX is that it just broke above that 0% year-to-date return level. We've done some studies...that's a positive," Detrick concludes.
If you're not convinced enough to chase gold, perhaps you'd be more comfortable joining in on the recovery of silver prices, which Detrick thinks will outperform gold. He says investors can simply play this through the iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV). "We are in the camp that silver is a safe haven and should break out to new highs," he says.

 LDPP .0035 this stock recently released 10Q and shows value to this low price stock , according to the 10Q this stock should be trading alot higher , I am a firm believer buying a stock when no one is watching , scroll down and we have full DD on stock


SPAH .0007

EXPU .0007

BFHJ .0009

GVDI .0006

Monday, August 22, 2011

Watch list for Tuesday


London Pacific & Partners, Inc. LDPP Bid .003 Ask .004


Asset: $29.5 million, Liabilities: 1 million. Stock Holders Equity: $28.5 million

Share Structure
Market Value1 $281,535 a/o Jun 30, 2011
Shares Outstanding 93,845,130 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Float 19,043,307 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Authorized Shares 200,000,000 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Par Value 0.001

Contact Info

2301 Rosecrans Avenue
Suite 3180
El Segundo, CA, 90245

Phone: 310-531-8226

Business Description

With offices in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, London and Mumbai, London Pacific & Partners, Inc. is an international private equity and corporate finance investor and advisor focused on the transformation of undervalued and growth companies in the healthcare, hospitality, and financial services sectors. The Company's website address is

London Pacific & Partners to Consider Preparation of Appeal of Regulatory Ruling Regarding Acquisition of Healthcare System in Brazil and Completion of Acquisition of Ana Costa
Apr 29, 2011

OTC Disclosure & News Service

El Segundo, CA -

LONDON PACIFIC & PARTNERS, INC. (PINK SHEETS: LDPP) (“London Pacific”), the international investment and management advisor, announced that the Sellers of Ana Costa , who have been in the process of seeking approval to transfer the licenses of Santos Adminstracao e Participacoes S.A., (“Ana Costa”) to an affiliate of London Pacific by ANS for over a year, have notified the Company that the license transfer by Nacional de Saude Suplementar (“ANS”), has been denied. Ana Costa is a private healthcare system, located in Santos, Brazil, comprised of three hospitals, eight clinics and an HMO health insurance plan.

London Pacific plans to consider an appeal to the ruling made by ANS denying the license transfer as well as to consider continuing its work with the Sellers of Ana Costa to complete the transaction.

Commenting on the ruling by ANS, Stuart Bruck, Executive Chairman of London Pacific, said, “We look forward to working towards a solution with the Sellers of Ana Costa including determining the best path to successfully appealing the recent decision by ANS. We believe that London Pacific has responded adequately to the ANS and the Sellers of Ana Costa and have provided the requested information in a reasonable and appropriate manner. Based on information received thus far, the Company believes that with ANS approval, completion of this transaction can still be pursued and looks forward to working with the Sellers of Ana Costa to complete the deal as planned.

May 25, 2011 Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information

May 16, 2011 Quarterly Report Mar 31, 2011 Active

OTC Disclosure Current

London Pacific & Partners, Inc. Has Four Synergistic Businesses:
1. HealthcareMORE

London & Pacific Healthcare (Los Angeles)
London & Pacific Healthcare Ventures
City & Westminster Advisers (London)
Yen Healthcare Advisors (Mumbai)


When do you have the opportunity to invest in one company, and profit from three companies at the same time?
With London & Pacific's subsidiaries, you can do just that.

1. HealthSPAC LLC acts as an incubator for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), which are "blank check" companies that go public with the intention of merging or acquiring a company with the proceeds of an IPO. London & Pacific eventually sells off each SPAC equity interest. HealthSPAC recently raised $5 million from Equus Total Return, Inc. (NYSE: EQS) to fuel its SPAC focused exclusively on opportunities in the explosive pharmaceutical services sector.

2. City & Westminster Advisers Limited provides comprehensive strategic and financial advisory services, successfully executing large M & A transactions and growth strategies for a number of companies.

3. And the newest addition to the family- Healthcare Fund Advisors, LLC leverages its parent's extensive network of financial resources, regulatory and management know-how to provide specialized buy-side sourcing and analysis services to clients that invest in the global healthcare sector.

What makes all of this a company ready to explode on the scene?









London -BasedyHealthcare Company
Founded London-based healthcare company.
Raised £750k ($1.35m) in private fund raising and then launched AIM listing on the London Stock Exchange at a market capitalization of £6.75m ($12.15m).
Increased Company market share to 55% of occupational healthcare products sold in the UK through acquisition of four additional companies.
Original investors contributed $350,000 in the period 1998 to 2000 and have thus far earned more than $9m in cash and are significant shareholders in the company.

Southeastern US-Based Healthcare Service Company
This company is a producer and distributor of innovative medical office-based treatments for cancer.
Developed business plan and assisted client with required management changes.
Secured working capital and obtained SEC approval for listing as a public company.

Community Hospital in Southern California
Client is a general acute care hospital in Southern California that was closed by its parent company, based on perceived continued financial losses and excess hospital service capacity within the market area.
Retained by community group to advise on and later to assist with their acquiring and reopening the facility; performed required financial and clinical feasibility studies; strategized with Hospital Board.
Negotiated with the City to extend land and building lease to community group at $1/year and to extend a loan to the hospital; obtained hospital equipment from original owner at no cost to client.
Secured $11m credit line, despite lack of facility operating history; obtained more than $3m in charitable contributions.
Reopened hospital despite being shuttered for one year; hospital is now in its fifth year of successful operation.

"The reasons I like this stock is its share structure and chart looks for a reversal , 52 week bottom is .0021, with success of SKZW and other low floaters we can se this move with a strong group , I think we load first get as much as we can and then slowly get this going , radio silent , acquisition of Brazil account can be catalyst and speculative , the ss is current as per last filing I have watched this for 2 weeks and no mm games the Level 2 is good IMHO , set small blocks on way up."

A stock we can compare this too is UYMG recently went from .003 -.02 range as of late, LDPP has a better ss and financials are better imho:


UYMG went from .003-.0275

ss Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,166,009 a/o Jul 07, 2011
Shares Outstanding 103,186,620 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Float 43,439,460 a/o Jun 30, 2010
Authorized Shares 240,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Par Value 0.001

:LDPP .0036 Share Structure

Market Value1 $337,842 a/o Jul 07, 2011
Shares Outstanding 93,845,130 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Float 19,043,307 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Authorized Shares 200,000,000 a/o Apr 30, 2011
Par Value 0.001

Value1 $467,721 a/o Jun 22, 2011
Shares Outstanding 584,651,267 a/o May 17, 2011
Float 403,523,267 a/o May 17, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o May 17, 2011

We have noticed the success of finding bottom dwellers , bounces and trend stocks, the Coin "buy set and forget stocks, we have seen that some tend to take time while others move rather quickly latest findings SAVW .001-.0027 , TITL .0006-.0014, DIII .0006-.0015 EGOC .0006-.0009 still going , we can see these stocks move and seeing that GOHG is at its 52 week low at .0003 be patient get filled , some like triple zero stocks albeit risky , they are also profitable , latest news LOI to acquire PURWorld and also bed bug infestation sector could be a nice catalyst

Recent stock chart

Today the stock had acquisition News :

Recent Headlines June 23, 2011, Global Holdings, Inc. Provides Corporate Update for Shareholders and Interested Parties FRISCO, TX, Jun 23, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) --Global Holdings, Inc. (pinksheets:GOHG) is happy to announce to its shareholders that the company is eagerly working on several items to bring the company current in its filings. As of June 16th, 2011, the quarterly financials have been posted to the OTCMarkets. CEO Terrance Tecco is also pleased to announce that the company's audit is near completion and will be available and filed shortly. Jun 14, 2011 Global Holdings, Inc. Enters Into Letter of Intent (LOI) With PURWorld Technologies to Manufacture and Distribute Proprietary Technology About PURWorld Technologies: PURWorld Technologies is a company that prides itself on finding innovative ways to save the environment by providing products that reduce the excessive use of water and the use of harsh toxic chemicals that constantly damage our environment. Products and applications are not only designed to minimize the time and effort spent on cleaning. They also provide invisible sustainable protective coatings that make surfaces easier to maintain. For more information please visit: http://

May 18, 2011 Global Holdings, Inc. Announcesto Shareholders Future Audit Filing Which Will Reinstate Them on the Bulletin Board Exchange Apr 26, 2011 Global Holdings and Aufbau Labs Team Up Against MRSA Staph Infections; American Medical Facilities Currently Spend $8 Billion Annually Treating Staph Infections Apr 25, 2011 Global Holdings, Inc. Enters Negotiations With Solite to Commercialize Their Patent Pending Technology Into the Daylight Harvesting Markets Apr 21, 2011 Global Holdings, Inc. Tackles the $75 Million Bed Bug Infestation Problem Attacking the US Tourism Industry Apr 21, 2011 Global Holdings, Inc. Joint Venture With Aufbau Laboratories, LLC to Advance Tea Kettles; 20,000 Kettles in Production Expected to Generate $500,000 in Revenue About Global Holdings, Inc.: Global Holdings, Inc.'sobjective is to acquire, partner with and promote advanced technologies through management coaching, effective intellectual property deployment, business networking and intelligent financial solutions. The company is a technology incubator that offers a specialized menu of support resources and services. Management believes it will accomplish its goal to maximize shareholder value through strategic acquisitions and effective business design.
GOHG Security Details Share Structure Market Value1 $467,721 a/o Jun 22, 2011 Shares Outstanding 584,651,267 a/o May 17, 2011 Float 403,523,267 a/o May 17, 2011 Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o May 17, 2011 Contact Info 3411 Preston Road Suite C-13-216 Frisco, TX , 75034 Website:
Phone: 972-712-8991 Email:

Sunday, August 21, 2011


SPAH .0009 Gold stock offers cheap entry when it breaks .0015 could see .002-.003 range watch for volume

DTRO .0006
this undervalue stock hit as low as .0002 before hitting a high of .0007 rumors of news and filings keep on watch

BFHJ .0008 Casino stock that is still pending acquisition very cheap we could see this trading .0016 range soon low ss for triple zero stock

EXPU .0007 trading extremely cheap we should see this trading double zero

GOHG .0003 very cheap shares being served , awaiting news on merger and funding when this hits will move fast

EGOC .0007 this energy stock awaiting news on patents low ss and updating to current status rumors of huge energy deal with trucking companies keep on watch

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gold Plays profit big this week big gains for our followers!

SIRG .006 -.015 over 130% this gold stock traded as low as .0018 and with gold stocks now getting more attention this will be a stock to keep an eye out , low share structure and with mining operations and news expected we could start seeing an uptrend

SUGO .0068-.0257 this gold stock offered as low as .0045 and the stock rallied close 200% this is gold stock that has a LOI for 15 million funding and has had issues with stock manipulation but the manipulation likely ended as this stock had huge multi day rally look for more gains

SPAH .0005-.0012 this gold stock low share structure and when gold surges this surges we are looking for a break of .0015 keep on watch as this stock just getting started :

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

SPAH .0012
our .0005 alert now over 100% gains with more gains to come, this gold stock had multiple opportunities to load. The low share structure and no dilution in today's trading and the gold stock closed at .0012 high of the day we may see a tapper in a.m With gold breaking new highs this stock should continue it's gains remember to lock in profits

SUGO .009 today the stock closed 50% green we sent out another alert via radiosilentplay twitter at .006 , we have come to the conclusion that when we alert picks be patient in getting filled if the stock is alerted at .01 and you intend to invest $300 , make an initial entry , get a position and add on any dip when we alerted this stock at .01 the stock traded to .0159 then fell and hit new low .0045 today the stock rallied and I believe the stock will continue it's rally as investors gain eyes on this stock. Many investors are looking into commodity stocks now and with GOLD and Silver on a tear these stocks will be at the top of there list

SIRG .013
close after hours again now this a stock to trade today on a dip hit .0088 then hit a high of .0159 for gains we sent this to members at .0068 range with opportunities to load as low as .006 ,  this stock is still being pushed with GOLD possibly breaking $2k mark this may follow with solid profits

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

SIRG (Sierra Gold) .0134
this stock has started it's reversal traded as high as .50 , this gold stock has been trending upwards from hitting new 52 week low, the share structure is low for a mining stock and the company has filed an extension for filings , we should be seeing news soon as increase in pps and volume has made this a stock to watch. With Gold reaching new highs and possibly breaking $2000 oz mark which many economist are predicting , mining stocks will do very well

SPAH ( Spectrum Holdings) .0008
this stock Very thin on Level 2 and recent updated filings and  share structure update shows this can make quite the move, gold companies like EMLL with huge ss have moved from .0004-.0015 range , I think looking at how thin this one trades we could see .002 range soon

PCFG .04 today some sell off but the gold stock had some buys could be profitable another gold stock to add to radar.

GVDI (Golden Valley Develop. Inc) .0032 this one opened as high as .07 and now sits at .0032 with a low of .0028 this maybe a good entry for a bounce keep on watch

RFMK .0024 huge buys today volume could be looking for a bounce

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

SUGO (Sungro Gold Exploration) .006 this gold stock awaiting funding news should see some gains , watch for entry as 52 week low being fished , solid share structure but mining stocks require funding in this economy these stocks can be highly profitable

SIRG (Sierra Gold Exploration) .0068 stock has been getting more and more volume , we should see this company should trade over .01 at some point

SPAH (Spectrum Holdings) .0006 very cheap gold stock very thin as the share structure is low we should see .001-.002 soon

Monday, August 15, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

SPAH (Spectrum Holdings) .0005 this gold stock has hit a new 52 week low of .0004 , with a updated share structure and also recent filings we should see this trade .001-.002 range soon the stock recently ran from .0007-.0018 range just weeks ago from filings and updated share structure, with Gold reaching new highs and trading at $1760 an oz along with uncertainties in the market we should see these gold stocks do very well.

Share Structure
Market Value1 $160,389 a/o Aug 15, 2011
Shares Outstanding 320,778,363 a/o Jul 27, 2011
Float 269,692,128 a/o Jul 27, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Jun 30, 2011
Par Value 0.001

GOHG ( Global Holdings) .0005 this stock gave opportunities to add as low as .0002-.0003 with a low share structure, new business plan and pending merger news and funding the stock now trades at .0005 which traded on moderate volume and closed high of the day we should see news soon and we could see .0015 -.0025 short term 
Share Structure
Market Value1 $292,326 a/o Aug 15, 2011
Shares Outstanding 584,651,267 a/o May 17, 2011
Float 403,523,267 a/o May 17, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o May 17, 2011

PELE (Pro Elite) .60 this company first mentioned at .04 range today closed at high of the day .60 still having issues with DTC , which is not a company issue but broker issue the stock has managed to climb on company value, this is the only major Mix Martial Art stock open to public trading , CBS and Viacom own restricted shares , the company made a bid for STRIKEFORCE but was outbid by Zuffa owners of UFC franchise, the company has since re invigorated it's MMA company signing top tier fighters like Andre Arlovski, Kendall Grove , Joe Riggs, and will debut the much anticipated younger brother of ex UFC and Brazilian jiu jitsu world Champion BJ Penn, Regan Penn, this event sold out in OAHU, HI at the Blaisdale arena , the stock looks to be under heavy accumulation and can reach $3-$6 target

(It will be interesting to see how Viacom’s vested interest in the company will translate into its promotion of ProElite)
By Mike Russell
It looks like the proclamation UFC president Dana White made a few months ago that CBS will likely go head-to-head with his promotion again in the near future was right on the money.
Sources close to the promotion that was recently brought back from the verge of death by Stratus Media Group, who acquired a 95 percent ownership stake of the company in June, have informed that ProElite is in the final stages of negotiations for a multi-year television deal with Viacom that will see its events broadcast on both Showtime and CBS starting in the first quarter of 2012.
Viacom owns 20 percent, or approximately 11,991,172 of the 59,955,862 outstanding shares of ProElite (PELE),  which are currently trading at 48 cents each after sitting at a penny for the past three years since EliteXC folded. At the height of EliteXC’s popularity, ProElite’s shares routinely traded at $15. A resurgence of the company aided by a deal with Viacom, would mean that for every dollar they can raise the stock purchase price by, the media conglomerate could stand to earn close to $12 million U.S.
In September 2008 Showtime Networks filed a public notice with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that stated their intention to enter into discussions to purchase ProElite to try to save the company from bankruptcy, but the deal never came to fruition. The company’s CEO at the time, Chuck Champion instead chose to sell off select limited assets, including fighter contracts and its extensive video catalogue to Strikeforce in an effort to bring the books back into the black, which he did with the transaction. Since then, the company, whose other assets include major stakes in the UK’s Cage Rage and Korea’s SpiritMC promotions, remained dormant until the Stratus Media acquisition brought it back from the ashes.
Showtime’s current deals with Strikeforce and M-1 will soon be over, effectively clearing the way for ProElite’s shows to be broadcast on its networks, which will in turn mean bigger name fighters signing with the promotion whose roster includes former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski, The Ultimate Fighter season 3 winner Kendall Grove and UFC veteran Joe Riggs.
M-1 has two events remaining on its current deal and it is rumored that it will feature recently released Strikeforce heavyweight and former PRIDE champion Fedor Emelianenko on at least one of them. Strikeforce’s three-year contract expires in February 2012, but according to a source we spoke to, it could end sooner if Showtime deems the quality of events the UFC sister promotion is putting on is less than expected.
ProElite 2.0′s first event under its new ownership and the leadership of former ICON Sport T. Jay Thompson and Strikeforce matchmaker Richard Chou will take place August 27 at the Blaisdell Arena in Waikiki, Hawaii. Although Thompson has stated that the promotion is not looking to compete with the UFC, the deal with CBS and Showtime will position ProElite to do just that in the near future.
We will have more on the situation as it develops.

EGOC (Energy 1 Co.) .0009 this stock is awaiting news on ExhaustTek technology and has been under accumulation from .0006 range the stock has a low share structure and is awaiting possible deal with Trucking Co, rumored FedEx has been mentioned the charts showing reversal we could see a breakout soon

Share Structure
Market Value1 $341,712 a/o Aug 15, 2011
Shares Outstanding 379,680,408 a/o Mar 31, 2010
Float 46,784,211 a/o Mar 31, 2010
Authorized Shares 400,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2010

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Watchlist for Monday

EMXC .0018 the company has been productive and has seen solid volume along with news of lowering a/s , and also dividends. The updates along with a Chart that is primed for a breakout after passing resistance of .0018 range we could see a double in this range, with slower markets , investors may flock to this stock: 

EGOC .0008 this company will definately be trading higher as its closer to getting current along with ExhaustTK patent will be in full works soon as per last news on website , huge accumulation showing in charts

 BFHJ .0007 very cheap as it is getting ready to announce acquisition  and released promotions via email , very cheap entry here :

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Yet another reason why is the #1 casino around!

GOHG .0003 very cheap shares , extremely cheap as it awaits news on merger and also funding we should see .001-.002 range at some point , very low ss and also news pending should see huge gain here

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chart of the Day: Gold and Silver Versus the U.S. Dollar

Chart of the Day: Gold and Silver Versus the U.S. Dollar

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Investors in the precious metals space are no doubt aware that the U.S. dollar has been on a steady decline versus its peers over the last several decades.  The Dollar Index, which tracks the USD against 6 other currencies, including the Japanese Yen and Swiss franc, recently came within a hairs breadth of making a new all-time low on July 26th, during the worst of the debt ceiling hysteria, at 73.45.  The all-time low for the index was hit in March of 2008 at 70.698, just before the mortgage meltdown of 2008.  On May 2nd of this year it hit 72.72 its low since 2008.  Over the last few days the US dollar has made a modest rebound to 74.3.  Unfortunately, this is still close to its all-time low, and compares unfavorably with its level at the start of the year of 80. today published a fairly comprehensive overview of the precious metals market.  Included in its analysis was the following chart from Bloomberg.  It shows the negative correlation of the US dollar with the performance of gold and silver since 2000. 

As can be seen, the dollar's depreciation has corresponded with the rise in gold and silver.  There are many factors which have been weighing on the dollar, but they can all largely be summarized as fiscal factors or monetary factors.  For instance, today's near magical recovery in U.S. equities corresponded with a Wall Street Journal report with former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Donald Kohn who indicated the Fed would certainly consider another round of quantitative easing if the U.S. economy continued to flag, and threats of deflation became pronounced.  Another round of quantitative easing would represent hundreds of billions of dollars of money printing by the Federal Reserve to buy Treasuries in an effort to drive already record low Treasury yields even lower.  For those that might not remember, QE2 was a $600 billion dollar affair. 

Additionally, the recently passed debt ceiling legislation has increased the Federal Government's credit card limit by a cool $2.4 trillion.  It should be no surprise that rising national debt levels correspond with a weaker national currency.  One need only ask Greece, Ireland, and Portugal.  Unfortunately for them, their participation in the EUR has prevented their currencies to weaken in response to their sky-high debt levels.  The EUR however, has indeed been under pressure.  The common refrain in financial markets regarding the EUR and the USD is that they are in a race to the bottom. 

Meanwhile, current budget deficit forecasts for the U.S. of 7%-8% in 2012 and 2013 rely on a 3% GDP forecast.  With the U.S. on the brink of entering a recession now, it seems highly likely that the 3% GDP forecast for 2012 and 2013 will be drastically cut in the weeks and months to come.  Combined with the end of fiscal stimulus, and some fiscal contraction thanks to the very modest deficit reduction measures in the debt ceiling legislation, U.S. budget deficits are likely to be closer to the current run-rate of 10% for the foreseeable future.

Collectively, monetary and fiscal policy outlooks for the U.S. suggests that weak US dollar trends will persist.  This would bode well for silver and gold if the historical correlation between the USD and precious metals continues to hold.  Two notable upcoming events that will likely impact both the fiscal and monetary outlook of the U.S. include Friday's non-farm payroll report for July, and the August 9th FOMC meeting.  A worse than expected payroll report would certainly be dollar negative, as would any hint of QE3 on August 9th.