Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

VSHC .003 today the stock announced news on 17 million revenue this was a big deal as Level 2 in pre market was .0039 x .0045 , 200k was hit at .0045 to start the days trading opportunity to add as low as .0021. A healthcare stock which we saw financials a net income of 1.14 million far exceeding liability and conference call Sep 21 2011 , we knew news was around the corner we updated members. This was a great opportunity for profits as many did just that closing the stock at .003 , as we mentioned in training , have sell orders set as soon as you buy a stock, also strategy plays a huge role in trading , if we send out the stock at .0023 which we did place a bid grab a starter and be patient , DD should serve as a base on what the stock is about and why we like it , its your decision when you want to buy. If you are willing to trade $500 worth of the stock make 30% entry save rest for the dip then add the dip sell small blocks on the way , while possibly holding free shares for a possible run.

SDRC .015 Opportunity to add this Gold stock at .0103 for past couple of days and the stock hit a high of .0165 many shares went at .016 which to me is a great 60% trade this has been quite the ATM type play sure we like the play moving on , its a gold stock with a solid share structure but we know the market volatility and some investors do not like holding but we ebeliev this will be trading alot higher nonetheless we bring you quality stock with multiple trade opportunity

GRPR .014 this oil stock still trading strong and bringing us quality profits opportunity to add as low as .011 and the stock saw intraday high of .015 we still feel that this will do well as last news said drilling begins Oct and we know that Grid Petroleum owns 41 million barells of oil Basin acquisition , we could see a solid uptrend moving forward another commodity stock that with need for domestic Oil and gas could be a hedge during inflation

ISML .0375  confirmation upcoming news on lowering o/s this stock mentioned at .02 and opportunity to add as low as .0105 now trading and acting as an ATM type play , the innovative idea of a Modern Age Flea market in these economic times bode wells and we see the company adding to shareholders value , we could see a huge run as o/s is cut and 5.6 million float remains the same

GPXM .091 Gold / silver we believe adding and accumulating these ranges today announced news this remains a buy and hold for us Golden Phoenix Transitions Existing Bridge Loan Into US$15,500,000 Gold Stream Debt Facility

Monday, September 26, 2011

Watchlist for Monday

GOHG (Global Holdings) .0003 Today the stock released news on completion of World Wireless acquisition, this was a long time in the making, the stock saw 5 million in buys at end of day trading quite possibly we could see a similar run to EGOC .0006-.0039

HOUSTON, TX, Sep 26, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Global Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GOHG) proudly announces that the acquired company WorldWide Wireless has now fully merged into the company. Management feels that it is important to announce that this merger has been completed with no additional shares of common stock being issued. Further terms of the merger will be released in the near future.
The merger represents an aggressive new direction for the company which will bring about fresh ideas, marketing strategies and faces. Dr. Paul Normand will take control as CEO as all agreements, name changes, and documentation are finalized. Dr. Normand has a PhD in both Business Management and Network Management and has been a leader in his field for 10 years, seeing over $1,000,000 in collective profits.
About WorldWide Wireless, Inc. WorldWide Wireless, Inc. is a leading repair facility for out-of-warranty electronic devices in the nation. The company is also the ONLY of its kind to warranty in-house repairs for water damage. Brands repaired include, but are not limited to: BlackBerry(R), iPhone(R), iPad(R), Android(R), HTC(R), Nintendo DSi (R), Sony PSP(R), and many more. Additionally, the retail website for WorldWide Wireless, Inc., is one of the leading online retailers of smartphone repair, parts and accessories with an e-commerce store that offers a wide selection of products, rapid fulfillment, and knowledgeable expert support.
Global Holdings Inc. (GOHG) Global Holdings, Inc.'s objective is to acquire, partner with and promote advanced technologies through management coaching, effective intellectual property deployment, business networking and intelligent financial solutions. The company is a technology incubator that offers a specialized menu of support resources and services. Management believes it will accomplish its goal to maximize shareholder value through strategic acquisitions and effective business design.

ISML (ISIM Co) .038 this stock has been an atm type play the outstanding shares have been decreased and the float remains the same today we had some news as expected:

1. ISML upgraded to Limited information on

2. ISML.US website update


Clearwater/Largo Florida, Ism International announces that the grand
opening of its Flea Market will be on October 1, 2011. Everybody are
welcome to come and celebrate this grand opening. ISM will provide
Live Entertainment, Free Food, Bikini Car Wash etc....Please bring
your entire family, ' says Mario Quenneville, CEO".

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watchlist for Monday

VSHC (Visual Healthcare) .003 This stock has recently put out solid financials the company exceeded expectation posting an annual net of 1.45 million , this is huge for a healthcare stock , there assets far exceed liability and at this low price per share we could see a raise in price soon , recent Conference call took place on Sept 21 2011:                            

 VSHC .003 Conference Call :
VSHC CEO Comments in Conf Call: *Will probably grow 30-50%

*Multiply # of users tenfold.

*5-10% new users may buy applications from company.

*2013 is where we make a significant jump if we expand user base with new offerings.
*The dilution is over. It will no longer affect the stock
RENO, Nev., Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Visual Healthcare Corp. (the "Company") ( - News) announces that it has published its year-end disclosure statement and financial results. These are available on the OTC Markets site as well as on the company website at
The Company is pleased to report that its 4th Quarter results and year-end have been a major turnaround as the Company moves toward establishing a stable position within the global Healthcare IT marketplace.
Revenues were significantly up for fiscal year 2011 at $2,093,104, with net income of $30,291, both spurred largely by the impact of current U.S. Administration's healthcare policies on the marketplace.
"We have had a large increase in demand for our products in the past year as healthcare reform has taken hold in earnest," says CEO Gerard Dab. "We expect to continue to grow revenues by adding new technologies to our portfolio, and continue to license our platforms and software to an increasingly large stable of licensees and will likely maintain our growth rate for the next few years."  
There will be a conference call for analysts to discuss company results and prospects next Wednesday, September 21st, 2001 at 1PM EDT (New York time) to be hosted by company Chairman Gerard Dab. The following are the dial in and access numbers: Dial-in number is (209) 647-1000.  Access code is 910071.
Members of the public are welcome.
The full disclosure document and detailed financial statements and results can be found at

1. A/S 600 million, O/S 530 million, Float 135 million. It looks thin on level 2

2. Assets $7 million, liabilities $1.8 million

3. Always current on They file the documents regularly

4. One of the very few Penny companies to provide the Revenue Guidance

and exceed the target. More importantly file the revenue

5. Revenue Guidance PR on 15th June, 2011 Visual Healthcare Provides

Fourth Quarter Revenue Guidance

Revenue Guidance $1.5 million. But actual revenue $1.75 million

6. Look at the quarterly number report today on

7. Total revenue 1.75 million, Net Profit $358K.

8. Potential PPS based on the actual profit. Remember this is not the

PPS evaluation based on the guidance like other penny stocks

Quarterly Profit: $358K, Annual profit: $1.45 million, Market cap (P/E

= 10) = $14.5 million
O/S 530 million. Approx PPS based on the quarterly profit = $0.023

This is just conservative. Also the company is going to get more

profits going forward. 

We Firmly believe that commodities drop is merely a temporary drop and brings an enormous opportunity for our Group. Our recommendations on Long Term Junior Mining stocks are in buying and accumulation range, we also believe that mining stocks are best way to profit on Gold and Silver as it costs less money to extract gold than buying physical. Here are some companies we like long term in an aggressive portfolio:

USSIF .40-.50 range Silver mining group that is in full production . This is a buy and hold for me long term adding on any type of dip in an aggressive portfolio this stock trades in .80-$1.00 range and at some point could see a high of $5 a share

CZICF .50-.60
range this Silver mining stock traded as high as $1.38 from my initial mention and could see a major run back to new highs , another mining company passed exploration phase extracting silver and Zinc

GPXM .08-.09
range extremely cheap stock now near 52 week low and recently had acquisition news , promotion in front of Elitist such as Dick Cheney , Henry Kissinger, ties to Scorpio Mining a successful mining company already in full production past exploration phase


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gains for the week

GRPR .01-.045 over 300% opportunity

EGOC .0006-.0035 close to 400% opportunity

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

ENLG (Enlightened Gourmet) .001 This company released 8k after hours and stated that new management coming in , the stock traded in .003 range quite some time has been down on light volume could very well post a nice run as the company closed 66% on just about 300k shares traded today

GOHG (Global Holdings) .0003 Today the company finally closed deal acquisition of WorldWireless and now becoming a revenue generating company we could see a nice rally , at 52 week low now could be a nice run coming.  World Wireless has ties to wireless giant Blackberry:

FRISCO, TX, Sep 22, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Global Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GOHG) is pleased to announce that current and prospective investors can come meet new company leader, double PhD holder Dr. Paul Normand. Dr. Normand holds PhDs in both Network Management and Business Management. Dr. Normand is scheduled to present the company's new direction, business plan and present investment opportunity at the next meeting of Chuck's Angels, a highly exclusive, invitation only, investors luncheon that will take place in Houston, Texas. GOHG would like to extend an invitation to all present shareholders in and around the Houston area. Interested parties should call the luncheon's director Mr. Chuck Gardner at 832-202-5313 to receive a free invite to meet the new leadership of Global Holdings. Callers will also have the opportunity to see the co-presenters at the event and enjoy an exquisite lunch. The following companies will be presenting:

--  WorldWide Wireless, Inc.: One of the world's largest "out-of-warranty"
    repair facilities for smartphones, PDAs, personal gaming systems,
    tablets, and computers. WorldWide's progressive techniques, ingenuity,
    and old-fashioned customer service have gained it a large, loyal
    customer base, and is also the only repair facility that warranties
    all of its repairs, including water damage repairs, which is unheard
    of in the industry. WorldWide Wireless is the future of GOHG.
--  Empiral Americas: A premier liquor company which will present their
    signature tequila, Distinguido(R), at the event. The company
    currently owns their top-shelf label and is being distributed
    throughout the Houston area.
--  Riley Solutions: A company which specializes in making protective
    armor which is stylish, functional, and life-saving for police and
    military officials nationwide.
--  Eco-Wind Solutions: An alternative energy firm focused on wind-energy
    for the modern homeowner.

Dr. Normand is currently CEO of WorldWide Wireless, Inc., a premier "out-of-warranty" repair facility for all types of electronic devices, including but not limited to, BlackBerry(R), Android(R), iPhone(R), iPad(R), and HTC(R). Dr. Normand stated, "I am incredibly excited about this presentation. To be invited to speak at such an exclusive event will not only expose new business opportunities, but could potentially result in the investments we need to move forward with our aggressive business plans while boosting our bottom line." Global Holdings Inc. (GOHG) Global Holdings, Inc.'s objective is to acquire, partner with and promote advanced technologies through management coaching, effective intellectual property deployment, business networking and intelligent financial solutions. The company is a technology incubator that offers a specialized menu of support resources and services. Management believes it will accomplish its goal to maximize shareholder value through strategic acquisitions and effective business design. 

TLAN (Hire International) .0026 This company released 2Q financial, solid share structure revenue and assets which exceeds liability could see a nice run soon:


Golden Phoenix (GPXM)
Bid .08 Ask $0.088
Website: GoldenPhoenix.US

Share Capital - Common

Authorized 800,000,000
Issued 277,065,591
Warrants 43,500,000
Options 4,415,000

Share Capital - Preferred

Authorized 50,000,000
Issued none
THE LATEST NEWS ON GPXM .10 shows that this will be trading higher in the Months to years to come , Making this a buy n hold SAFE HAVEN STOCK , this is not a buy now and wait a week for it to jump in my opinion but a solid company with potential to be trading at $1-$3 a share at some point

Golden Phoenix Engages Telesto Nevada to Prepare Vanderbilt Silver and Gold Project for Exploratory Drilling ProgramMarketwire(Thu, Aug 25)
GOLDEN PHOENIX MINERALS INC Files SEC form 8-K, Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement, Regulation FD Disclosure,EDGAR Online(Thu, Aug 18)
Golden Phoenix Completes Note Settlement With Win-Eldrich for 2% Ashdown Royalty, 3 Million Shares WEX Stock, 1.25 Million Shares of American Mining Corporation; Board Seat on WEXMarketwire(Thu, Aug 18)
Golden Phoenix Hires Mining-Geology Expert John Bolanos as V.P. Exploration to Coordinate Mining Activities Throughout North, South and Central AmericaMarketwire(Mon, Aug 15)
GOLDEN PHOENIX MINERALS INC FinancialsEDGAR Online Financials(Sat, Aug 13)
Golden Phoenix Buys Back and Cancels 500,000 Shares of Common Stock; Previously Announced Stock Buyback Program ContinuesMarketwire(Thu, Aug 11)
GOLDEN PHOENIX MINERALS INC Files SEC form 8-K, Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement, Unregistered Sale of EquiEDGAR Online(Tue, Aug 9)
Golden Phoenix Completes Initial Due Diligence Period on Santa Rosa Gold Mine; Begins Finalizing Definitive Joint Venture AgreementMarketwire(Mon, Aug 8)
Golden Phoenix Secures $1 Million Bridge Loan to Advance Santa Rosa Gold Mine in Panama; Enters Into Term Sheet for $15.5 Million Gold Stream Debt FacilityMarketwire(Thu, Aug 4)
Golden Phoenix Joint Venture Partner Scorpio Gold Provides Gold Sale and Operations Update at the Mineral Ridge Gold Project, NevadaMarketwire(Tue, Jul 19)

THE #1 gold producing state in the country. In fact, Nevada gold production accounts for over 7% of all gold mines in the world

Golden Phoenix Strategy Golden Phoenix has emerged from the global credit collapse with a Royalty Mining Growth Strategy and an initial 24 month acquisition plan to target advanced projects with near-term production throughout the Americas.

We anticipate analyzing up to 50 prospective properties, with a view towards optioning up to 10 of those properties on terms and conditions acceptable to the Company. From these optioned properties, the Company hopes to identify up to 5 projects that can be advanced toward commercial production.

The sum of five such projects has the potential, in our opinion, to add up to more than one project without the risk of investing in just a single mining project.

Royalty Mining Advantage Golden Phoenix expects to retain up to a 30% interest in each project it undertakes. The Company anticipates its cash flow will be leveraged to the price of gold or the underlying strategic metal. Ultimately, the Company intends to convert some of its interests into Royalty agreements. The strategy is called “Royalty Mining in the Americas.”

Market Opportunity Golden Phoenix has conducted extensive market research and concluded that because of the global credit crisis, many junior mining companies with significant upside potential remain frozen out of the capital markets.

Acquiring and adding value to advanced stage projects is how Golden Phoenix intends to add value for our shareholders. Our plan involves:

Acquiring a property that, on terms and conditions acceptable to the Company, requires financing or geological expertise.
Improving the property by providing permitting, bonding, drilling and/or financial support
Securing a mine operator with the experience necessary to take the project into commercial production.
Retaining up to a 30% interest in each project, and ultimately converting some of those interests into Royalty agreements.
Repeating the process and providing continuous advancement for each project we undertake. Golden Phoenix is planning to analyze up to 50 prospective properties, with a view towards optioning up to 10 of those properties on terms and conditions acceptable to the Company. From these optioned properties, the Company hopes to identify up to 5 projects that can be advanced toward commercial production.

Commercial Production When a project achieves commercial production, Golden Phoenix expects to receive royalty payments leveraged to the price gold or the underlying strategic metal. Royalty payments are anticipated to continue for a specified period of time or until the Company sells its interest in that project at a price it anticipates will be a premium to what the Company has invested in the project.

Diversified Properties When our CEO, Tom Klein, joined Golden Phoenix in the depths of the global credit crisis, he brought a new perspective on the kind of business model that would be required to transform a small company like Golden Phoenix, into a much larger, multi-project company with diversified properties throughout the Americas.

Rapid Advancement Project #1 is Mineral Ridge operated by Peter Hawley of Scorpio Gold. As Golden Phoenix moves forward, we intend to make every effort to replicate the advancement of Mineral Ridge with each project we undertake.
Golden Phoenix (GPXM) is a precious metal royalty mining company that has international exposure with properties in Nevada, Peru, and Ontario. GPXM, trading for just 12 cents, to our knowledge is the lowest priced junior miner that has interest in a property that has gone into gold production and on course to increasing production over the next few months and years.

GPXM's business model is in the project generation and royalty side of mining. GPXM acquires near term production potential properties, hires geologists, partners with expert mine operators, and structures royalty streams through joint ventures.

SUCCESS in 13 Months at Mineral Ridge!!!!! Gold Has Already Been Shipped to the Refinery!

GPXM's Mineral Ridge Gold Project was joint ventured with Scorpio Gold in March of 2010.GPXM sold a 70% interest to Scorpio Gold for gross proceeds in excess of $7.5 million. Initial ownership is 30% GPXM and 70% to Scorpio Gold, with an additional 10% of the project going to Scorpio Gold after two consecutive quarters of commercial production. From the time GPXMjoint ventured the project, it took only 13 months to go into production, a milestone that most junior miners will never reach.

Production is just getting started, a SECOND OPEN PIT MINE is scheduled for production later this year!

Production at Mineral Ridge, according to Scorpio Gold, will reach 3,500 ounces a month this summer and will track positively for the rest of the year. The current cost is approximately $700 per ounce, but should be reduced to around $450 per ounce as they begin mining a second open pit mine later this year. This should increase operating capacity to 80% sometime in 2011 and close to 100% in 2012.

Golden Phoenix's joint venture partner Scorpio Gold completed an NI 43-101 compliant resource calculation in May 2010 which contained 357,000 ounces of gold (221,000 Measured/Indicated). While we were on the tour, we actually saw this year's 13,000 meter drilling program in action.

*Scorpio Gold reports its results under Canadian mining and TSX Venture Exchange guidelines, which report mineral reserve and resource estimates differently than in the U.S., and may not meet the standards of “proven” and “probable” reserves set forth in SEC Industry Guide 7.

3-phase, 13,000 meter drilling program underway to potentially add additional resources in 2011!

More Mineral Ridge Projects

GPXM also has an option to earn an 80% interest in the Coyote Fault Gold and Silver Project that is currently in the exploration phase with drilling planned for 2011.
GPXM also has an option to earn an 80% interest in the Vanderbilt Silver and Gold Project, with drilling expected later this year. Underground samples average 91.4 g/t silver and 1.74 g/t of gold.


GPXM has entered into a definitive Mining Asset Purchase and Strategic Alliance Agreement to acquire an 80% interest in five gold and strategic metal projects
Two gold projects are located in the historic Pataz gold trend in Northern Peru.
One gold project is located in the Porvenir area of Southern Peru.
In addition to the 3 gold exploration projects, GPXM has entered into agreements for 2 moly and tungsten projects in Southern Peru.

Ontario, Canada

GPXM owns 100% interest in FIVE GOLD and base metals properties in Ontario Canada.
Four of the properties are located in the Shining Tree Mining District in Eastern Ontario.
An initial 2,500 meter drill program is expected to begin on one of the Shining Tree properties in the second half of 2011.

Momentum and Leadership

Have you ever heard the term "game changer?" Well for GPXM, when Tom Klein joined GPXM, that was their game changer. In fact, when talking with miners, company personnel, and other GPXM investors, it's very common for them to refer to the "Old Golden Phoenix," meaning before Tom Klein.

Tom Klein is the CEO of GPXM. He joined GPXM in the depths of the global credit crisis in late 2008. Under his leadership, GPXM has extinguished debt, obtained capital at a time when no one else could (think early 2009), and successfully launched the joint venture project atMineral Ridge. Tom has taken GPXM a long way in the past two and half years. We are looking forward to seeing his vision applied to multiple projects currently underway. GPXM's business model (and risk reduction strategy) is to own joint venture interests in several producing mines instead of 100% exposure to one producing mine. We think this kind of project diversification is smart business in today's volatile mining sector.

WE LIKE GPXM as a longterm SAFE HAVEN stock full production on several mines and the company keeps growing in the largest Gold mining area of NEVADA solid website , streaming videos along with a solid share structure and shareholder updates we should see this do well like USSIF , With Inflation these Gold stocks will be heavily traded and we believe GPXM will be a front runner in junior mining , I have been watching this stock quite a while and waiting for the stock to come down a bit i noticed the stock having support at .10 range nonetheless this is a solid entry for the group , practice patience as this is a stock that will fluctuate in price , adding on dips or just investing in the company long term can be profitable

alerted at .26 now trades at .60-.70 range and hit a high of .80
CZICF .36 hit over $1.36 and now trades at .80 range
HLLXF .38 and now trades 1.50 range now

When Gold becomes to expensive investing in the next closest thing is best, some junior mining stocks are in exploration phase but these companies have acquired land and are in beginning stages or actively mining LATEST NEWS AND FILINGS GPXM can be found at the top please click on link yesterday put out solid news

JUST RELEASED 8k now at 52 week low .08 already producing gold and silver :


Washington, D.C. 20549


Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): September 16, 2011

(Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

(State or Other Jurisdiction of
Incorporation) 000-22905
(Commission File Number) 41-1878178
(IRS Employer
Identification No.)

1675 East Prater Way, #102
Sparks, Nevada
(Address of Principal Executive Offices)

(Zip Code)

(Registrant’s Telephone Number,
Including Area Code)

Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant under any of the following provisions (see General Instruction A.2. below):

[ ] Written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act (17 CFR 230.425)
[ ] Soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14a-12)
[ ] Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14d-2(b))
[ ] Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c))



Item 1.01 Entry Into Material Definitive Agreement

On September 16, 2011, Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc., a Nevada corporation (the “Company”) entered into a definitive Acquisition Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Silver Global, S.A., a corporation formed under the laws of the Republic of Panama (“Silver Global”) to acquire a sixty percent (60%) interest, with an option to buy an additional twenty percent (20%) interest, in the Santa Rosa gold mine (“Santa Rosa” or “Mina Santa Rosa”) located in Cañazas, Panama and owned by Silver Global.

Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, the Company intends to acquire its initial 60% interest in Santa Rosa by acquiring 60% of the share capital of a recently formed company under the name Golden Phoenix Panama S.A. (the “JV Company”), created for the specific purpose of holding, operating, running and mining the existing and future exploration, extraction, transport and benefit concessions encompassing Mina Santa Rosa.

Silver Global is currently the holder of a metallic mineral concession covering the activities of Transport and Benefit of gold and other minerals as per Contract No.6 entered into with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on behalf of the General Direction of Mineral Resources of Panama dated May 27, 2010 and published in the Official Gazette N° 26,587 of July 29, 2010 which concession is located in the former Mina Santa Rosa in Cañazas, Panama, is for a minimum period of 25 years, and is currently valid and in force (the “TB Concession”). Additionally, Silver Global is the holder of a metallic mineral concession covering the activities of Exploration of gold and other metals as per Contract No.2 entered into with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on behalf of the General Direction of Mineral Resources of Panama dated February 7, 2011 and published in the Official Gazette N° 26,773-B of April 27, 2011 located in an area of 3,500 hectares in Cañazas, Panama, which concession is for a minimum period of 4 years and is currently valid and in force (the “Exploration Concession”).

The Exploration Concession grants Silver Global the exclusive right to request a mining extraction concession as soon as Silver Global, together with the JV Company, provides sufficient evidence to the mining authorities that commercially mineable resources are available in the assigned area for exploration. Upon signing the Agreement, Silver Global will commence the process of transferring ownership of the Concessions as well as all rights, permits, licenses, environmental impact study, insurance, bonds, surveys, documents, among other assets belonging to Silver Global in connection with Mina Santa Rosa to the JV Company.

Under the terms of the Agreement, the Company shall earn-in to a 60% interest in Santa Rosa via ownership in the JV Company, with an option to acquire an additional 20% interest after achieving certain milestones, in consideration for $20,500,000 in cash over a period of approximately 12 to 15 months (with the final earn-in to occur upon achieving commercial production, anticipated to be within 18 to 24 months) and $4,500,000 in shares of Golden Phoenix common stock, par value $0.01 per share (at a deemed value of $0.18 per share, a premium to the current market price), as well as certain preferential payments from cash flow out of gold production. These payments are less those amounts previously paid by the Company to Silver Global ($500,000 in cash and $500,000 in Company common stock) in consideration for the 45-day secondary due diligence review period, which concluded on September 17, 2011. Terms of the initial and secondary due diligence period were disclosed in the Company’s Current Report on Form 8-K, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on July 14, 2011.


The JV Company will operate according to the terms of a Joint Venture Operating Agreement (“JV Agreement”) that the Company and Silver Global have agreed to enter into on or before October 15, 2011, at which time the Agreement shall be merged with and incorporated into the JV Agreement.

The payments and earn-in will occur upon successful completion of certain milestones, as follows:

· $250,000 on signing the Agreement.

· $3,750,000 on signing the JV Agreement + $4,000,000 in Golden Phoenix common stock. In consideration for this payment, the Company will receive a 15% interest in JV Company.

· $3,000,000 on successful completion of Environmental Impact Study (required for the JV Company to commence exploration operations). In consideration for this payment, the Company will receive an additional 10% interest in JV Company.

· $5,000,000 on successful completion of NI-43-101 Report providing resource estimate of at least “measured and indicated” category. In consideration for this payment, the Company will receive an additional 10% interest in JV Company.

· $3,000,000 on successful completion of a bankable feasibility study (to be defined within the JV Agreement). In consideration for this payment, the Company will receive an additional 10% interest in JV Company.

· $5,000,000 on securing complete project financing necessary to bring the property to commercial production. In consideration for this payment, the Company will receive an additional 4% interest in JV Company.

· On achieving commercial production at the Santa Rosa project, the Company will receive the final additional 11% interest in JV Company, for a total of 60%.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, elect to make any payment before such payment is due, which will have the effect of accelerating the term under which it earns its ownership interest in the project.

Of the $3,750,000 payment due on signing the JV Agreement, $2,000,000 will be deposited into the business account of the JV Company in the form of a loan from Silver Global to the JV Company for funding a preliminary 43-101 report of at least the “inferred” category. This loan will be repaid to Silver Global by the Company on behalf of JV Company over 4 equal monthly payments, to commence 30 days following entering into the JV Agreement.

Additionally, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, upon achieving Profitable Commercial Production, Silver Global shall be entitled to a preferential payment of Fifty Million Dollars ($50,000,000) (the “Preferential Payment”) to be paid by the JV Company to Silver Global from gold production at a rate of 70% of the net distributable cash flow (after all expenses incurred, including debt service, working capital, capital reserves, among others). Profitable Commercial Production for the purpose of the Agreement shall mean four (4) consecutive quarters of estimated plant capacity of 4,000 ounces of gold per month, or four (4) consecutive quarters of profitable commercial operations.


Further, upon completion of the payments, including completion of the Preferential Payment, the Company shall have the option to acquire an additional twenty percent (20%) interest in the Concessions, via acquiring a further 20% of the outstanding share capital of the JV Company from Silver Global (out of its 40% interest), for a total aggregate ownership by Golden Phoenix of eighty percent (80%). In consideration for the additional 20% interest, Golden Phoenix will pay Silver Global a purchase price equal to the net asset value of the property comprising the Concessions multiplied by 20%. Net asset value will be determined at the time of Golden Phoenix’s exercise of its option, by an independent mining, financial and valuation expert selected by the mutual agreement of the parties, acting reasonably, using a 10% discount.

In connection with the Agreement, the parties made certain representations and warranties customary in a transaction of this nature. The parties also entered into a certain Trust Agreement with an independent third party trustee, dated as of even date with the Agreement, for purposes of holding the capital shares of the JV Company, to be released to the Company on successful completion of milestones and payments.


Item 3.02 Unregistered Sales of Equity Securities

The information contained above in Item 1.01 is hereby incorporated by reference into this Item 3.02. The securities to be issued according to the terms of the Agreement, are being issued in reliance upon exemptions from registration under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), including, without limitation, the exemptions provided by Regulation S promulgated under the Securities Act.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watchlist for Thursday

AEGY (Alternative Energy) .0227 This stock traded as high as .64 and has since dropped to .016 new 52 week low in last trading days the stock has been attempting to reverse today reached .028 before closing after hours at .0227, this stock has contracts in Europe and also stakes in ETHANOL production with Oil prices and new green movement we could see a nice bounce here

MINE (Minerco Co.) .0019 opportunity to add as low as .0009 today the stock closed at .0019 high of the day likely be trading well into .002 range and re test .004 last two 8k filings in the last month and Form 4 stating that CEO and CFO own about 1/3 of o/s , last week we have seen more than  usual trade volume

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Watchlist for Wednesday

GRPR (Grid Petroleum) .033 oil stock released news on oil drilling for Oct 1 start we mentioned at .01 and hit a high of .02  then re traced to .0096 and closed at high of the day .033 over 240% combined the stock could have brought over 340% gains and we believe could reach higher , this stock has dropped from .45 and has 41 million gallons of oil, with production schedule:

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire -09/20/11)- Grid Petroleum Corp. (OTC.BB: GRPR.OB - News) ("The Company") announces the development of the Kreyenhagen Trend acreage continues to progress through its Joint Venture Partner and property operator, Australian Stock Exchange listed Solimar Energy Limited.
Solimar Energy is the "Operator" of the 4,000 acre Kreyenhagen Trend leases and as such determines the overall timing of the development plan and work schedule for the Kreyenhagen Trend acreage.
It is anticipated that an initial technical study and drill site selection will begin as early as October of 2011. Permitting will take place upon completion of drill site selection.
Grid Petroleum continues to benefit by the data collection and further development of Solimar's other holdings in the San Joaquin Basin of central California, in particular the nearby 10,000 acre Kreyenhagen Ranch property
The Company notes the following activity for the San Joaquin Basin Area as reported in the Oil and Gas Journal:
California rig count is up 10% for the week with increased activity targeting the San Joaquin Basin.
Several exploratory wells are drilling or about to spud seeking unconventional and heavy oil resources in and around established California oil fields.
On September 2 a well designed to test the Monterey formation in the San Joaquin basin in a southern extension of Kettleman North Dome field, spudded and is planned for a total depth of 7,630 ft.
On Sept. 10 a well designed to test a possible eastern extension of giant San Ardo heavy oil field in the Salinas basin in Monterey County.

Late September a well is scheduled to spud at Deadman's Gulch, a moderate risk oil prospect 6 km east of Neon's North San Ardo field.
A 15,500-ft geological wildcat well is scheduled to spud in the western part of giant Paloma oil and gas field in Kern County. Seven target sandstone and shale zones in the Miocene are expected beginning at 10,000 ft.
An Upper Kreyenhagen zone drilled to 16,950 ft in August, coring showed a total Kreyenhagen thickness of over 800 ft. Visual examination of the core confirms the presence of oil stained fractures.
A wildcat well drilled to 15,240 ft confirmed the evidence of the Cretaceous Moreno formation, a major source rock in the area, according to the US Geological Survey. Petrophysical log and core analysis confirm prospective targets in the Upper Kreyenhagen and lower Kreyenhagen formations.
The Company previously announced the following estimated Oil In Place Potential of the Kreyenhagen Trend leases as determined by the Company's geologists: "Initial estimates indicate that there exists 82,000,000 BOOIP. Eighty-Two Million Barrels Oil in Place."
The Company currently holds a 50% Working Interest in the 4,000 acres, Solimar Energy Limited holds the other 50% providing an estimated 41,000,000 BOOIP to Grid Petroleum's Interest.

MINE .0013 this stock hit .0009 and traded and closed with volume at .0013 we should see a nice rally here as the stock has been showing promise with two 8k filings in last month and FORM 4 should see news soon

Monday, September 19, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

EGOC .0017 this stock had news we have been mentioning this stock from .0006 with opportunity to add as low as .0005 today released news:

BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy 1 Corporation (OTC:EGOC.ob - News) has reached an agreement to start offering eco-friendly vehicles to Master Lease customers.  Master Lease is a Colorado based truck & trailer leasing business specializing in equipment for owner-operated and small trucking companies that serves a nationwide client base.
As part of the agreement, E1 will begin to integrate ExhausTek technologies - as well as other licensed products - into retrofit vehicles for lease or sale to Master Lease customers.  The intent for E1 is to grow a portfolio of over-the-road vehicles that have been retrofit to meet both current and future emission standards while offering the consumer an economic solution verses total vehicle replacement.
About Master Lease
Headquartered in Henderson, Colorado, Master Lease provides lease financing for over-the-road trucks & trailers.  The company's customer base consists primarily of owner-operators and small trucking companies who haul for regional distributors such as First Choice Transport, Greatwide Logistics, HVH, Landstar, Monfort, National Carriers and Power Source.

SDRC .0155 Gold stock closed at high of day we should see this trading over .02 soon

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week gains for

ISML .02-.04 opportunity to add as low as .0105 100-200%

EGOC .0006 -.0014 opportunity to add as low as .0005 over 100%

SDRC .0105 -.016 over 50%

GOHG .0002-.0004 50%

PELE .28 -.48 over 60%

Watchlist for Monday

Contact Info

999 18th Street
Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-952-7658

Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,406,507 a/o Sep 09, 2011
Shares Outstanding 135,241,087 a/o Jun 30, 2011
Float estimated 40,000,000
Authorized Shares Not Available
Par Value 0.001

Kreyenhagen Trend California

Kreyenhagen Trend acreage in the California
Read More
Jonah Prospects

Jonah Prospects – Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming
Read More

Welcome to Grid Petroleum Corp.

Grid Petroleum Corp is an American oil & gas company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas properties in North America.

Grid Petroleum’s key asset is the SE Jonah Prospect, based in Wyoming’s Greater Green River Basin. During 2006, the State of Wyoming was second in natural gas production and recorded it’s highest level of natural gas production, largely due to two massive but previously undeveloped natural gas formations – the Jonah Field and the adjacent Pinedale Anticline.
Grid Petroleum Corp.-Rimini Investments Initiates Coverage on Grid Petroleum Corp. Resulting in a Buy Recommendation With a $1.77 Price Per Share Estimate:

Grid Petroleum Corp » News » Grid Petroleum Corp.-Rimini Investments Initiates Coverage on Grid Petroleum Corp. Resulting in a Buy Recommendation With a $1.77 Price Per Share Estimate
Grid Petroleum Corp.-Rimini Investments Initiates Coverage on Grid Petroleum Corp. Resulting in a Buy Recommendation With a $1.77 Price Per Share Estimate

May 2 , 2011 – Denver, Colorado—Grid Petroleum Corp. (OTCBB: GRID) “The Company”) announces as of April 14, 2011- Rimini Investments has initiated coverage of Grid Petroleum Corp resulting in a buy recommendation and a price per share estimate of $1.77.

The report outlines the estimated resource value of the South East Jonah property in the Greater Green River Basin region of Wyoming. and the newly acquired Joaquin Basin Kreyenhagen Trend Leases.

The 36 page report outlines the potential that the combination of these significant resource properties within one company represent.

For access to the report, please visit or

Rimini Investments is an employee-owned, boutique service, research and consulting firm. Rimini is international in scope with researchers working from Canada, the USA, China, Mexico, India and Europe and specializes in growth investing, ranging from natural resource companies, technology companies to alternative company investments.

Grid Petroleum Corp is a development stage company focused on the acquisition and development of low cost high reward oil and gas prospects with infield drilling for proven potential reserves in the United States and Canada.

The company anticipates the initiation of a development plan with its joint venture partners for the purpose of establishing suitable drill sites for the Kreyenhagen Trend leases in the near future. Upon completion the company will have established a time line for the development of its significant Oil and Gas assets.
Grid Petroleum Estimated 41,000,000 Barrels Oil in Place

DENVER, CO–(Marketwire – 05/03/11) – Grid Petroleum Corp. (OTC.BB:GRPR – News) (hereafter “Grid,” “The Company”) announced today the completion of the acquisition of Joaquin Basin Resources Inc. The Company is pleased to announce that it has determined the primary asset of the company, the 4,000 acre Kreyenhagen Trend leases, contain the same target zones of production as the neighboring Kreyenhagen Ranch.

These target zones consist of the heavy oil in the upper Temblor and the Unconventional Shales, of the Kreyenhagen and the Monterey that continue to trend North and South from the Kreyenhagen Ranch Field.

Initial estimates indicate that there exists 82,000,000 BOOIP (Eighty Two Million Barrels Oil In Place). The Company currently holds a 50% Working Interest in the 4,000 acres providing an estimated 41,000,000 BOOIP to the Company’s Interest.

Using a P10 valuation of the Oil in Place reserve calculation and assuming a recovery rate of 10% indicating the volume of recoverable oil at an estimated 4,100,000 Barrels of Oil.

Using a conservative value for oil at $100.00 per barrel and a cost of production at a very conservative $45.00 per barrel of oil providing for a valuation of the Company’s Interest of the Kreyenhagen trend lease at $225,000,000.00 as determined by the company’s geologists.

The Reasons we like GRPR .01 is because it traded as high as .45 and since has been on sell off and 52 week low .0099 , we believe that OIL prices will surge once again as previously mentioned we are tackling the markets with TRENDS and overall market sentiment. When Oil was trading $100-$120 a barrel the U,S Government drew concern and President Obama created Energy Task Force and also tapped in to Oil reserves without notice.In our views this was just a temporary fix and we believe that this will only make Oil prices rise even faster recent instability in Europe shows that the global economy will be in disarray for quite some time Since then The U.S has been involved with Middle East tensions and participating currently with overthrowing of LIBYAN dictatorship. With Euro and U.S dollar taking a down fall among other fiat currencies a Currency War has ensued we believe that the price of oil will reflect this and will eventually rise above $100, we believe commodities in a whole will surge with inflation. Recent news with Euro being pegged to Swedish Franc will increase import and exports and we believe Oil will be the forefront of Global economic prices as Oil is a major part of trade. Carefully monitoring the stock trading we have been waiting to get a confirmation of support and reversal, the stock has saw a sell off most likely due to lower price in Oil from .45 range for the last 3 days we have noticed a close above .01 the stock saw a 52 week low last week of .0099 which was less than $90 worth , the stock saw a high of day closing .012 and we believe the stock can hit .10 as there is not much resistance, accompanied by solid share structure and also chart reversal we could see a bullish run.


The latest Aug 3 2011 10Q what we see is very interesting:
Shares issued: acquisition of subsidiary February 1, 2011 at $0.12 62,000,000 when they issued those shares, the PPS was above 10 cents

From 10k Jul 24 2010

The Kreyenhagen Trend acreage is next to a field, which already has produced over 500 million barrels of oil. The field is promoted by a water drive and can be up-dip of former production. We believe that the Kreyenhagen Trend acreage containing the Temblor Sand, Allison Sand, Kreyenhagen sand, and Monterey Shale zone within the acreage has a potential of roughly 88 million to 114 million barrels of oil in place.


In 2010 they had 68 million O/S. As per the last 10-Q filed in Aug they have 135 million O/S. O/S increased. But 62 million issued for Aqcuisition recently
So the Float should be the same as a year ago
2. Asset approx $8 million and Liabilities less than $500K.
Forgot to mention that 62 million shares Issued@$0.12
Current Filings
OTCQB 2nd tier
Oil stock in an inflammatory Global Market 

SDRC Sidney Resources Bid .012 ask .013
Address Administrative Offices
5993 W. State Street, Suite A 5993 W. State Street Suite A
Boise, ID 83703 Boise ID 83703
Email: Phone: 208.853.6121 Fax: 208.853.6121

Share Structure

Market Value1 $768,793 a/o Aug 02, 2011
Shares Outstanding 76,390,269 a/o Jun 30,2011
Float : 45,536,795 a/o Jun 30,2011
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Par Value 0.

Operational Update

Updated June, 2011


•SRC’s surface equipment operators and
laborer’ crew will complete the surface
site preparations for the underground
mining contractors to proceed with
collaring a new audit on the Lucky Ben
Extension patented claim and driving a
crosscut to the vein where development
mining as well as production mining will
move forward.

•SRC will attempt to post updates every 4-
6 weeks


SRC will be completing a short new access road across public lands and making upgrades to existing access roads starting in May/June.

SRC also plans to proceed from Development to Production and Processing this year.

SRC continues to communicate with various funders of various capacities.

Reasonable and agreeable terms for repayment, without incurring extensive debt, are being pursued very vigorously.

Raw ore bins, a crushing and grinding circuit and recovery equipment for the native free milling gold should also be functional this year, increasing cash flow from various
established customers.

A secondary crush and grind circuit, and flotation cells will
recover the microscopic silver sulfides producing a concentrate for refining and marketing by SRC.[/color]


The Reason we like this stock is because its a gold mining company with recent filings and solid share structure with Gold reaching new highs of $1940, this company has released filings in the last month and are taking full advantage of this GOLD BULL RUN we have seen what gold stocks have been doing this stock is coming off 52 week low .007 , we are confident that investors will find true value in this company and expect nice growth , recent charts showing accumulation and could fair a nice short to medium term trade , nonetheless we believe this will be a huge month for SDRC and anything below .01 will fare well as we like the share structure and how thin this gold stock trades

RECENT Filings hitting 8.3

Aug 3, 2011 Quarterly Report - SDRC 6-30-2011 financials Jun 30, 2011 Active

Aug 3, 2011 Interim Financial Report - SDRC 6-30-2011 financials Jun 30, 2011 Active

Aug 3, 2011 Initial Company Information and Disclosure Statement - 6-30-2011 Quarterly Report A Jun 30, 2011 Active

Aug 3, 2011 Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information - 6-30-2011 OTC Markets Ltr A



SRC has executed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with two separate, successful, underground precious metal mining companies. Both may (terms and conditions currently bring negotiated) provide funding as well as engineering, geological, metallurgical, concentrating and refining expertise. However, no assurance can be given that SRC will enter into Definitive Agreements with such mining companies.

•SRC’s plan of operations for this year is to move forward to production in various onsite locations. In view of the late, heavy snowfall this spring the Warren Wagon Road from McCall to Warren could be plowed and opened this week. Road bed moisture content will be evaluated to determine when SRC’s heavy equipment can be transported to project without damage occurring to the road and proceeding with operations.

•Cobalt occurs in separate pockets and is not part of the metallurgical makeup of the #4 Little Giant Vein of four identified intersecting vein structures. Cobalt deposits contain less than 2% lead/zinc and that ore can be sold to cobalt refineries. These facts prevent SRC from determining volume and grades of cobalt and are not included in the five page “Mineral Resources Overview” posted on SRC’s website.

•SRC also has commitments and non-disclosure, as well as confidentiality, agreements with independent, highly regarded, underground, precious metals development/production mining companies.

•SRC has arranged for surface equipment operators and laborers.

•SRC plans to post updates every 4-6 weeks.

•For the Officers and Directors

•W.F. Bill Brown, CEO

Videos of Lucky Ben Mine can be seen on :

ENERGY 1 CORP COM EGOC: OTC Bid .0013 Ask .0014 We have been mentioning this stock at .0005 range and the stock has broken 200 Moving Day average .0011 we should see a nice uptrend here as there are rumors of current status and also news on contracts on existing patents.

Energy 1 Corporation, formerly Dairy Fresh Farms Inc., is a United States-based energy research and development company. The Company has developed an energy generator for residential, commercial and the transportation industry. Energy 1 Corporation is engaged in testing its residential application in North America. The Company is also conducting laboratories testing for commercial applications from 70 kilowatts to 500 kilowatts. The Company has developed an emission application of its technology for the automotive industry. The system generates electricity to power vehicles without combustion. In March 2009, the Company acquired Monarch Energy Corp., an energy research and development company.

Submiited letter of attorney to pink sheets SEP 29 2010 so the company is active
RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS: Completed merger as anticpated
06/08/2010 8:30AM MWUS Energy 1 Corp. Announces Its Acquisition of New Innovative Patent From Vortex IP; Agreement Addresses $42 Billion Annual Health USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
06/04/2010 12:18PM MWUS Energy 1 Corp. Announces New President USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
06/03/2010 8:00AM MWUS Energy 1 Corp. Announces Update to Website USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
06/01/2010 12:49PM MWUS Energy 1 Corp. Announces a Security Awareness Campaign USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
04/22/2010 8:57PM MWUS Energy 1 Corporation Concludes Merger Agreement With Vortex IP, Inc. USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
08/26/2009 9:00AM MWUS Energy 1 Applies for Certification by the International Council for Corporate Governance USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
08/19/2009 9:00AM MWUS Energy 1 Opens a Representative Office in Germany USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
08/12/2009 9:00AM MWUS Energy 1 Partners With Nemo Motors and Hilbroy Advisory to Launch New Prototype Racing Program USOTC:EGOC   Energy 1 Corp.
08/12/2009 9:00AM MWUS Nemo Motors With Energy 1 and Hilbroy Advisory to Launch New Prototype Racing Program USOTC:EGOC   Nemo Motors Corp.
Recent post on IHUB working on a new patent :

Heads up... I called the office today and spoke to the secretary. Two weeks ago, I confirmed a JV with Tech fuel via the secretary. Although when I called a different number the day before, I got zilch. Today, I spoke to someone named Daniella and she said she would take my number and forward it to the CEO. I asked her about Tech Fuel and she didn't know anything?

I politely told her that two weeks ago she confirmed (or someone at that number (561-347-6462)...didn't get the name last time) there was a JV in the works with Tech fuel.I had to finesse the info out of her, as she was beleaguered fielding phone calls from shareholders. .I explained where all the phone calls were stemming from (IHUB) and she warmed up a little and starting spilling some news...honey catches more flies than

I then "politely" asked about Clean Air Tech (Wang confirmed this originally) and she did, indeed, confirm that Energy 1 were in talks with them. She also confirmed that they're in talks with several companies.I'm still perplexed about Tech fuel because that was confirmed to me 2 weeks ago and today she didn't know anything about Tech fuel or if she did, she wouldn't say.

I asked about a PR and she said they were shoring up the financials and that along with a PR would be issued soon. At any rate something is definitely cooking! The secretary was extremely nice, but please stop bugging the heck out of her...the PR will come soon.


 The primary Energy 1 Technolgy named "Exhaus Tek", was created to meet the new and evolving emissions standards set by EPA. Our complimentary sister technology named "Ion Tek" is a world leader in  boosting fuel efficiency. Both technologies are patent pending and are Licensed through Vortex IP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy1 Corporation.

Please take a look at these videos for full explanation of technology and a CEO interview:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Watchlist for Friday

EGOC .0012
closed at high of the day very bullish close over 200 day moving average the stock is in an uptrend and has confirmed bullish sentiment with pending news this may reach higher, we mentioned at .0006 with opportunity to add as low as .0005 for over 100% gains

ISML .03 the stock from our alert at .02 allowed us to buy as low as .0105 and hit a high of .04 yesterday multiple opportunity to make profit in this stock today updated share structure and remains exactly the same , we believe news on current status and revenue should be submitted soon:

Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,051,940 a/o Sep 15, 2011
Shares Outstanding 35,064,653 a/o Sep 13, 2011
Float 5,677,405 a/o Sep 12, 2011
Authorized Shares 50,000,000 a/o Sep 12, 2011
Par Value 0.001
Shareholders of Record 211 a/o Sep 12, 2011

Annual Report Just submitted:

GOHG .0003
this stock touched .0004 from .0002 news soon on finalization of World wireless acquisition expected this should be trading higher , multiple times to profit could very well see a major breakout with news

PELE .28 this MMA stock just had an event in Honolulu Hawaii and today news on Hawaii 5.0 shooting on set at the Pro elite event this is broadcasted by network giant CBS , big rumor swirling around that CBS has deal with Pro Elite to telecast events on CBS network stay tuned these prices very cheap as we expect much higher pps , our mention from .04

Monday, September 12, 2011

Watchlist for Tuesday

MINE (Minerco Resources) .0016 back to our inital alert 52 week low is .0014 and the stock ran to .004 watch for a possible re entry as company updates , 2 releases of 8k filings in the last month and Form 4 we believe there is upside to this company and will see this trading higher

SDRC (Sidney Resources) .0102
gold stock re tracing but can move without notice , low ss and Gold still being accumulated we are bullish on SDRC

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Watchlist for Monday


MINE Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $703,684 a/o Sep 02, 2011
Shares Outstanding 439,802,202 a/o Jun 14, 2011
Float 155,752,202 a/o Feb 14, 2011
Authorized Shares 1,200,000,000 a/o Feb 14, 2011

Minerco Resources, Inc. is a development-stage company. The Company is a progress developer, producer and provider of clean, renewable energy solutions in Latin America. The Company participates in and invests in development projects with other companies in clean, renewable energy projects. On May 27, 2010, the Company acquired 100% of the six mega-watt per hour (MWh) Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project (Chiligatoro) in Intibuca, Honduras, California.The Project is classified as a run-of-the-river project and is in the feasibility stage of development. The Company was previously engaged in the acquisition of interests and leases in oil and natural gas properties.

The company recently submitted a Form 4 stating that CEO and CFO own shares CEO Now Owns 178mil shares common stock.CFO Now owns 107mil shares common stock:

With Global Water Crisis and MINE (Minerco Co. )
has contracts with Honduran Government with Spring water access:

Minerco Resources, Inc. Receives Water Contract From Honduran Government for the Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project
Minerco Resources, Inc NEW Common Stock (OTCBB:MINE)

Minerco Resources, Inc. (OTCBB: MINE), a progressive developer, producer and provider of clean, renewable energy solutions in Latin America, announced today the company has received the Water Contract from the Honduran Government for its Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project.

The Chiligatoro Project's Water Contract, approved and granted by Secretaria de Recursos Naturales y Ambiente ("SERNA"), Honduras's Natural Resources and Environmental Ministry, assigns the rights to exclusively exploit the National water rights of the Chiligatoro and Grande de Manazapa Rivers by the Chiligatoro Project. The Water Contract is attached to the 30 Year Operations contract and is renewable with the Operations Contract. The Water Contract, in conjunction with the Operations Contract, allows the Chiligatoro Project to be formally submitted to Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrical (ENEE) for Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and National Congress for Final Approval and National Registration.

As previously released, the Intibuca Municipal Environmental Unit and the local communities and municipalities have formally approved the Chiligatoro Project. The Environmental Impact Study has been submitted and is pending approval from SERNA, Honduras's Natural Resources and Environmental Ministry. The Honduran National Commission of Energy has approved and SERNA has signed the 30 Year Operations Contract for the Chiligatoro Project.

For a step by step look at the approval process in Honduras, visit our website at:

"SERNA's approval and execution of Chiligatoro's Water Contract is another milestone in the approval process for our Chiligatoro Project. We are very confident in the Project's future and look forward to working closely with the Honduran Government in completing the remainder of the approval process for our Chiligatoro Project," said V. Scott Vanis, President and CEO of Minerco.

I think with recent filings of 8k and form 4 we should see a pretty good rally the company just submitted its 8k filings late friday and after hours yesterday , company has been fully updating which is great especially in OTC markets we should see news on Water and Energy contracts Looming water crisis and also energy crisis we may see this company profit well in the near future:

Link to financials:

Form 4 states that CEO and CFO own just about 350 million shares
Trade history for this stock:

MINE .0037 12-Month Signal History
Date Price Signal * $100
09.07.11  .0030
08.01.11  .0036
06.14.11  .0043
06.06.11  .0055
06.01.11  .0051
05.26.11  .0045
03.01.11  .0060
02.14.11  .0090
01.31.11  .0079
01.25.11  .0094
01.18.11  .0073
01.11.11  .0083
12.28.10  .0070
12.22.10  .0077
12.17.10  .0088
12.01.10  .0085
11.26.10  .0085
11.23.10  .0087
11.12.10  .0060
11.08.10  .0073
11.03.10  .0081
11.01.10  .0036
10.26.10  .0033
09.13.10  .0091                   

With Global Water Crisis and MINE (Minerco Co. ) has contracts with Honduran Government with Spring water access:

 Global Water Crisis Video

 ENLG (Enlightened Gourmet) .0011 the company has updated its website and recently fell on light volume .0003 hit .0014 and closed at .0011 we believe this stock will trade .002-.003 range again as investors drawn to the stock on friday trading and solid share structure

SDRC (Sidney Resources) .013 this gold stock dipped as low as .011 this past friday on low volume the stock traded over .02 recently and with Gold continuing its rally along with Europe tensions we will see Gold/Silver stocks traded heavily, this  low share structure makes this profitable stock

AAGC (All American Gold Co) .92 We are hearing a big promo on this gold stock this could be a trade with some volume . This maybe a stock that will do a big move especially being that its a Gold stock, we do not usually like promos , meaning paid promoted stocks but when its a commodity stock not a bad idea to watch

SPAH (Spectrum Holdings) .0006 this gold stock is a stock with a low share structure and low float usually trades in .001-.002 range and has updated filing in the last 2 months we should see this trading out of triple zero soon

GOHG (Global Holdings).0002 Worldwide Wireless acquisition set to be completed Sep 16 2011

MSOA (My social Income) .0004 expecting news low ss could see a bottom bounce at some point

DGIN  (Diversity Inc).0008 low ss and has been awaiting a bounce quite some time charts looks like accumulation 

PASO (Patient Access Solutions) .0007 a stock that has come off bottom at .0005 now consolidating past news last week and has reasonable ss for triple zero