Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Watch List April 7,2014

April 7,2014 

SIRG .0012 the stock looks like a bullish flag potential move higher .004-.006 levels potential, mining stock that has a low share structure and any buy pressure could make this one move much higher

BONZ .0013 This is a gold stock that usually bounces from these levels. The stock could test support this week and should be a good buying opportunity from these levels. The last time the stock got to this level it rallied .001-.0025. With a low ss and also the belief that Gold will breakout 2014 we should see a good opportunity with BONZ

IRCE (Interline Resources Inc) .0007 
 Share Structure
Market Value1 $960,865 a/o Jan 17, 2014
Shares Outstanding 800,720,719 a/o Oct 28, 2013
Float 133,161,346 a/o Oct 03, 2012
Authorized Shares 2,000,000,000 a/o Dec 28, 2011

The company through its primary subsidiary, MindStream Media, LLC, develops and operates social networking/e-commerce websites geared towards one of the most profitable industries with very low overhead costs; online dating. During our research we went digging deep and discovered that the company owns one of the most promising websites used to match wealthy men with beautiful women. The website can be seen from the link below.

Just several weeks ago on December 30th, 2013 CNBC's Business Analyst Josh Lipton was speaking highly about one of the worlds largest online dating websites,
Furthermore during our research and the recent BITCOIN craze we figured BITCOINS could be the next big thing in the online dating industry and sure enough here is what we found....
OKCUPID is now accepting BITCOINS!
Although OKCUPID is more of a generic online dating website there is a major difference in the type of service that  IRCE's Wealth Seeks Beauty website offers which is geared more towards the Escort Service industry where revenues are considerably higher.

Escort agency becomes first to accept bitcoins! 
The world's first Bitcoin escort agencySummary: Bitcoin brothels are here. Birmingham, UK based escort agency Passion VIP now accepts payments in Bitcoin - making it the world's first.
Although BITCOINS are not yet active for IRCE we believe with many companies now entering that route IRCE could potentially be next.

Pivot Price .0016
Breakout close above .0016