Thursday, August 28, 2014

RSII (Rising India) big acquisition with new website launching soon

RSII (Rising India)


A low share structure stock that has been under major bottom accumulation, monitoring the stock several cross trades at .0011 but yet to close below that .0012 52 week low master support. Looking at the July 30, 2014 updated news the company is in the process of acquisition of Quick Serve PIZZA FRANCHISE 5 stores with revenues and assets.

Business Description

Rising India, Inc., ("RSII"), is a publically traded United States company that develops Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Center Communities. Rising India's management are specialists in acquiring raw land having it entitled for the appropriate use and then build the proposed project.

Recent News

07/30/14 - Rising India, Inc. (OTC: RSII), announces today it will immediately begin work toward the acquisition of up to 5 profitable stores in the popular Quick Serve Pizza Restaurant segment. Current targets are currently earning about $450,000 in revenues per year, per store. Acquisition of targets would provide immediate cash flow identified from profitable longstanding, absentee OWNER OPERATIONS with proven model success.

Savvy 'Shark Tank' investor Mark Cuban bought into natural-pizza startup Naked Pizza in 2010. (Major Trend)

Share Structure
MARKET Value1$660,788a/o Aug 22, 2014
Shares Outstanding471,991,348a/o Mar 31, 2014
Float65,496,690a/o Mar 31, 2014
Authorized Shares500,000,000a/o Mar 31, 2014
Par Value0.001

Catalyst: The company will be launching its new website to reflect the new BUSINESS model. The website will be geared toward accessibility and transparency for shareholders.


Key Points

-At 52 week lows
-low share structure
-Recent 5 store acquisitions
-pending website launch 
-Wedge pattern

Pivot .0018
Potential .0068-.025
Hold Medium to Long term Hold

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Watch List Aug 25,2014

CEHC (Cephas Holding Co) .0011 stock holding 52 week master support , recent news of Bit coin ATM and with low share structure and any buy pressure we could see a solid reversal overall a good LONG opportunity take a look at this video DD

ECAU (Echo Automotive) .0025 stock is oversold and now starting a uptrend reversal higher lows with RSI at bottom watch for the .0058 retest potential .0063-.0085

FPFI (Fresh Promise Foods) .0008 holding a mini bull flag the stock showing potential reversal last run saw .0008-.0018 watch for a repeat and potential break higher a low share structure and with inflation could see higher prices

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AMEL (Amerilithium Corp) .0012 52 week low and 6 million contract and reveneues

AMEL (Amerilithium Corp) 


AmeriLithium Corp
871 Coronado Center Dr.
Ste. 200

Phone: (702) 583-7790
Fax: (702) 583-7791


AmeriLithium is a publicly traded (OTCQB: AMEL), mining company committed to progressively developing into one of the leading American players in the global Lithium industry. The Company is headquartered in Henderson, NV. AmeriLithium has amassed a Lithium portfolio consisting of ~727,779 acres, including four Nevada-based projects nearby the only Lithium producing plant in the US, a large project in Alberta, Canada, and a project in Western Australia. AmeriLithium is moving toward becoming a vertically integrated energy service company. AMERILITHIUM is keen on making complementary acquisitions in the same vertical and horizontal business segments.


Lithium is a lightweight metal used in a wide range of consumer products the world over: the medical industry uses Lithium as an anti-depressant; industrial uses include glass, ceramic and porcelain enamel manufacture; the aviation industry uses Lithium in alloys. Of particular interest is the use of Lithium for battery production, which has expanded significantly in recent years due to rechargeable Lithium batteries being used increasingly in electrical tools and in the rapidly expanding portable electronics market. Furthermore, the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles are being designed to use high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries as environmentally-friendly fuel alternatives while the Obama administration has introduced $5 billion in funding and incentives for the development of a secure, domestic battery industry with special focus on Lithium-ion batteries.

Latest News

AMERILiTHIUM Corp Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Energy Business With $6,000,000 in Annual Revenues and 24 Year Operating History
HENDERSON, Jul 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) -- AMERILiTHIUM Corp. (OTCBB:AMEL), (the "Company" or "AMERILiTHIUM") ( is pleased to announce it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Patten Energy, Inc. ("Patten") of Los Angeles, CA. The Company's acquisition of Patten, which is subject to definitive documentation, is part of the broader strategic initiatives that the Company is currently undertaking. Patten Energy is a successful, well established diversified energy company with a rich history spanning 24 years. Patten's senior management, headed by its founder Ezekiel Patten, MBA, has led the company to over $6,000,000 in 2013 revenues.
Patten Energy is a diversified energy firm specializing in the marketing of natural gas, propane and petroleum products to utilities, fleets, industrial and commercial markets. In 2005, Patten expanded to include services such as IT, environmental remediation and hazardous waste. Their client list includes businesses of various sizes, as well as segments of the federal, state and local governments.
The Company will be maintaining their Lithium and other mining assets in order to retain their value, and although there is no immediate plans for divesting or investing in the mining assets, they will be exploring strategic alternatives which are the most beneficial to Shareholders.


Pivot Price .0015
Potential Target .004-.008
Breakout close above .004

Key Points

-Lithium Stock these tend to rally as a TREND
-6 million dollar contract as per last July 2014 news
-Bottom last time around saw .02 from .0014 in Feb 2014
-Low share structure
-Level 2 shows strong bid at 52 week lows

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekly watch list Aug 18,2014

INVA (Inova Technolgy) .0008


Business Description

Inova Technology is a leading provider of solutions for mobile technology, asset tracking, proprietary RFID solutions and 
large scale network solutions.

The company operates primarily through its subsidiaries Desert Communications and Trakkers. These business were acquired by Inova in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

As a consolidated group, Inova has generated revenue of approximately $20 million each year since 2006 and was mostly unaffected by the recent economic downturn. More information for investors can be found in the investor section on this site.

Contact Info
2300 W. Sahara Ave.
Suite 800
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: 855-771-4763

Share Structure

Shares Outstanding480,000,000
Authorized Shares500,000,000


As per the last quarterly report,

Assets: $6.5 million
Revenue: $7.6 million in 2013 and Revenue in 2012 $6.5 million 

Company is growing well every year

Company has more than $20 million revenue

Inova Completes $3.5 Million of Projects for Dallas, Fort Worth and Socorro School Districts

Inova Revenue Increased 90% to $7.6 Million for Quarter :

Inova Technology (OTCBB:INVA), announced that its revenue increased by $3.6 million from $4 million for the preceding quarter to $7.6 million in the quarter ending July 2013 representing an increase of 90%. Inova CEO, Adam Radly, said, "$7.6 million of revenue in one quarter is obviously an excellent result for us. 
We were close to full capacity for the entire quarter and our team did a great job of getting projects completed on time and on budget for our customers."

The Company previously announced that it has as a backlog of awarded contracts worth $42 million. 
More information regarding the backlog can be found in the press release dated July 2, 2013. 
Inova CEO, Adam Radly, said, "We will commence the new sales season in October and will look to add to the current backlog. 
The Company's current contract backlog is very healthy and gives us and our stakeholders a lot of visibility into our 
future revenue."

Company Subsidiaries:

Shopinova: software invented by Adam that turns iPhones and Android phones into a sales tool for customers when visiting physical retailers. It is in Beta release.  Shopniova is a mobile advertising solution that allows physical retailers interact with their customers prior to point of sale in their store.

Company has recently sold to reduce the debts. Now the Financials look good with good revenues.

Multi - Million Contract news:

Las Vegas, NV. June 17, 2013. Inova Technology (OTCBB: INVA), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Desert Communications, has announced that it has commenced working on network solutions projects for Clint and Socorro Independent School Districts and received purchase orders totaling $1.4 million

Pivot Price .0012
Potential Target .0028
Breakout close above .0028


Key Points

-Closed above 20 and 50 MA .0008
-20 and 50 MA cross
-Chart showing bullish wedge breakout formation
-Low share structure
-Million dollar contracts , revenues and assets 

NHPI .0008 the stock is in major accumulation and has yet to break below .0007 bottom is in and take a look at the chart any news should break .0013 pivot then .0022-.005 potential,its awaiting a new website launch could be a very solid mover here 

INOH .0011 this is a stock that is finding a bottom here with any volume and break of .0013 could see .003-.004 range watch for any updates

FBEC .0009 this is a stock that is awaiting name change and new website launch, the chart signaling a bottom and could be a nice bottom entry at these levels, with a low ss and news pending this is the time to buy

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekly Watch List for Aug 4,2014

FBEC .0009 initially went .0008-.0018 over 100% on day ATM trade closed at .0014  awaiting name change and new website going into the energy sector, watching for that .0009 to hold

RITE .0011 the re entry at .0011 still awaiting the close above .0018 its 20 day moving avg for continued reversal confirmation,the gold stock rallying off that double bottom master support closed near the high of the day watch that .0018 pivot break on 2 consecutive closes, if it does then the .0024 retest with GLD holding an inverse head n shoulders pattern I expect Gold stocks to rally watch for bottomed gold stocks like RITE catch a major bid in Fall time watch that re entry levels higher lows .0011-.0013  levels STOP close below .0011 Breakout close 2 closes above .0024 (HOLD) 

TNEN ( True North Energy Corp) .0016 this is an oil gas exploration stock that we have traded before last week saw a low of .0013 and closed at .0016 so now could be settling in a 52 week low support, if the stock continues to see weakness watch that 0009-.0011 probability buy zone levels for now that .0013-.0014 support looks like the bottom so watch for geo political instability and higher prices in energy the stock could see a significant rally, traders must stay patient and disciplined and abide by stops

ITKH (Iteknik Holding Corporation) .0015 the stock is consolidating at lows and from these levels previous rally was high of .0055 , the stock is holding a bottom consolidation Pattern watch for the close above .0016 on 2 consecutive closes , recent financials and news showing that the stock has more assets to liabilities and is awaiting a merger completion with Axiologix company, this is a million dollar revenue producing company I like these levels for a LONG opportunity

INOH (In Ovations Holding) .001 posted a 52 week low .0009 watch for the reversal here, could be a buy set n forget levels here. watch for bid support and entry levels at these levels

FPFI (Fresh Promise Foods) .001 food stock testing 52 week low master support , stock has a low share structure and rallies well from these levels at probability levels here should see a nice opportunity at lows watch and abide by stops. With inflation these food stocks should rise on supply and demand levels