Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Watch List for Thursday

Major Bounce Watch List

LHPT .0022 closed at high of the day yet again with a low of .0016 sets up a beautiful reversal candle yet again. The stock saw breakout volume well over 19 million in volume with huge volume at .0019-.002 level which now strong support. With 2 closes at high of the day the Bull Flag pennant formed and should see move past that .0041 level. 

With recent released news on Joint venture Matmown Oil and Gas along with current tier and 44 million in float could very well see .01

Look for next move past .004 then blue skies potential based on 2nd day close high of the day with higher low sets up the bull flag pattern

DEWM .0045 this stock saw similar setup in Jan which ran from this level to .046 could see the rinse and repeat effect

TXTM .0012 the stock saw a bottom at .0008 x .0009 and now back at buy zone areas last rally saw this level to .0026 range could see another move for this low floater

TRON .0014 solid bounce for this gold stock off that .0012 level saw some opportunity at the .001 level watch for the next test of .0024 high 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Watch List for Tuesday

 INVA .0036  the stock saw big volume with news released today of new website and 900k project with Home Improvement giant LOWES the stock saw a surge in volume over 37 million in volume. The master support held with a bottom entry of .0013 and today broke the 50 day moving average of .003. 

LAS VEGAS, April 22, Apr 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) -- Inova Technology (OTCBB:INVA), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Desert Communications, has announced that it has $900,000 of network solutions projects for Lowes.
Inova subsidiary, Desert Communications, has built and established a long relationship with Lowe's Market, a large supermarket chain headquartered in Littlefield, TX. Desert has completed network solutions projects for more than 30 different store locations throughout Texas and New Mexico. Lowe's Market recently acquired approximately 55 stores, making their total footprint 147 grocery stores throughout Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. As the new locations become remodeled and needs are assessed Desert will be involved in the infrastructure upgrades.
Inova CEO, Adam Radly, said, "We look forward to doing more projects for Lowes. The award and completion of these projects is validation of our ability to deliver enterprise network solutions to customers of all sizes. We are also looking forward to extending our solid track record in government projects to corporate projects."
Mr Radly also said that, "We are working through our backlog of network solutions contracts as quickly as possible. We have also started providing much more frequent updates regarding the commencement and completion of projects as we proceed."
Inova also launched its new website ( Mr. Radly said, "The new site is much more attractive than the old site but, more importantly, it provides more detailed updates about our projects and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Watch List for Monday

WTCG (W Technologies) .0016 This stock seeing higher lows. The last time the stock saw lows or a bullish reversal candle,the stock gave .0008 bottom entry and saw a move to .0026 watch for the next attempt to break that 50 day moving average of .0026. With a low share structure and volume this stock could really surge higher

VOIS (Vois Inc) .0044 this low float stock seeing higher lows and looks to breach the 50 day moving average soon, if the stock manages to close above the .0055 could really create a solid base higher , with news of patent headsets and android headset capabilities this stock could see .01 at some point

STOA (Sinobio Med) .0038 this stock seeing 2 strong closes and could setup a bullish box or flag pattern here , these bio stocks tend to catch a bid and with a low share structure this stock could see a solid move higher

INVA (Inova Technology) .0017 this stock seeing higher lows with just 105 million outstanding shares this stock has potential to move much higher , Level 2 is thin and with recent mineral well news this could see .006 -.01 at some point

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Watch List For Monday

EXTO (Bayport International) .0011 this stock holding the .001 support and recently released news and was upgraded from OTC STOP sign  to OTC Current Tier. The last last shareholders meeting announced that there will be no reverse split for 2013 and with commodity stocks expected to catch a bid this could very well be a profitable trade

LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –
Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTCPINK: EXTO).Today we are pleased to announce an update to Gaines County, Texas. Peck A and Peck B oil lease.
On July 28, 2011, the Company entered into an agreement with Rio Rancho Oil & Gas Resources, aTexas oil & gas company (“Rio Rancho”). Pursuant to that agreement, Bayport acquired a 3.5% leasehold; a non-participating working interest in wells obtained by Rio Rancho through leasehold. The nonparticipating working interest does not require that the Company fund in any way, production of the wells, only receive revenues.

The assignment of oil gas and mineral leases were filed of record on
11/17/2011 and being of file number 20015777, and recorded in the deed records in Gaines County, Texas
. You can look this data up at
 The wells are located within Section 372, Block “G”,
Gaines County, Texas
The Peck “A” lease covers 320 acres, and in December of 2002 had a production rate of 7,256 barrels per month. This can be verified on the Texas Railroad Commission,

This first well is expected to resume producing from the existing 11,000 foot depth. The second well will be re-worked at the 3,500 foot depth to test the San Andres zone. Wells directly adjacent to the south of this property have produced 400 BOPD from the San Andres zone, although same in no way guarantees the same production from the wells in which the Company has an interest.

GRPR (Grid Petroleum) .0008 this stock saw a some solid volume into Fridays close saw a 52 week low of .0006 and closed at high of the day, with a bullish reversal candle close along with expected update on oil well updates this should  test the .0015 previous high. 

TRON ( Toron Inc) .0013 this stock holding the .0012 support and should retest the .0023 previous high there is rumor of huge gold deposit finding in Montreal and with Gold expected to have an inflation rally should see a solid move higher

Monday, April 8, 2013

Watch List For Tuesday


YTRV .0014 This gold stock gapped higher yet pulled back and closed at the high of the day , today the stock had filings released , this stock has rallied from these levels in the past and hit a high of .015 

BRGO .0015 stock pulled back to .0011 and offered rinse and repeat levels hitting a high of .0017 a nice rally off news last week ,

REAC .0053 the low ss and chart pointing to much higher move .01 range

ACYD .0008 master support levels .0005-.0006 and hit a high of .0009 watch for the stock to rally here , combined with prior trading habits and low ss this stock should do well

TRON .0018 over 100% so far watch for rinse and repeat the stock showing a bottom at .0009 for a double bottom and yesterday saw a high of .0023  breaching the box pattern on the upside.  The gold stock is rumored to have a big gold deposit finding in Montreal mines , GOLD BULL RUN coming as we saw with FCGD .0007-.0036 and SAGD .001-.004 these low ss gold stocks are the TREND trades 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Watch List for Wednesday

MEDT .0012 latest news stated contracts for LED lights for a marijuana dispensary and with the latest TREND being marijuana this is a stock poised for continued rally. Strong support at .0008 and should retest the .002 level again.

VOIS .004 this stock had news on EEG headset patents and the innovative sensory headsets are compatible with android head sets. The stock saw strong volume and the chart looks poised for higher.

FEGR .0032 this oil stock has given opportunity to add as low as .0021 and with .004 closing in its 50 MA this could see a solid reversal these commodity stocks with low ss tend to have solid rallies with volume

LGBS .0019 the stock looks to be in heavy accumulation could be a nice entry at these levels could retest the previous highs of .0043 could be a solid trade here