Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Watch list

Pink sheets 

BCDH .0004 The stock continues to trade from .0003-.0004 VERT continues to keep lead ask, this is a stock that in the end of the year could be selling shares into 2013, The share structure is still favorable , but with lack of volume the stock is at a stand still. Traders must understand the high risk in triple zero stocks and these tend to require thicker skin and patience , it is upto the trader to decide whether the stock is worth holding.

NSAV .0005 the stock closed below the .0006 support the stock traded from .0003-.001 with a 200% move then consolidated and formed a bull flag or box pattern , this is a failed signal and could likely go lower for a rinse and repeat opportunity, keep an eye on this stock if it gets back to 52 week low for a scalp rinse and repeat opportunity

BTHR .0017 The stock saw a high of .0019 and was mentioned at .001 , I believe the stock is in a strong reversal pattern , most members were able to add at .001 range watch for a break and close above .002 then 50 day moving average of .0038


Monday, December 24, 2012

Chart Building Bullish Moves

BCDH .0005 The stock gave opportunity to add as low as .0003 today , The stock saw over 13.2 million volume the Money Flow continues into this stock and with a high of the day close at 50 day moving average , this stock could see .0012 then .0054 target , with a low share structure these are the type of stocks that can bring big profits with patience. Today VERT sold shares before moving , with continued pressure VERT should get off the ask.

NSAV .0007 The stock traded little over 2 million shares with the recent updated Share structure virtually no change the stock continues to trade in a box pattern and looks to break into the next leg , If the stock closes at .001 or above the stock could very well see a bullish move back to .005 Level. 50 Day Moving Average now .0008 watch for this to be breached this week

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Watch List for Monday


BCDH .0004 The stock gave opportunity to add as low as .0003 , 52 week low is .0002 and the stock showing a reversal candle. with a low float this stock showing little resistance if it passes the .0012 mark could see .0054 level, triple zero stocks take time , market maker VERT was on ask but with 17 million volume moved , with just 268 million in float I firmly believe this stock could see big gains


-Volume increase , selling has stopped
-Reversal Candle Dec 17 low .0002 closed high .0005 (Bullish Reversal)
-268 million float
-Approaching a close above .0005 its 50 day moving average
-200 Moving average is .0119

NSAV .0006 Friday the volume just over 5 million shares low of .0005 saw a high of .0009, stock has had multiple rinse and repeat opportunities while holding the Bull flag pattern still waiting for a close at .001 or higher to confirm next leg higher. The stock continues to trade in .0007-.0009 channel.  Box holding pattern still in effect must close above .0006 and any close at .001 or above bullish breach of box pattern

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Box Pattern Chart Play

NSAV .0006 The stock continues to hold a trading pattern from .0006-.001. Today the stock sold as new investors push this stock higher a box pattern has formed and bull flag opportunity. If the stock manages to break this box pattern and close at or above the .001 mark this stock will likely move higher. If the stock closes below .0006 then its a failed signal. With an updated share structure as of Dec 12, 2012 with virtually no change and a solid business plan I firmly believe this stock could retest past levels. The 200 Moving Day average is .016 and the next real resistance is at .0048 which is my medium term target.

AHFD .0013 The stock closed above the 50 Moving Average .0012 watch for the consolidation and bull flag forming if the stock continues to hover over .0012 with a low share structure and thin L2 thin stock this could post a sizable gain

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Watch List for Thursday

Watch list 

AHFD .0011 the stock saw a surge in volume today towards the end of the day , the stock could see a            gap n run tomorrow , just over 7 million in volume today near the close

AHFD Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1$733,654a/o Dec 19, 2012
Shares Outstanding666,958,000a/o Nov 13, 2012

NSAV .0009 today the volume surged off the bounce .0006 low hit .001 briefly, this stock is holding strong from .0006 support to .001 high. The stock continues to post higher lows trading over 13 million shares for the day. Shareholders are holding for a move much higher and the bids continue to be strong , with the stock trading over its 50 day moving average , and a float of just 280 million shares a breakout is expected. 

The stock recently updated its share structure on pinksheets

NSAV Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1$384,846a/o Dec 19, 2012
Shares Outstanding427,606,725a/o Dec 12, 2012
Float306,537,210a/o Dec 12, 2012
Authorized Shares1,000,000,000a/o Dec 12, 2012
Par Value0.001


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Watch list for Wednesday

Low Float Runners

NSAV .0009 today the volume was slightly lower yet the stock held strong from .0007 low to .001 high. The stock continues to post higher lows and traded just over 5.4 million shares. Shareholders on holding on and the bids continue to be strong , with the stock trading over its 50 day moving average , and a float of just 280 million shares a breakout is expected. 


SEGI .0012 the stock trading from .0008-.0012 channel , the mm SUNR has some shares but with continued buying pressure and low ss this stock should have a stronger move higher

RAYS . 0018 the stock saw a low of .0013 and managed close at .0018 a, the TREND has been low ss reversal plays

Monday, December 17, 2012


NSAV (Net SavingsLink,Inc) .001

Contact Info
101 North Garden Avenue
Suite 240
Clearwater, FL 33755


52 week low .0003 
52 week high .009
Average Vol (3m) 7,667,434

NEW FILINGS : Oc 22,2012 (Active)

NSAV Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1$200,702a/o Dec 11, 2012
Shares Outstanding401,404,067a/o Nov 20, 2012
Float280,324,552a/o Nov 20, 2012
Authorized Shares1,000,000,000a/o Aug 31, 2012
Par Value0.001

NSAV .001 The stock traded over 18.6 million in volume well over its 3 month average of 7.6 million in volume.  Yesterday the stock traded 12.6 million in volume and closed near high of the day and today the stock closed over the pivotal .0009 mark, which was the 50 Day Moving average.

The stock was expected to break 50 day moving average, but did it quite easily today seeing a low of .0007 and closing at high .001.

 The  Money Flow Index has surged  into the stock, I fully expect for this to breakout either this week or next week , with a potential move to .0048 range short term

The stock now posting higher highs and higher lows with bid support and buying pressure I expect a major rally just like we saw VDSC .0008-.0035


Weekly Chart setup

-Target 1 short term .0018 
 Target 2 Medium Term .0048

Likely this week should hit potential targets , NSAV on MAJOR BREAKOUT WATCH

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Huge profit opportunity

Huge profits

ATYG .0001-.0003 200% thus far a stock that was mentioned as a lotto and now currently bouncing off bottom with recent news

VDSC .0009-.0034 a stock that was mentioned , opportunity to add as low as .0009 saw a high of .0034 currently trading at .0018 over 300%

GIMU .0031-.003 this stock mentioned for quite some time close to 900% opportunity now trading at .0022

CMIT .001-.0064 this stock posted a significant rally over 500% opportunity to add as low as .0008 , stock now trading at .0021

Monday, December 10, 2012

Watch List for Tuesday

VDSC (ALAS International Holdings, Inc) .0012

 Contact Info
2015 SW 20th St. Suite 220
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
Phone:             954-603-3339 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            954-603-3339      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      
52 week low .0007 
52 week high .201
Average Vol (3m) 3,917,767

NEW FILINGS : NOV 19,2012 (Active) 

Business Description:

ALAS currently consists of:
PV Enterprises
Online November 8th, 2012

Comment regarding new Website
posted November 8, 2012. 
"Pan American Seaways --is the largest U.S.-based owner of Handymax dry bulk vessels. This modern fleet is comprised principally of Supramax class vessels, a larger and more efficient Handymax design that enjoys strong demand from customers around the world." 
-MGMT PV enterprises
PV has just completed a contract worth over 5 million dollars for the overhaul of the Victory Casino ship.  
Thus far in 2011 PV Enterprises has contracts under management valued at over 38 million dollars.  
Gross revenue to PV is in excess of 3 million dollars.


PV has been profitable for the last 3 years with revenue increases of 50% per year. 


The Transfer Agent's Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co., Inc.address is 200 Memorial Parkway, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716.  
Shares Outstanding242,135,970a/o Nov 8, 2012
Unrestricted78,278,658a/o June 26, 2012
Authorized Shares500,000,000a/o Nov 8, 2012

 Key Points 

- Stock near its 52 week low .0003
-The stock traded from .201 not too long ago 
-Solid Website 
-Recent acquisitions and merger
-Chart In a Triangle Pattern breakout potential
-Low share structure