Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watch list for Friday

ITKH .0026 
today the stock caught a bid and with latest news of earnings we should see a new update , still feel this stock is currently undervalued and could rally here soon
VSHC .0016 The chart forming a Golden cross , this could test .004-.005 range again
ALGF .0055 today saw a high of .007 the stock continues to post higher highs and lows could break .01 on current tier news

SNWT .0018 
a solid stock holding .0018 for quite some time ,free from any unfavorable market makers, last news went unheard and solid website along with storied DD, .02 target

CRWV .0012- 52 week low gold stock, TRENDS to .0026 range low ss target .002-.003  

EGOH .0011 Oil stock near 52 week low with updated ss recently should rally this traded .01 not to long ago

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Watch list for Thursday

Low Float Runner

ALGF .0056 This stock mentioned in triple zero continues to trade higher with a low float and small share structure along with pending Current Tier Status, this stock should see .008 and possibly trade .01-.02. This is Bio Fuel Stock that has recently updated its share structure

Share Structure
Market Value1$3,407,551a/o May 30, 2012
Shares Outstanding608,491,180a/o May 10, 2012
Float67,162,107a/o May 10, 2012
Authorized Shares1,998,000,000a/o May 10, 2012
Par Value0.0001

Weekly Chart showing light resistance between .025-.05

RTGV .0038 this stock saw a high of .0045 from the .002 accumulation and now should test .0047 high soon with 2 pending acquisitions along with an 8k confirming these acquisitions , this mass media stock could see an impressive rally , the stock is posting both higher lows and higher highs , any news could send this to multi pennies

SNWT .0018 another undervalued stock that posted news April 19 of 21% increase in earnings, this company has several subsidiaries along with multiple websites , The ATV and motorcross is a big business and this stock is in the center of this billion dollar industry any news could very well send this , with a low share structure along with a Level 2 that is thin to .02 , could very well catch a bid and have a major rally

Key Points:

1. Business Description:

San West Inc. is a retailer of premier off-road recreational vehicles in Southern California and the Western United States as well as a leading resource in the off-
road recreational vehicle arena through aftermarket parts, accessories and its highly successful vehicle repair and maintenance center

Buggy World, a wholly owned subsidiary of San West Inc., is an established retailer of off-road buggies, buggy parts and accessories. With multiple locations in north 
and east San Diego as well as Orange County, Buggy World has established exclusive rights to the San Diego County territory with leading mainstream buggy brands and
projects to increase that territory with future acquisitions and alliances in the industry.

Letz Go Racing Off-Road Center, a wholly owned subsidiary of San West Inc., is a leading company that develops aftermarket, high-performance accessories for off-road 
all-terrain vehicles such as Go Karts. This is a $31.5 billion annually (data: Motor Industry Council) motorcycle/ATV market. Specializing in customization and 
innovation, Letz Go has a devoted following among career racers and serious recreational collectors and riders.

2. Contact info

Contact Info
10350 Mission Gorge Road
Santee, CA 92071

3. Share Structure

Market Value1 $457,339 a/o May 08, 2012
Shares Outstanding 228,669,526 a/o May 15, 2011
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares 300,000,000 a/o Sep 30, 2009

4. Websites


5. The company has issued a recent PR on April 20,2012 after 2 years. Expect more follow ups on the recent activities

San West Announces Major Services Contract & Revamped Strategic Plan 

Expect more news on contracts and funding

6. As per the news on Apr 19, 2012

U.S. Motorcycle Retail Sales Improve Dramatically 

April 19, 2012 - (Various Sources, Edited by webBikeWorld) - ADP Lightspeed, a dealer retail information network, is reporting dramatic improvements in Q1 2012 retail 
sales at the dealer level in the U.S.A. 
The study, based on a survey of nearly 1,700 U.S. powersports dealers, indicate sales are up an average of 21% over the first quarter of 2011, with increases in all 
U.S. regions, including +41% in the Midwest. The improvements are said to be related to the unusually warm winter weather experienced in much of the U.S.A. 

7. As per last year news, NEWS: San West, Inc. Announces Dramatically Increased Traffic From YouTube Channel Popularity 

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 24, 2011) - San West, Inc. (OTCBB: SNWT), an emerging leader in the motor sports industry, and e-commerce partner are excited to announce that their company-sponsored YouTube channel is rapidly gaining popularity and making a significant positive impact on 
sales and profitability. 

The channel -- which can be viewed at -- now boasts approximately 70 original instructional and promotional videos and
has amassed nearly 256,000 total uploads and more than 24,300 channel views since its initial launch in June of 2010. Monthly upload views are approaching 15,000, a 
figure that the company expects to grow substantially going forward as the online hub gains traction amongst motorsport enthusiasts.

8. This used to be a 3 cents stock last year and down to this level on a very low volume. The company is active now and expect this to trade actively and reach our
traget of 2 cents short term.

9. Company is looking to more subsidiaries through reverse merger and become a leader in the industry. We can expect reverse merger news

10. The company wants to be active, expect all the filings to hit the pinksheets soon.

11. Revenues.  During the year ended December 31, 2010, we generated revenue of $2,728,937 or $1,681,763 more than revenue of $1,047,174 generated during the year 
ended December 31, 2009 representing a 160.6% year-over-year increase.  The increase in sales is due mainly to the expansion of our product line to include scooters, 
atv’s, utv’s and off-road buggies sold through whereby the Company acts as dealer and fulfillment house since September 2009.
Cost of Goods Sold (“COGS”).  During the year ended December 31, 2010, we generated COGS of $2,090,355 or $1,301,158 more than COGS of $789,197 generated during the 
year ended December 31, 2009.  The increase in COGS is due to the increase in sales.  Our gross margin decreased 1.2% to 23.4% for the year ended December 31, 2010 
compared to 24.6% for 2009.

12. PPS evaluation:

Annual profit: $630K
At p/e = 10, the market cap should be $6.3 million
O/S = 228 million.

PPS should be $0.027.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gains for the Week are in!

May 26, 2012

RTGV .0017-.0039  over 100% this stock gave members plenty of opportunity to add cheap shares before 2 pending acquisitions and 8k release watch for the close above .0047, could very well rally there after, expecting more from this one could possibly see .01-.02 
ALGF .0005-.005 over 900%  this stock has been quite a profit maker for group, initially alerted at .0005 the stock rallied to .0021 then re traced as low as .0004 before making a strong move to .005 , I firmly believe that .008 target or more will hit but with that said Trade Smart, expecting a bigger move past .008

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch list for Thursday

RTGV .0025 the stock saw solid news toward the end of the day mention of 1 acquisitions along with an 8k release date for the anticipated news. For the last few trading days this stock has caught quite the bid posting higher lows and today breached and closed above the .0023 resistance. The stock saw a high of .0029 before closing at .0025 , with pending news and several groups toting the stock this could very well have a breakout and test .005 again. Looking at the press release this looks like a viable company which is represented by the Shapiro LLC out of Calif, these are the same lawyers widely known for the O.J Simpson case among other national stars. 

RTG Ventures Updates on Pulse Station and Brand Entertain Acquisition 

RTG Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB: RTGV) has today announced an update for shareholders as the company continues to execute its business plan. 

Chart showing Breakout highly possible , posting higher lows, closing above 100 and 200 moving averages , Increase in volume should test .005 high soon

SNWT .0028 the stock continues to trade higher , the volume is telling for a stock that traded at .03 , the recent updates by CEO and 8k release shows that the company is very well active. On the level 2 the stock appears to be thin to .01. Based on valuation on earnings and share structure the stock should very well be trading at .027 range. With several websites and subsidiaries this stock could very well see a merger or filing and with the news April 19 we should expect another update soon , target .02


Increased volume and cross on the daily chart, low ss stock should breakout soon

Weekly Chart 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watch List for Monday

DRWN .001 This stock has been seeing some selling , VFIN has been selling shares , but with the solid share structure, 80 million float and pending acquisition this stock should rally soon , with overall market sentiment and distress housing growing , this will be an investment that can very well pay off at some point
The chart showing strong support at .001 and light resistance at any point this one could very well rally

RTGV .002 this stock offering cheap shares posting higher lows , I think this one sees news and rallies a simialr run like ICPA , these stock tend to catch bids on news, the Trend of these mass media stocks with volume could very well prove highly profitable patient investors

Chart showing higher lows

ITKH .0024 the last news went unheard solid revenue and the stock giving investors opportunity adding cheap shares based on revenue alone this stock should see more interest in the coming weeks
RCLL .0074 this stock traded as high as 1.00 and the stock is down on low volume, this stem cell research stock lost the "E" on late filings and is expecting new filings in the next 2 weeks , expecting a nice rally with just a 26 million float
MXMI .0016 this stock should catch a bid with the Facebook IPO still fress and a low float and share structure , this should catch a nice bid, rallied from .0016-.0048 last time around could see another move here

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ITKH .0024 some selling but recovery I expect the earnings to reflect pps soon , low of .0019, a stock like DYNV now trading at .08 saw a high of .12 does not have as near as the revenue of ITKH yet its trading at .08 and ITKH is at .0024, this is telling of how this stock is very undervalued

Recent news 

iTeknik Holding Corporation Posts 7.3% Increase in Sales to $9.3 Million; and a 37.8% Decrease in Debt for First Nine Months

MXMI .0021 this stock is in the social media and with sympathy to Facebook IPO along with low share structure should see a major rally. I believe if investors see the potential we could see a major move past .01

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watch List For Monday

RCLL (RegenoCell Therapeautics) .01 This stock recently lost its "E" on late filing and the stock since released current filings, with just a 26 million float, this stock caught a major bid late in the day on Friday and could very well be getting ready to release news, the chart is definitely screaming reversal and with the light resistance and low float , this stock could very well trade as high as .03-.05. This stock is currently in the Medical Sector and highly sought out Stem Cell Research.

RCLL Security Details Share Structure
Market Value1$491,775a/o May 10, 2012
Shares Outstanding81,962,500a/o Nov 15, 2011
Float26,637,500a/o Sep 29, 2010
Authorized Shares520,000,000a/o Sep 29, 2010
Par ValueNo Par Value

ITKH (Iteknik Holdings) .0033 This stock has been anticipating its earnings and filings quite some time and Friday after hours released what we expect will move this stock and Trend the stock to .01-.03 in the long term. This company is a revenue streaming stock that is very much undervalued.

Friday After Hours News

ITKH As of December 31, 2011, there were 160,775,867 shares of the Company’s
outstanding stock designated as free trading shares (public float).

Total Sales 3,147,545
Net Income (Loss) $ 12,187
9 Months Ended 9 Months Ended
March 31, 2012 March 31, 2011
Sales $ 9,333,109 $ 8,702,507
Refunds 0 (1,836)
Total Sales 9,333,109 8,700,671
Estimated about $1M/month in revenues

For an OTC pinksheets stock those revenues are not too shabby, This is a real company with streaming revenue

Watch for the close above .0038 could rally big after filings released

MXMI .0032 with the social media stocks looking to catch a bid in anticipation of the Facebook IPO , with just a bit over 30 million float this stock can really move, watch for a strong move this week the chart is primed for a major rally

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gains For the Week In

Gains for the week are in! May 11,2012

ALGF .0006-.0015 Opportunity to add as low as .0004 and the stock rallied and hit .0015 , Over 150% opportunity

DGRI .0011-.0057 Opportunity to add as low as .0005 the stock rallies to .0057 .over 400% opportunity

TLAN .0006-.0021 Opportunity to add as low as .0004 the stock rallies to .0021 over 200% opportunity

ITKH .0023-.0038 over 50% the stock reports financials after hours on Friday as expected, Target .01-.03 Long

GFMD .0029-.0062 over 100% opportunity

EGOH .0018-.0028 over 60% expects more to .005-.01 at some point

KLDO .0018-.0031 up to 80% expecting a continued reversal here

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watch list for Friday

Low Float Runner .01-.03 Finish line?

MXMI .0045 this stock has caught quite the bid, there is a saying in trading "the trend is your friend until the end"

Low Float share structures have been quite the trend from lows this stock has traded 2 consecutive days with more than average volume, and closed near high of the day. The stock on Level 2 has zero dilution and closed above resistance, this stock traded .03 not too long ago and could very well close above .01 tomorrow

Some key points

Working website
Streaming revenue from site

-Share structure Fairly current 

Market Value1 $331,668 a/o May 08, 2012
Shares Outstanding 195,098,820 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Float 33,966,867 a/o Mar 31, 2011
Authorized Shares 750,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2011

In the past 5 years has generated $17 million dollars in the classic car segment
Given the continuing demand for collector cars and other vehicles at the right price, 
the Company is now initiating plans to establish a national network of trained 
independent representatives to market our website listing services to collectors, 
charities, and certain dealers.

 The following are assumptions based on  vehicles listed and 
the number of visitors to the Company‟s websites:  Each listed vehicle generates 
500 unique looks through search engine and other marketing efforts. Each item 
averages 75 photos plus a video.  500 “Looks” x 75 Photos = 37,500 page views.  
This same item when listed on eBay will generate another 1,000 “Lookers.”  1000 
“Looks” x 75 photos = 75,000 page views totaling 112,500 page views per car.  
Currently the Company generates between $5 and $15 eCPM (dollars earned per 
1000 page views). At $5 eCPM x 112 (112,500 page views per car/1000), each 
vehicle has the potential to generate $560 per month from web traffic alone.  
52 week chart set Up 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Watch list for Thursday

AUMY .0022 Current tier status the stock may see a bounce and could eventually test .006 again

KLDO .0025 today the stock caught a major bid and could test that .0028 resistance if it breaks it , could see .006

ENTB .0022 This stock posted some recent news and has been down watch for entry , this stock should have a very nice rally from these levels , near its 52 week low is a perfect opportunity 

Low Float runners

TLAN .0018 our mention at .0006 month ago today hit a high .0021 this stock could continue to .004-..06 target low ss and also solid earnings watch for volume TRADE SMART

BRZL .0009 still my buy set and forget stock the Level 2 is thin , if the stock gets an update this could rally big , Low ss stocks are the TREND this oil stock with rumors of a business addition could see .006-.01 at some point

ITKH .0038 up 26% this stock is ready , with pending financial , any news will cause a breakout , this stock is way undervalued

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Watch List for Wednesday

Bounce Plays

FBCD .0021 this stock mentioned  at .002 with potential to add as low as .0018 , an OTCQB stock that has ties to marvel franchise, an anticipated toy line with one of the summers blockbuster companies with releases of AVENGERS,SPIDERMAN , this stock now at 52 week low with a low ss and any news could be explosive mover. This stock has moved before from .02-.12 before now sub zero stock at 52 week low could be a great opportunity

MSMY .0025 this stock now close to 52 week low opened at .0025 and saw a bottom .0018 Tuesday trading, closing at high of the day .0026 , this formed a beautiful reversal tail and with the low ss and also bottomed chart could really post an explosive rally with the right buying pressure, the company updates and I would not be surprised if this company releases news for a nice reversal play. Today the stock offered as low as .0014 before closing at .0025

 Spotlight stock

GFMD (Godfather Media) .0029
The stock bouncing off the 52 week low of .0014 , last news states a new CEO with just 30 million float and a 68 million o/s this stock is poised for a continued rally. The stock has broken through major resistance and with low to moderate volume this stock could very well breakout, rumors of news brewing on CEO update to shareholders, the volume could very well send a message of news to its investors

GFMD Security Details

Share Structure
Market Value1 $199,327 a/o May 08, 2012
Shares Outstanding 68,733,280 a/o Apr 19, 2012
Float 31,256,091 a/o Apr 19, 2012

Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Jan 06, 2012
Par Value 0.001

Apr 23, 2012 Godfather Media Announces the Appointment of ERA President
Apr 19, 2012 Godfather Media Announces the Launch of a New Business Segment

Apr 5, 2012 Godfather Media Announces the Acquisition of Its 2nd Professional Baseball Team
Feb 9, 2012 Yuma baseball team getting 'fresh start' as Panthers

8k released May 3 2012

Upgraded YIELD 


EGOH .001-.0028 opportunity to add as low as .0009 over 200% opportunity and then today hit a low of . 0016 before hitting .0025 , plenty of scalp opportunity, this is a stock that has traded from .01-.04 before in the Oil sector, closed above the .0021 mark and could very well close the gap at .005 and see .01 again at some point

DNNC .0007-.0021 close to 200% again , this stock has been nothing less than impressive, has been an ATM type play for investors, and could very well continue its rally

DGRI .0011-.0058
this one gave over 400% and opportunity to add as low as .0005 this stock shows what patience can lead to, buying a stock when it's being sold heavily can play out perfect and this is just what this stock has shown

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watch List for Monday

EGOH .0018 This stock saw an impressive rally on Friday near closing the stock has been trading near 52 week lows and since has been under heavy accumulation, this oil stock traded from .01-.04 most of last year and with a low share structure and some updates from the company could have a very profitable reversal coming.

Chart look for the close above .0021 and the gap fill at .005
Share Structure
Shares Outstanding 147,403,373 a/o Oct 31, 2011
Float 62,300,080 a/o Apr 21, 2011
Authorized Shares 300,000,000 a/o Oct 31, 2011
Par Value 0.001 

Company is active on NV SOS
New Investor Relations agreement in Feb 2012
Eagle Oil Announces Execution of Investor Relations Agreement
As per the PR, the New IR is to get new financing and new reverge merger companies.

Eagle Oil: Eagle Oil (EGOH) ( is an independent energy company in the active East
Texas oil and gas region. The Company owns a 73% working interest in 173 wells on its 927 acres located in the

Its a 15-12g flier now. But lot of big thins on work behind the scenes. Once everything is ready, the company will be active again.
Expect the following

1. Financing news
2. Oil wells operational
3. Reverge merger with more Oil companies in texas
4. Revenue from the new oil wells.

 DNNC .0007 Watch for the bounce off the 50 Moving average .0006 this has been an ATM type play and with the low ss and restaurant opening should continue to give profits

BRZL .0006 This is a buy set and forget stock , this stock is thin and any update could send this stock .002-.003 this one traded .006-.01 for quite some time rumors of new business venture and should catch a major bid with news

Chart Play  and Financials expected soon

ITKH .0033  this stock trading and giving opportunity to add dips before the major announcement of financials , this stock should be trading well over .01 with its estimated revenue and assets well over 6 million since Feb , this stock just had 200 and 50 Moving averages cross we should see a nice rally soon

Friday, May 4, 2012

Gains for the Week are In!


BRZL .0011-0016 the stock hit .0016 for over 40% now at .0006 at some point should rally soon, this stock traded .006-.01 for quite some time

KLDO .0018-.0028 over 50% opportunity this low float stock should continue a bounce, Low Float Bottom Bouncers have bee quite the TREND

MMTS .0015-.0085 this stock gave opportunity to add as low as .0015 and the stock hit a high of .0085 over 500% opportunity yet again

DGRI .001-.0026 this stock hit a low of .0005 , we mentioned this one at .001 over 400% opportunity adding lows or over 150% from .001 entry

DNNC .0006 -.0012 an ATM type play the stock gave 100% yet again this week

MEXP .0003-.0012 the stock continued and gave 300% opportunity

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watch List for Friday

KLDO .0022 the selling appears to have stopped the stock traded low volume yet the Level 2 looks alot thinner, the TREND has definitely low float bottom plays with 100 million o/s 85 million float and 400 million a/s this is definitely a Bottom bounce candidate

DGRI .0017 this stock mentioned at .001 and went as low as .0005 has given great opportunity for profits has tested patience but again sometimes patience pays and opportunity to have over 200% on this play could very well see more

MMTS .005 this stock Up 150% after going as low as .0015 the stock offered another opportunity last high of .009 should be tested and on this run could very well break it

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Watch list for Wednesday

Low float runners

KLDO .0023 we have been mentioning this stock from .0018 the stock is posting higher lows and today saw a high of .0028 over 50% , the TREND has been bottom bounce low float stocks, with just around 85 m float this could have a nice reversal, I expect a USNL type move

KLDO Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $232,095 a/o May 01, 2012
Shares Outstanding 100,910,886 a/o Dec 31, 2011
Float 85,410,886 a/o Dec 31, 2011
Authorized Shares 400,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2011
Par Value 0.001 

OCTI .007 Another stock with a low float that with volume could see a nice rally, this stock has just around 22 million float and there is supposedly 49% insider ownership. Any sudden volume could see a nice rally here. The website is active :

MSEZ .0009 27% today the company is awaiting share reduction news this could very well bode well for this stock , the stock appears to be in heavy accumulation before news


ITKH .0028 "Golden Cross" this stock getting very close to a golden cross, awaiting financials last February this stock posted 6 million revenue should see a run here