Monday, May 13, 2013

Watch List for Tuesday

HIDC .0062 this stock saw a low of .0039 , with the stock being way oversold it was mentioned that this was a good risk reward trade , watch for the stock to break above .01 

TRON .0025 this stock saw a high of .006 with a trade but overall saw .0029 watch for the gold stock to continue to push ahead with a solid uptrend. This is a stock that was mentioned at .0009 and has now given opportunity to ride wave for a rinse and repeat but ultimately could see a move much higher , new support now at .002 range.

DEWM .0025 the stock released news today and with a low ss along with previous run from 004-.046 this could be the beginning of another rally.

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. Creates Strategic Alliance With Executive Business Consulting Firm 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Watch List for Tuesday

GRAS .0012 a stock that saw the blood on the streets and saw a new 52 week low and garnered panic. This shows the "Buy the Fear" sentiment and the stock rallied for a nice scalp opportunity watch for the stock to continue to hold support and trade higher. The stock offered a low of .0005 and closed at high of the day .0012 upto 120% thus far and a great reversal chart

GLER .0032 the stock saw news last week and gave opportunity to add low as .0007 this stock a rare earth metal mentioned as a buy set and forget stock.Today the stock saw a solid move to .0035 high

TRON .0016 this stock mentioned at support levels and held the stock offered as low as .0009 on the bid. Today members mentioned that the money runners group alerted this stock , nonetheless buying the stock at support lows offered a solid move higher

STOA .0032 offering lows and looking for a reversal here

FCGD .0012 gold stock that looks to be on a major bounce alert