Sunday, October 27, 2013

Watch List for the week


MNVN .0008 low of .0004 on weekly chart closed at the high of the day and week of .0008. Major 2 day volume on both Wednesday 25.2 million and Thursday 26.8 million volume  this is a oil / gas stock that could rally to short term targets of  .0025-.005 targets.

-Key Points

 -bid over 25 million at .0004
-8k released Oct 11, 2013 
-Functional and professional website
-oil/gas related stock
-Chart indicators showing breakout reversal
-Level 2 is thin

Latest Level 2 

FRCN .0015 low .0011 and close high of the day .0017 this stock  similar  to the MNVN saw a solid move as soon as it hit the .0011 mark  , this is a low ss stock that on Monday released 10k filings and closed at the high of the day signaling a bullish reversal candle:

10-K/AOct 23, 2013Jun 30, 2013 

The number of shares of the registrant's Common Stock, par value $0.001, outstanding on October 10, 2013, was 27,856,885.
The number of shares of the registrant's Class A Convertible Preferred Stock, par value $1.00, outstanding on October 10, 2013, was 250,000.

The number of shares of the registrant's Class B Convertible Preferred Stock, par value $.001, outstanding on October 10, 2013, was 5,000,000.

This stock has little to know resistance last Sep -Oct the stock saw the .0017-.006 upto 300% potential from here 


 BAYP .0004 The stock jumping off .0002 for 50-100% and with recent news could re test the .001- teens levels ,this stock saw a low of .0001 and now trading with conviction watch for a big move as trips have been HOT

"BAYP (Bayport International) .0002 this is the old EXTO stock that now is changed symbol and name to BAYP Bayport International, the stock released news on LOI to acquire 5 oil wells and with any news of merger could go higher this news was as recent as Oct 17, 2013 and any updates could see the stock much higher

News : Bayport International Holdings, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Purchase Interest in Five Oil Wells in Venango County, Pennsyl...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TDEY .0086 saw a rinse and repeat move from the .003 support and tested the .01 hitting a high of .0101 this is a tech stock with new android app that has a full uptrend on chart watch for the break and retets of the .0116 previous high

AFPW .0009 up 28% the stock tested the master support at .0006-.0007 offering the buy zone re entry and closed 28% higher with the recent 8k filing , this stock awaits update on World Energy Expo and is still a hold if it holds the .0006 Master support.

Stocks in News

RANF .0004 the stock saw a high of .0007 off the .0003 -.0004 buy zones offered 80-100% now back at the buy zones could offer the stock on bid, what I like about the stock is that it has a story , low ss and has had several news updates in the last couple of months, this is a trade that you can buy and accumulate at buy zones and put away for a profitable trade , watch for the stock to break .0006 at some point

MIAMI BEACH, FL, Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Rangemore Film Productions Corp. ("Rangemore") (OTCPINK: RANF) is pleased to announce the first week's results of the previously announced contract with Hub Consulting Services.  Under the contact, Hub is responsible for sourcing and vetting potential film projects.
In the very first week that contract was in force, Hub introduced Rangemore to three films and one television project.  The projects were all pre-qualified by Hub and have complete scripts and are at minimum in the preproduction phase of development allowing for quick execution into production.  The management of Rangemore is currently reviewing each of the projects and upon joint approval will then commence negotiations to acquire royalties or a percentage of the profits.  The working titles and details of each project will be released as terms are met and agreements finalized.

SAGD .0007 saw a high of .0009 with a low entry .0005 on ask this gold stock was oversold traders that bought the blood yesterday saw the stock 80% higher in the day after news , again trading these levels is key for a successful trader it was mentioned that the stock had a new 52 week low support at .0005 and was oversold recent filings showed same ss and was a risk reward trade , take a look at yesterday news:

RICHMOND, Ind., Oct 21, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- South American Gold Corp. (OTCQB : SAGD) is pleased to announce a letter of intent to enter into a joint-venture on the New Light Mining prospect.
The letter of intent ("LOI") outlines the general terms of a proposed joint-venture to explore the New Light Mine prospect in Washington State. The existing mining lease has been assigned to Kalahari Green Tech in exchange for stock, and the LOI contemplates the parties signing a definitive joint-venture earn-in agreement within 60 days. The earn-in agreements provides that South American will supply its mining expertise for exploration work and earn-in the amount of $200,000 within a twenty four month period to explore the property to earn a back-in interest of forty percent in the project.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Watch List for Monday

TDEY .0075 a solid uptrend that saw a move from triple zero all the way to high of .0116 , news of streaming video Apps that could be similar to Big board Companies Like Netflix this is a stock that could very well retest the .0116 and break higher this time

AFPW .0007 this is a stock that is expecting news on World Energy Expo that it has attended last week from Oct 15-17, 2013 . This is a stock with just 750 million authorized shares and with any news could see a significant rally. The stock is currently hovering over the .0005 52 week low support and .0006 Master support this is a stock thats has had rallies in the past

LBTG .0011 this Coal stock trading under heavy accumulation off the 52 week bottom of .0005. The stock showing major support at the .0008 level with considerable volume. The stock  is seeing a bullish box pattern and on Friday it closed above the upper part of the box pattern, last rally back in August saw a move from .0011-.0045 , this could very well post a multi day rally here soon.This Friday the stock saw over 47 million touching a high of .0012. The average 3 month average volume is 3,738,468.

LBTG Share Structure
Market Value1$128,112a/o Oct 18, 2013
Shares Outstanding116,465,644a/o Sep 13, 2013
FloatNot Available
Authorized SharesNot Available
Par Value0.001