Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Watch list for Thirsday

Stocks at 52 week low

FEGR .0005 a stock that has been in a selloff and with a low ss could see a reversal look for a high risk high reward entry near bottom

GFMD .0002 a stock that has been a rinse and repeat stock for followers in the past could it have another run ? with these stocks you never know, the stock has a low ss and potential news updates

COBI .0007 this is another stock that has updates and has news , a potential runner but with past selling, maybe one to put on watch list

GIMU .0196 This is a stock that was mentioned at .005 months ago, a bottom fishing stock that saw a low of .0024 the stock now has given over 300% opportunity for followers could expect more HUGE NEWS out of merger after hours via filing:

GIMU R/M Confirmed. Low floater of 11 million 

GIMU filed the 10-K report today and look at the followind as per the report 

GIMU 10K out today shows the current biz: 

Current Business of the Issuer 

Global Immune Technologies, Inc. is a Development Stage Company emerging as a holding company of an American-based food distribution company serving direct delivery to the customer at their homes. The food items are sold by telemarketing to the customer and delivered by our own trucks to homes on a scheduled basis. Customers can choose their new order items via the Internet. Items are packed in individual portions at our food processing plants and frozen for freshness. We offer meat, chicken and seafood as well as other food products. These other items are name brand canned and jarred foods like Mott's Apple Sauce, Dole Pineapple, Jiff peanut butter, tinned tuna fish & salmon and the like.

Global Immune Technologies, Inc. will form a joint-venture company as a master licensee of SRC from Montreal, Quebec and be the licensor to America. The Company will invest in marketing and food distribution facilities to mirror the licensor in Quebec. The Montreal company can been viewed on The Company holds no interest in the Montreal operation. Company management is aware of opportunities for investment in Vermont, Florida, Texas and in several of the major US markets. Acquisitions and operations will be conducted by experienced and skilled managers.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Watch List for Tuesday

Watch List 

EVPH .0006 This stock starting a reversal from 52 week low of .0004 the stock saw a reversal tail. Today the stock reported news and financials , with this said the ss now has been updated , when volume picks up this could very well close above .0008 and look for a test of .0012 then .0028

Everybody's Phone Company (EVPH: OTC Link) | Interim Financial Report 

DTGI .0023 this stock only 200 million o/s and solid volume in the last week over 5 million this stock looks thin on L2 , today the stock 25% now starting a solid rally

CMIT .003 holding this level on chart extremely oversold any buying this stock has little to no resistance until .009-.016. Today the stock broke just over 1.5 million volume over 200% opportunity and looking for a major rally to .016 target

 Watch for a gap n run likely tomorrow the stock closed at high of the day low share structure could see a break and test of .0163 its 200 Moving day avg 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Watch List For Monday

EVPH (Everybody's Phone Company) .0007 
 This stock starting a reversal from 52 week low of .0004 the stock saw a reversal tail and with the low share structure along with a close above .0008 expecting a solid run .0028 range

  • 6666 Harwin
  • Suite 664
  • Houston, TX 77036

Everybody's Phone Company is your new alternative to the large telecom providers that have dominated the local telephone service market. We offer pre-paid service that is a relatively new but fast growing concept in the telecommunications market. Often we are asked how our business works as most people are only familiar with the limited way in which large telephone companies bill or charge their clients. For many reasons, there are large numbers of customers and businesses that cannot get service from their Regional Bell Operating Company. The Telecom Act of 1996 permits small companies like Everybody's Phone Company to provide these customers with a service that is pre-paid and is renewable on a monthly basis.

Our Pre-Paid local telephone service (dial tone) allows customers and businesses to make and receive local calls, initiate collect calls, toll free calls, and 911 calls, receive non-collect long distance calls and initiate outgoing long distance calls using phone cards. Additional features such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Return Call can be added for nominal additional charges. As the service is pre-paid, no deposits, credit checks, or identification are ever needed.

Everybody's Phone Company's long-term goal is to become a nationally branded provider of pre-paid telephone services to residential and business customers across the United States.

Real streaming revenue through telephone services and plans

Updated filings and current status

Latest News Oct 3, 2012 HOUSTON, TX, Oct 03, 2012(MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Everybody's Phone Company, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EVPH), a provider of prepaid telephone services, is proud to announce we have launched our consumer awareness campaign. Today our first advertisement to increase the public's awareness of our prepaid local telephone service was published in the free newspaper "The Greensheet."
Norman George, President, said the launch of our marketing campaign marks another milestone in the long term evolution of rapidly growing revenues of the company. Mr. George reiterated his belief that by the end of our fiscal years in 2013 revenues should be in excess of $ 1.5 million dollars.

EVPH Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1$367,052a/o Oct 10, 2012
Shares Outstanding524,360,695a/o Oct 05, 2012
Float292,898,695a/o Oct 05, 2012
Authorized Shares1,000,000,000a/o Sep 30, 2011
Par Value0.001

CHART SETUP at 52 week low 


 At 52 week low watch for the confirmation close above .0008 level than .0012 then .0023 then .0029 close to 400% potential here or more

DTGI .0018 this stock only 200 million o/s and solid volume in the last week over 5 million this stock looks thin on L2 could see a nice rally here 

CMIT .001 holding this level on chart extremely oversold any buying this stock has little to no resistance until .009-.016